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Endless Shopping Magic Course

The Endless Shopping Magic Video Course is not one of my usual products, because I put something into the course, which I have never shared before in any other product. It is from a book called the High School of Magic and its called Sigil Magic. Visualization is also something you could call magic, but it is scientifically proven that it works.


What is in the course?

# 1 I will explain what the Endless Shopping Magic Course is about and what you have to do to achieve results.

# 2 The next video is about the Endless Shopping Guided Meditation and a Guided Meditation, in which you will go shopping in your imagination. In your imagination you will buy all your heart desires, without putting any limits. Repeated daily this guided meditation will change an important part of your subconscious mind, which will more and more act upon the new information.

# 3 You learn that a Sigil is magic symbol of one or more wishes or goals or your big vision. Symbols have been used throughout history and are said to be very powerful.

# 4 You learn how to make a Sigil, which represents one of your major wishes and it will become a shortcut to send this information to your subconscious mind.

# 5 You will learn how to activate the sigil with a visualization exercise. With visualizing the symbol that represents a wish, you print it into your mind.


The Videos in the course

Endless Shopping Magic Course Videos


1. Endless Shopping Magic Introduction
2. Endless Shopping Magic Part One<
3. About the Guided Meditation
4. Guided Meditation
5. Shopping Magic Part Two – What is a Sigil
6. The Magic of Sigils – How to make a Sigil
7. How to Activate a Sigil


You can use the guided meditation as often as you want. You can put in new wishes and make a sigil for them. The course will be helpful at any time of your life.

The Endless Shopping Magic Course is for anyone who enjoys shopping and wants to make some wishes come true,.

It is easy. All you have to do is the sigil magic and repeat the guided meditation daily for a few months.

With the repetitions of the imagination as explained in the guided meditation your brain structure will change, which will change you and your life.


Why this low price?

The Endless Shopping Magic video course should give you the opportunity to get to know me , my voice and my accent, and that is why I offer it for a very small price. With this course you will change part of your inner programming and your life in an entertaining way.

I hope and I wish you that you will change your life to the better and fulfil yourself wishes you have, thanks to the Endless Shopping Magic Course.

Just in case you are not satisfied, you have a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, and you get the $ 17 back.


You can buy this course now and start changing your programming and your life


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Have fun, enjoy and create

Dr. Christa Herzog