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It is said that the more you restrict yourself the more limited your life is. The more open you are for what life offers the more you can afford.

It is the subconscious mind that controls your conscious mind and not the other way round. When you believe that you have made a decision, about 7 seconds before the subconscious mind has decided. The subconscious mind makes decisions based upon its programming. To change anything about you or your life, to achieve a goal or get what you want, you have to send a message to your subconscious mind. The conscious mind should not become aware of it. And you have to do this repetitively. As soon as this message is part of the programming of the subconscious mind, it will direct the conscious mind based upon its new programming. You will begin to act in a way that you soon get what you want and things will happen that are helpful.

Conceal your wish from you consciousness in a way that your subconscious mind receives your message and acts upon it. There are many ways to do that. In the Shopping Magic Course you will use yisualization and you will be taking advantage of the magical power of sigils. Sigil Magic is a fast and easy way of communicating with your subconscious mind.

In the Endless Shopping Magic Course you will visualize with the help of a guided meditation in which you will shop in your imagination whatever you want and you will package your wishes into sigils, activate and then forget them.

To change the programming of the subconscious mind, it takes repetitions. So you have to repeat the guided meditation for about 3 to 6 months. Both, your visualizations during the guided meditation, which you have to repeat daily and the magic of sigils will work for you.

You invest 10 to 20 minutes a day for 3 to 6 months and you will get first results.

In the course I will tell you something about my life, what mistake I have made and how I got out of the misery. Most people don’t find out what is going wrong in their life and so they do not look for a solution. In the course you will find 2 solutions.

The course is worth a lot more as the $17. I wanted to offer one product with a very low price, which will really help you and which is entertaining and fun. To have fun is great, because it raises your frequency of vibration. A higher frequency lets you perceive your life in a positive light and everything gets easier.

Still, you have a 60 day money back guarantee as with all my products. If you don’t like the Endless Shopping Magic Course, just send me an email to cherzog@christaherzog.com, you don’t need to mention a reason, just ask for your money back and you get it back.

Give it a try. Use the magic of this course, repeat daily, and you will get results.

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