About me, my products and our world


What You Find On This Website

I want to help you to transform and improve and get what you want in life.

I research a lot and send research results to my readers, subscribers and customers.

When I grow, my customers grow with me.


My support team ansers questions from our customer within 24 hours, except on Sundays.

We offer a 60-Day-Money-Back Guarantee on all our online products.


What I Offer

I try to find the best ways and best methods to create what you want faster and with ease.

I offer methods to ignite the creation process.

The right action


Above and Beyond our Competitors

You find a lot of good and helpful information and products online. Though only a few of them are well researched and are really helpful. I have access to scientific research material, even before it was published officially. I am multi-lingual, which enables me to read research material from several countries. This gives me an advantage in comparison to competitors.

For example: Most trainings about visualization offer only one method of visualization. In the Visualization System I offers 8 methods and tools and this gets you better and quicker results.

It can be helpful, if you read more articles about one topic and if you visit more than one training from different cioaches. It improves your knowledge and understanding.


I want that you learn and grow with me

When I have new knowledge, I send it to you.


My Reality – Your Reality

Each of us lives in his own world and his own reality and your reality overlaps with mine the moment you are on my website.

Our world is good and positive and I wish to send you my good and positive radiation by visiting my website, receiving my emails, attending my trainings, courses and products..

Your reality happens in your mind. What you perceive is a result of information and energy. The information is your inner programming, experiences made and your thoughts. The energy, the engine is your feelings. You can change how you feel with your thoughts and with imginations and visualization.


Be blessed

Dr. Christa Herzog and Team