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About me

Life has led me on my today’s path. It is my way. My parents did not allow me to go it. I was forced to go another direction. For a couple of years I have been doing what I like and live how and where I want. Sometimes one is let to his right path in a roundabout way.

I grew up  in a family of entrepreneurs in the south of Austria near the border with Italy. There was always more than is necessary of everything. My parents wanted me to get only the minimum of education. It was a fight to attend a high school. For two years I have worked in my fathers company. Against the will of my father, I enrolled in the Vienna School of Economics. I have a master degree in banking and a doctorate in monetary economy and business technology. When I saw that I have to get the knowledge of thousands of pages into my brain, I read books about how the human brain functions. Looking for specific books, I also found books about personal development and self help.

I have learned transcendental meditation, which is mantra meditation. I have experienced to be out of my body. I had only to close my eyes and could see things and relive situations from the past with every detail.

During my university studies I worked during the summer holidays in the international department of a bank in Austria, on the floor of the CBOE in Chicago for an investment broker, on the floor of the Paris Stock Exchange and in the office for an investment broker in Paris.

I worked as a securities analyst, in metal trading, and then in international trading. When my father got cancer, he asked me to come home. After the death of my father I learned that my brother had lost most of the family assets. My mother, for whom my brother was everything, threw me out of the house. From one day to the other I was alone, without money and without work. After a few months, I had another job. But a year later I was faced with a plane crash and the death of my boss. I went over dead bodies. That’s not a nice experience. The worse an experience the more you grow and the more it contributes to personal development.

After those tragic incidents, I moved to Southern California and read more self-help books than before. I knew I had to get back on my feet and straighten up again. I developed a plan and worked on myself. I’ve also benefited from tools like subliminals and visualization.

Since then I have learned a lot about personal development. I believe in new scientific knowledge, tune in to modern quantum physics and other sciences as far as it is possible with my understanding. I cannot give whatever kind of guarantee of truth or reality, because even the concepts of truth and reality are controversial. What is truth? What is reality? It is assumed, that what we see and experience happens in our imagination, which actually is an act of creating a mental image or scene, which does literally not exist. We do not really see, but perceive individually and each individual person can control his perception. Furthermore it is assumed, that each individual lives in his own universe in a system of multiple universes. This means: The content of this website is perceived, utilized and used from each and every one differently. This also means that truth, as also undisputable believed facts, may be something different for each and every one.

I have never stopped to learn and research. I especially am interested in brain research and the importance of the subconscious mind. I will offer more and more of this knowledge here on this website, which will be helpful to anyone who wants to transform and improve.

I hope that my inspirations. my articles, videos, courses and products will help visitors to find a path into a new, successful, joyful, happy and healthy future.


About christaherzog.com

When I began my first website, I wrote about self development. There is a lot I remember from numerous self-help books I have read and I research in the internet. I do not quickly write an article. I always research quite a bit. So it takes several days from the idea until I publish an article on the blog of create.christaherzog.com

I consider it important to mention the discussion about what is reality among scientists. It is believed that what each one believes to see and experience is his or her individual reality. We do not see, we perceive. What we perceive, we should be able to control with our frequency. For example, everyone perceives one and the same object differently. Depending on how you are on it, you perceive one and the same object differently. And you perceive this object differently with the years. That should make you think. Reality is changeable, constantly changing and dependent on each individual.

Believe in yourself and in the fact that you can shape your reality according to your ideas and desires. There are countless possibilities open to you. Choose the most beautiful and best for you.

I write a lot about how you can change your reality, what you can do to increase your frequency, and perceive your reality differently. This includes beliefs. You can only see what you believe in. Your reality can only change to your liking if you believe it, that is. You must be convinced that your life will change that way and not otherwise.

Christaherzog.com is dedicated to help you change your life, to be more successful and happy. You will find courses and other products that are helpful to raise your frequency of vibration, to become happier, more successful, and to live a better life.


I have realized my dream

Long ago I have overcome the trauma. I have changed my life in all areas. I moved to Los Angeles in 1991, back to Vienna, Austria in 1997, and in 2019 to the south of Rome, Italy. Here the landscape is densely dotted with vines, olive and citrus trees and the people are very warm and welcoming. I live in the countryside and Living here was a dream many years old that I have made my reality. I am in harmony with myself and my life.

I have made an enormous life change. I do not live as I am supposed to, but as I want and enjoy.

What has helped me to change my life according to my wishes, I pass on in my blog articles and in my courses. I am always pleased to learn that I could help someone to change his live and be happier.

With the courses “Success Imagination” and “Visualization System” you can shape your life according to your ideas.

If you attend one of my courses and/or use Subliminals and you have designed your reality to your desires, then write to me. I will be happy to hear from you and happy with you.

I wish you that you make the life change you want, live in what is abundance for you, be healthy, fulfilled and live in joy and bliss.

Enjoy life!

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