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Increase your level of motivation with this Subliminal, reach your goals, and become more successful. The Motivation 1A Subliminal sends affirmations that will boost your motivation to your subconscious mind, which is your control centre. You will become more motivated and more active to achieve your goals quicker. You will become motivated to do all that is necessary to get what you want. Read the affirmations used in the Motivation 1A Subliminal below.


Follow this advice:

Buy and download the Motivation 1A Subliminal. Unzip the folder and save it on your desktop.

Listen to the 30 minute subliminal once a day or to the 10 minute version twice a day for at least 6 weeks.

With every subliminal you are changing part of your subconscious mind, with which you have lived many years. It takes some time until the change of the programming is deep and stays without having a relapse.


This is what you get:

The Motivation 1A Subliminal

Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 and 10 minutes

You receive the subliminals in the form of MP3s.

A PFD-File with the Affirmations used in the Motivation Subliminal.


Motivation 1A Subliminal
Motivation 1A Subliminal  $12.90 + VAT

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Motivation 1A Subliminal Sample



Affirmations in the Motivation 1A Subliminal

You are changing your life as you want.
Each day you take several steps to achieve your dream life.
You are full of energy throughout the day.
You are motivated to do all that is necessary to get what you want.
You are motivated and enthusiastic about your passion.
Your passion is your profession.
You make a difference in your profession.
Motivation is natural to you.
You are filled with motivation.
You are successful in all you do.
You have the knowledge, the motivation and the passion to achieve anything you desire.
You easily overcome your challenges.
You are in vibrational alignment with all you desire.
Day by day you perceive more of what you want.
You have easily accomplished a number of goals.
You easily reach your next goals, because you are very motivated and confident.
You wake up every day ready to work and move forward toward your agenda to accomplish your next goal.
It is easy to start your day, because you feel great when you are active.
You feel great all day long.
You know that with each day you get a step closer to achieving your next goal.
As you work everything falls into place.
Everything works out perfectly.
There is nothing that stops you reaching your next goal.
Every task is easy for you to accomplish.

You constantly reach higher and higher.
And you are getting closer to your next goal.
It all is so easy, because you are highly motivated.
You focus all your energy on reaching your next goal.
You overcome one challenge after another
You come up with new and creative ideas and you easily implement them.
You achieve one goal and you start with a next goal.
Your motivation is strong.
Yes, you are highly motivated.
You are at the top, you live your dream life and you feel so great.
You easily overcome any obstacle.
You are so very motivated to quickly achieve your next goal.
You feel wonderful after you have accomplished one goal.
Goals and dreams that you focus your energy on are realized quickly.
You are successful and you feel happy about it.
Yes, you are very happy about your accomplishments.
You are creative and successful.
It feels great to have achieved a goal. And you know that you will easily achieve your next goal.
You are motivated and you constantly realize a new success.
Understand that you can accomplish anything.
You are motivated and confident.
You see yourself live your dream life.
You had many great successes and you feel fulfilled.
It feels wonderful to be successful.
You know that it is easy to accomplish everything you set your mind to.
All your accomplishments have been easy, which makes you even more motivated.
You feel fulfilled and satisfied by your successes.
Others wish to be as motivated as you are.
You are motivated and you are succeeding in everything you put your mind to.
You are accomplishing every goal in your life easily.
You feel energetically which allows you to continue accomplishing one goal after another.
You succeed more and more in your life.
You love your life.
You always enjoy setting new goals, because you know that you will easily accomplish them.
You are confident that you will easily accomplish any goal.
And yes, you accomplish one goal after the other.
You are a successful person.
And you are a motivated person.
Yes you are highly motivated.

With the Motivation 1A Subliminal you get a Pdf with all affirmations.
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Motivation 1A Subliminal  $12.90 + VAT
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