Get A Higher Frequency

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A Higher Frequency Will Improve Your Life


With a much higher frequency you will live a life of happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, and love. Evolve with raising your frequency of vibration

When you vibrate with a higher frequency, your perception will change and your life will improve in all areas. Everything will kind of fall into its place. Others will say that you are lucky. It is not luck and not coincidence, but your frequency which makes the difference. When your frequency is low, your life is a disaster, you might be sick, and not see a way out. You can change your life to the better getting a higher vibrational frequency.


Was ist Frequenz
Was ist Frequenz


What Is Frequency of Vibration

What is frequency of vibration, also called vibrational frequency? Frequency means, how many times a particle vibrates in one unit of time and is measured in Hertz. One Hertz (Hz) is one cycle per second. This is an electromagnetic wave. There can be only a few or a lot of waves during one unit of time. The more waves there are during one unit of time the faster the waves move. In other words: A frequency is a motion = wave that repeats itself = vibrates regularly during a unit of time.

Now think of ones (1) and zeros (0) = binary code which in your electronic device creates a blog post or an image. You create with the number of waves and its speed. The speed is the number of waves during one unit of time.

I mentioned vibrating particles, because this is something we can imagine. But our reality is made of energy patterns, and frequencies and vibration are essential.


How to Get a Higher Frequency
How to Get a Higher Frequency


You create all of your reality with your frequency.

Before I explain how you can raise your frequency, I want to stress on the fact that you create with your frequency. You create all of your reality with your frequency. If you change your vibrational frequency your whole physical reality is affected. Your reality overlaps with the reality of the people with whom you are in contact and they all influence each other with their frequencies which they radiate. This includes you family, friends, people at work, your neighbors and even the people who go to the same café or bar as you. We all are part of a country and then of the world and are co-creating what we perceive as real. Co-creating means that we all influence what there is with our frequencies.

You can’t raise your frequency from a low level to a very high one. You couldn’t take it. Would you move from a tiny apartment to a large mansion you might not feel comfortable. It could take weeks or longer until you get used to it. It is better if you increase your frequency a little and get used to be in a little higher frequency, before you continue raising it further.

Increase your frequency a little and get used to be in a little higher frequency, before you continue raising it further.


Feel better to have a Higher Frequency
Feel better to have a Higher Frequency


How can you get a Higher Frequency?

There are two important factors that you have to improve and there are methods which help to increase your vibrational frequency.

The two factors are
1. Your thoughts and
2. How you feel
and important is
3. A strong belief that everything will change to the better.

I have written quite a few articles on this blog about the importance of your vibrational frequency and I mention it in almost every article.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. I repeat: Everything! You believe that your table, your chair, your house, a rock are solid? Wrong. Everything consists of little particles that are vibrating with a certain frequency. That’s how things are.

Everything has a certain frequency.
Each thought
Each word
Each part of you
Each food
Each object
Every person
Every moment

All which is outside of you radiates toward you with its frequency. You can feel with what frequency a person, whom you meet or who is near you, vibrates. When someone has a higher frequency than you, you will feel good. When a person vibrates with a lower frequency than you, you will feel uncomfortable. The same goes with all objects that are near you and also with certain situations that you experience. Also important are foods which you eat. Negative news have a low frequency and make you feel uncomfortable.

Think about that!

Think high frequency thoughts. Surround yourself with high frequency objects and people. Eat high frequency food. Make high frequency decisions.


What is Important to Raise Your Frequency


Thoughts You Are Thinking

Thoughts you are thinking can raise your frequency or let it drop. Positive thoughts have a frequency above average and negative thoughts below average. Positive thoughts make you feel better, because they raise your frequency. Negative thoughts make you feel unpleasant, because they let your frequency drop.

There are people who change what they are thinking about most of the time and in a matter of days their life changes. Read the book Getting Rich and the Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles. He explains so beautifully how you can become rich quickly. (Amazon Affiliate Link)


What Can You Do to Think High Frequency Thoughts?

  1. Observe Your Thoughts and Stay Positive
  2. Stop Negative Thoughts Immediately
  3. Think of The Solution, Not The Problem
  4. Make it a Habit to Think Positive
  5. Do Not Doubt Anything
  6. Believe In Yourself and In the Success of Your Projects
  7. Be An Optimist
  8. Improve Self-Love


1. Observe Your Thoughts

Observe your thoughts and become conscious of them. Too often a negative thought comes into your mind, lets your frequency drop and you feel uncomfortable. Negative thoughts produce negative experiences. When something bad happens, you might say that it is bad luck or a coincidence. But it is the result of a negative thought and it has a low frequency.

What you think often becomes your belief. What you believe you can see. What we see we call reality. Focus your thought on what you want as long and as often as you can and it will become your reality.


2. Stop Negative Thoughts Immediately

Negative thoughts harm you and your life. If you become aware of a negative thought, stop thinking it immediately. Think of something positive, beautiful or empowering. In such a moment, try to see an image that you enjoy seeing. This can be an image of your vision, a beautiful object or landscape. I have images in my mind that make me feel better in a fraction of a second. Negative thinkers are not very successful, are unhappy and sick. If you are unhappy, change your thinking and your life will change.


3. Think of The Solution, Not Of The Problem

Be a solution thinker. The moment you are facing a problem, see the solution. Do not think yourself into the problem, which has a low frequency. Every problem has a solution. See the solved problem, which has a higher frequency and go backward. Find a way to solve the problem and get active to solve it.

A problem is a challenge, which makes you learn and grow. Learning makes your frequency rise. Learning something makes you grow and develop. This is the positive side of every problem.


4. Make it a Habit to Think Positive

Be a positive thinker. It is a habit. There are people who see something positive in anything. Those people have a high frequency and are great to be with. Become a positive thinker yourself. It has many advantages. You feel good. You are happy. Anything you do, works out. You are more and more successful. Your life is getting better in all areas. You draw toward you what you need and want. You draw positive thinking people toward you. You quickly and easily reach your goals and realize your big vision. Positive thinking can even heal you.

It is your decision if you think positive or negative thoughts. If you think mostly positive thoughts, you will get what you desire. If you think mostly negative thoughts, your life is a disaster. Think about this and whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, quickly think of something positive and make it a habit to think positive thoughts.


5. Do Not Doubt Anything

Doubts decrease your frequency dramatically. Doubting is so very senseless. If you believe that a project will be successful, the chance is high that it will become a success. The positive believe increases your frequency which has positive results. Doubting destroys your hopes. Things go wrong and you might wonder why nothing works out. You wish to succeed and therefore, stop doubts and believe that things will go well. Understand what believe contra doubts does.


6. Believe In Yourself and In the Success of Your Projects

If you believe that your project will be a success, it will become a success. A strong belief in yourself and your projects increases your frequency. Good things, such as success, have a high frequency, which you can only experience, if you have a high frequency. Believe that you can accomplish your goals and realize your vision and this is what will happen. The stronger your belief in something, the quicker you get the results.


7. Be An Optimist

To be an optimist is really wonderful and has so many advantages. Optimists are positive thinkers. They are happy people and liked by others. Be an Optimist, you will profit in all areas and in every moment of your life. Optimists get what they want in life. The reason is: Optimist have a high frequency.


8. Improve Self-Love

What do you think about yourself? Do you love yourself without expectations? If you think great about yourself and love yourself, you will have a high emotional frequency. You will be wonderful to be with. If you love yourself, you can love others. Self-Love is a great characteristic. It is important and has so many advantages.

Do not blame yourself for anything. You have made experiences, some of them have been important. These experiences have made you learn, grow and evolve. But you believe that you have made a mistake, missed an opportunity, or made a wrong decision. See the positive side. You would not be where you are now, without all which has happened in your life. And now, with practicing self-love you have a higher frequency and as a result your life will make an incredibly positive turn.


Thoughts With a Higher Frequency Manifest Beautiful Things

Vibrating with a higher frequency has many benefits. The most important benefit is that higher frequency thoughts manifest beautiful things that you desire. What you think about a lot, becomes your reality. You manifest with your frequency. With your thoughts you get a certain vibrational frequency. If you think often of what you don’t want, you get it. Think mostly of what you want and you will get it. Thoughts and how you feel must be in harmony. If you do not feel good and you think of what you want for a few moments from time to time will not make a big difference. Think of what you want often and feel as if it is already part of your reality, then you will get it.

With a higher frequency you attract what you want or something better.

If your frequency is not high enough, you might not want the better choice. It won’t feel right. This means that if you want the better version of what you desire, you first have to raise your frequency.

With a higher frequency you feel better and you are happier. If you feel good and if you are happy, your frequency increases.


Thought and Emotional Patterns go hand in hand

You already know that each of your thoughts have a specific frequency. You can feel this frequency. If you feel depressed, the vibrational frequency of your thoughts are very low. If you feel great and excited, the vibrational frequency of your thoughts is high. It feels so much better if you feel good, right? But too many people do not feel so good most of the time and they are used to be in a low frequency. It won’t feel right would they suddenly be in a much higher frequency. I have already explained why it is better to slowly and continuously raise your frequency.

An emotional pattern means that you react in the same situation with the same feelings and emotions. This reaction got a habit. How can you change this distracting habit? Smile, whatever happens. And make it a habit to smile. Yes, I mean that you have to force your face to a smile. A smile causes wonders. It is the movement of the face. Try it! Smile! You do not need a reason to smile. Get yourself to smile most of the time. Smiling will break your negative emotional patterns. In situations in which your frequency usually drops, it also helps, if you think of something you enjoy or something funny.

  If you have to spend some time with a person you dislike, imagine that he or she wears a funny hat and in the rim of the hat are two mice who laugh. Get creative and find ways to cheer yourself up.

With emotional patterns come thought patterns. For example: This person always says something which is hurting my feelings. Come on! Smile and he or she might change his or her behavior toward you. Important is that you feel good. Do not give anyone or anything a chance to put you down. And if it happened, think of something beautiful or visualize an image you enjoy.

Decide to feel good. You can do a lot to feel good. Choose good and light food. Do some workout. Meet with friends who are positive and who radiate a high frequency. Choose beautiful clothes and choose enjoyable colors. Look at the clothes and the colors of the clothes of people on the street and then look at their face. People with lighter colored clothes are in a better mood. Wear red, yellow, and orange clothes in winter and not brown, black or dark colors. Wear a multicolored shawl. The colors of an outfit should of course match. Do each day something you enjoy. You could look for an uplifting video on youtube, which takes a few minutes and raises your frequency. And keep a smile on your face.


Great Thoughts Generate A Higher Frequency

Have your focus on things you enjoy. For more than three years I had my focus on moving to the south. I was in a good mood, felt great and it gave me a lot of energy. There is always something you can look forward, which makes you feel great. You get yourself vibrate with a higher frequency and the result is that you feel good, what you do works out, you make beautiful and positive experiences and your life improves. When you have a high frequency, you feel great and you will have less or no problems. Whatever you need will be drawn into your life. What you have to do to reach your goals will appear easy and will be relatively quickly done.

With negative thoughts that have a low vibrational frequency it goes the other way. If you have made bad experiences and think of them again and again, your frequency will drop, and you will feel depressed. Your frequency will continue to drop. You will be facing problems and you will draw more bad experiences into your life. You will feel fear, discontent and sadness. You will draw people into your life with low frequencies which they radiate. This will further decrease your frequency. Put an end to this! Smile, think of something beautiful and your life will change. Get rid of people who are negative. You might say that this person, who is mostly negative, is such a good friend. Can’t be, if this person is ruining your life. You and your life should be more important to you. If you raise your frequency, you will draw people toward you, whom you will enjoy more and who will become your new friends.


Higher Frequency with Positive Thinking
Higher Frequency with Positive Thinking


Benefits of a Higher Frequency

If you are in a high frequency you feel great and really happy. You will smile and laugh a lot. In this state you engage in positive activities and you have more energy. You are motivated and you get tasks done to achieve your goals. You have a beautiful radiation which draws positive people, wonderful experiences and beautiful things toward you. You will have more and more reasons to smile and laugh. You will enjoy life more. Everything will be better.


How Do You Raise Your Frequency

  1. Think positive
  2. Be and stay at peace of mind
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Have a life plan and follow it step by step
  5. Visualize twice daily
  6. Become aware of beauty
  7. Eating and drinking well
  8. Movement and action
  9. Smile and laugh often
  10. Surround yourself with positive people
  11. Learning is fundamental
  12. Enjoy music and arts
  13. Giving and kindness
  14. Practice positive self talk
  15. Raise your lifestyle
  16. Start a new life


1. Become a Positive Thinker

To become a positive thinker happens gradually. When you observe your thoughts and get yourself thinking positively, it will become easier with each day. If you become aware of a negative thought, stop it and think of something positive, beautiful, and enjoyable. You have to practice positive thinking and it will become a habit. People will ask you why you are always in such a good mood. You might answer that the more often you get yourself into a good mood, the more often you have a reason to be in a good mood, and the longer you stay in a good mood. A good mood is responsible for having a higher frequency. The higher frequency is responsible that you have more and more reasons to be in a good mood. The higher your frequency the better is your life. The better your life, the more your frequency increases.


2. Be and Stay at Peace of Mind

Be at peace. You feel a peaceful happiness. Your breaths are longer. You know that anything in your life will work out fine. What you have to do is easily and quickly done.

To be at peace is a beautiful state of mind which has a high frequency. Get yourself into this state and stay in it. When you feel that you are out of it, get yourself back. Say to yourself: I am at peace with myself and with the rest of the world.

If you do not know this state of mind, you will learn it when you meditate. While you meditate you will be in a peaceful state of mind. You will stay in this state of mind long after you have finished your meditation. Each time you meditate, you will refresh it and you will stay longer in this beautiful state of mind. With practicing meditation for a few months, you will constantly be at peace. Yes, this is definitely a state of mind in which you want to be as often and as long as possible. When you are at peace, your frequency is quite high.


3. Meditate daily

Meditation is the best method to get your mind at peace and it increases your vibrational frequency. It is wonderfully relaxing, that you need less sleep at night. Meditation takes 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a day.

There are a few meditation techniques. The easiest one is breathing meditation. You sit down with your back upright, close your eyes, and listen to your breaths. In the video course Visualization System you learn Breathing and Mantra Meditation. And then there is the distinction of passive and active meditation. The Dalai Lama other terms for passive and active meditation. He explains that you shall get yourself deeply relaxed with passive meditation, before you start active meditation. The active meditation is visualization. In the Visualization System Course I explain that you shall meditate 5 to 10 minutes with your preferred meditation technique and then begin to visualize.

Meditation has lots of benefits. That you raise your frequency very high with meditation is an important benefit, because with a higher frequency your life changes positively and immensely. People who meditate are healthier. Furthermore meditation lowers crime and raises peace. With meditation you co-create and change the world.

If you have tried to meditate and you could not quiet your mind, keep meditating daily, it will get better each time. Keep meditating until you are in the meditative state of mind, in which you are very deeply relaxed, at peace, and experiencing an increasingly higher frequency.


4. Have A Life Plan

Before you start visualizing, you have to know what you will visualize. This is one of the reasons why you should know what you want in life and make a plan how to attain each goal and each wish. To be clear about what you want in life and believe that you are on the way to realize all you desire, gives you a good feeling and therefore raises your frequency. Based on your life plan you write your visualization script and you can make a wish video, which is one of the visualization techniques.

When you prepare your life plan, you have to find a vision, which is your dream life and the way you really want to live. You make a rough plan. This plan you divide into sub-plans. You can make one plan for each area of your life. You divide these plans into short term plans. You then know how to proceed to achieve your vision. You know what has to be done in the coming months and you continue step by step.

You can visualize your vision or the result of the next few steps of your life plan or both. I visualize the next major step and my vision.


5. Visualize Twice Daily

There are a few visualization techniques which you learn in the Visualization System Video Course. You can visualize a few moments long several times a day or for 20 minutes once or twice a day.

Visualizing is more effective if you are deeply relaxed. But this is not absolutely necessary. If you have a few minutes, you can use this time to visualize. You can visualize with closed and with open eyes. If you visualize with open eyes, you can cover your present reality with your desired one.

To raise your frequency, sit down, close your eyes, relax, make a few long breaths, and then visualize that you are at peace, happy and joyous. Think that everything is your way and you are happy about it. See that you enjoy meeting friends. You can visualize that you are going shopping and enjoy buying anything you want. You might be at a beach, lying under an umbrella and be served a cool drink. You might see yourself dancing with your partner. Notice, that while you visualize you are changing how you feel. You enjoy buying anything you want. You enjoy lying at the beach. You feel that you enjoy whatever you want. You might say to yourself: I would like to feel like this all the time. Do it. After you finished your visualization keep this feeling of joy and refresh it once or several times daily. If you repeat this visualization two to three times a day for three or more weeks, your thought and emotional patterns will change and this feeling of joy will become your habit. Feel brilliant and enjoy! It will extremely raise your frequency.


6. Become Aware of Beauty

Become aware of beauty and appreciate it. Some people have eyes for the little, beautiful things. They marvel the architectures of buildings. They enjoy looking into display windows. They stop when they see flowers and appreciate their beauty. They appreciate their food and drinks. They think that life is wonderful. They raise their frequency every moment they appreciate and enjoy something. And they constantly see something which is beautiful.

There are people who never stop nagging about the weather. When the sun shines, it is too hot. When it rains it is bad for them. Some other people find something positive in every weather condition. How beautiful the sun shines, they say when it is sunny. How refreshing, they say when it rains. They get dressed well when it is cold and are choosing colors that are uplifting.

Look for the beauty and appreciate it. Do not just walk along your way, but look around and become aware of all the beauty around you. You will feel better, your vibrational frequency will rise, and as a result something positive will happen in your life. Maybe already today.


7. Eating and Drinking

Eat foods as nature offers it. These foods have a high frequency and increase your frequency. These are salads, vegetables, meat, fish and other marine animals, poultry, olives, nuts. Do not eat processed and packaged food. Processed and packaged food has chemicals added. It has a low frequency and lowers your frequency. Drink water, natural fruit juices, and some wine. Do not drink sodas or drinks that are sweet. Make water your main drink and drink a lot of it

Observe how you feel after eating certain foods. While processed and packaged food and sweetened sodas lower your frequency, natural food and water is neutral or raises your frequency.


8. Movement and Action

Working out, feels good. Taking a walk after dinner instead of watching TV, feels good. It feels good when you got a task or something important done. It feels good when you have achieved a part of a goal. It feels good to be active. Go out from time to time. Have a glass after work or go out for dinner. To step out of your daily routine, feels good. Take a few deep and long breaths several times a day. It will make you feel better. Being active feels good and what feels good, raises your vibrational frequency.


9. Smile and Laugh Often

Put a smile on your face. The movement of a smiling face does two things. First: With a smiling face you look better. And second: You feel better. Whenever you feel low, put a smile on your face. It will change how you feel and raise your frequency.

Get yourself to laugh whenever possible. If you do not have anyone near you with whom you can laugh, look for funny videos on the internet. There are lots of cartoons that are funny. If is best if you look for a few funny videos and bookmark the URLs. So you have them handy, whenever you need a good laugh.

If you have no opportunity to watch a video, imagine someone laughing. Laughing is contagious. Also imagine that things go your way and you are happy about it.

I have gone through several catastrophes. All of them have happened during one year. I have kept myself busy, which was good, but could not help against the trauma. I read self help books. (Amazon Affiliate Link) In one I read that smiling makes a big difference and that one shall put an image with a smiling or laughing face on to the bathroom mirror. I bought a few magazines and looked for a photo with a smiling face. I found one which I glued on to the mirror of my makeup table. I looked at it from time to time and said to myself that things will get better.


10. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people and get rid of those who are not positive. Do not meet with friends, who are pulling you down. Go to really nice hangouts to meet really nice people. .People, who are often negative, who are often nagging and talking about negative things, have a low frequency which they radiate and which influences your well-being.
Become aware that people who are positive, have a higher frequency which they radiate and you feel it.

Have a look at people and their friends. People who are not doing so well financially meet with the same kind of people. People who are successful meet successful people. Wealthy people meet wealthy people. Think about that! Then have a look at the life of your friends. The frequency of your friends has a strong impact on your life.

Meet with people who have a higher frequency as you. Or watch videos with people you admire. These people have a high frequency. Already seeing and hearing them will empower you and raise your frequency.


11. Learning is Fundamental

Learning and reading something which is new to you, discovering a part of your town, country or the world raises your vibrational frequency. The reason is easy to understand. If you learn something and get new knowledge, makes you grow and develop, changes you and makes you feel great about yourself.

Learn something new each day. You could read a blog post with for you new knowledge. You could learn a foreign language and learn a few words each day. Show interest to the culture and history of your and of other countries. Cook with recipes that are new to you. Learn how to paint. Learn to play a music instrument.

It feels good to have leaned something new and therefore raises your frequency.


12. Enjoy Music and Arts

Choose music which makes you feel good. Even if you do not like classic music so very much, listen to symphonies by Mozart or any other composer of classic music. Some of this classic music automatically raises your frequency.

Read a novel or a poem. Literature is one way of many creative expressions.

When I go to a museum or art exhibition, I always feel immensely great for quite some time. Look at architecture, at furniture, clothes and enjoy the vast creativity to which we humans a able to. Your amazement will raise your frequency.


13. Giving and Being Kinds

It feels good giving someone a present or helping someone. When you give someone who lives on the street to eat, you will get a look back, which will make you feel better. When you help an elderly person carry something, he will be grateful.

Give other people compliments. Stay true. Do not give false compliments. There is enough reason giving other people a compliment. It might be the dress, a shawl or the tie a friend wears that you like. It might be that you like his or her hair cut. It might be that he or she said something nice or interesting.

Giving is great. It makes you feel good and raises your frequency.


14. Practice Positive Self Talk

Stop complaining for good. It does not matter if you are complaining in front of other people or just in your self talk, complaining is negative and brings your frequency down. When there is a problem, solve it. Otherwise find the positive side of anything. There always is one.

Speak with yourself in a high tone. Tell yourself how great you are. Talk about how beautiful things are and how great the day is. Say to yourself that you are feeling great. Put energy and a bit enthusiasm into it and you will feel great. Talk about the beauty of things around you. Tell yourself how wonderful life is.

Positive self-talk raises your frequency.


15. Find Ways to Raise Your Lifestyle

Raising your lifestyle starts with being aware of the beautiful moments of each day. Enjoying the smell of the coffee in the morning. Feeling the warm water splashing onto your body when standing under the shower. Choosing well the clothes you will wear. Using a good scent – perfume or eau do cologne. The way you walk can make a difference in your appearance. Treat others well and they will treat you well. Lay the table nicely for dinner. Buy yourself flowers. Have dinner in a special restaurant from time to time, where you are treated like someone special. Buy some special foods and make a special dinner at home. Buy an expensive magazine which you put onto the couch table. Go to a concert. Get some new furniture or just a few new towels.

Whatever you improve about your life or your surrounding, will make you feel better and raise your frequency.


16. Decide to Start a New Life

Stop thinking about the past, no matter if it was good or bad. Every fraction of a second you are in a new reality. It is your choice which direction you take. You can go on with your daily routine or you can think about how you want to live and what you can change right away.

A new life starts with changes in your thinking. Would you like to move to another apartment? Go and get boxes and start packing. This is how I began my move to another country and far to the south. Making a decision is one thing. Getting active to realize the decision is another. This is how you take control of your life. If you want another job, send out a few job applications. Start writing your CV today. If you do not get active right away, time goes bye and nothing has changed.

Take some time to think about your life. Are you happy the way things are? Would you prefer to live differently? What would you like to change? Start changing.

When you think about living differently as you are used to, you will have to leave your comfort zone. The moment you stepped out of your comfort zone, you will feel proud of yourself, which raises your frequency.

How does your new life look? Write it down. Make a plan how to achieve it. Visualize it. Get massively active. Already the first steps you make directed toward your new life will drastically raise your frequency.


With a Higher Frequency You Feel Better
With a Higher Frequency You Feel Better


How to Quickly Raise Your Frequency

Become aware of how you feel. Start your day with a smile on your face. Stop for a moment several times a day and ask yourself if you feel great or if you could feel better. Then do something to raise your vibrational frequency. A quick fix is jumping like a child and moving your body. Stretch your hands up, put them down, up again. Repeat a few times. Make a fist with one hand and push the hand up. Do the same with the other hand. Repeat. Make deep and long breaths. Meditate for a few minutes. Whenever you feel a little lower as usual, do something about it.


Get Used to A Constantly Increased Frequency

Bring your frequency up whenever possible. You will get used to a constantly increasing frequency. Practice getting yourself and staying in a higher frequency. You will be surprised how many wonderful things will happen in your life.


Start each day with raising your frequency.

• Meditate.
• Look forward to a wonderful day.
• Get dressed beautifully.
• Have a healthy breakfast.
• Continue your day with positive thoughts and positive feelings.
• Happiness, love, success and abundance are awaiting you.
• Observe your thoughts, emotions, actions and intentions and always choose the best and most positive of all alternatives you have.
• Put your focus on THE good and positive.

You are responsible of what happens in your life. Do not forget that fact. What do you want to create? How do you want to live? How do you have to feel to create your desired life?

Raise your vibrational frequency to live a better life and enjoy it.

What are you doing to raise your frequency? Which of the methods I have explained in this post do you like most? Leave a comment.


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