Freedom of Choice

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The Freedom of Choice is Important to us Humans

The freedom of choice is important to us, but no one can have full freedom. What is freedom of choice for you? Are you satisfied with the freedom of choice you have? In what areas of your life would you like to have more freedom of choice? Are you following your passion? Are you able to rid yourself from borders and from your own limits? It is your choice if you do or not.


What is Freedom of Choice for you?
What is Freedom of Choice for you?


Are you aware of all the choices you have?

Is it fear which is holding your back or are you filled with doubts that you do not take advantage of all your choices? Think about it. Get rid of fear and stop doubt and enjoy your freedom of choice.

Is it that you are not willing to work more for more freedom of choice? Well, that is one choice you have – More work and more freedom of choice or less.


You have the Choice How You Want to Create Your Reality

We all have the desire to create our reality. No matter how you live, you have the desire to live a better life together with your family. You need to know how you want to live. You have to make decisions, plan how to achieve your life-goals and get active.

Today in the western world most of us have a great variety of choices and the freedom to choose. And still people are feeling stuck in a life they dislike.


You have the choice how you create your reality
You have the choice how you create your reality


Restrictions of Freedom of Choice

There are individuals who hardly have much freedom of choice because of a number of reasons.

The freedom of choice of individuals can be taken by law. Example: In most countries you are not allowed to drive with your car as fast as you might sometimes want. You can’t park your car where you want.

In some countries people did not have or still do not have the freedom of choice in most areas of their lives. They are not able to make their own decisions, but are forced to live a certain way. If tries to get more freedom, he has to be afraid of being detained and prosecuted. Think of Germany before and during World War II. It was the state who made the decision what people had to do. Very little personal freedom was left.

I have to think of young women in Europe after World War II. If they did not take the chance to marry early, they might have had to spend their lives alone. Most of the young men in the greater family of my mother did not come back from war. My mother has married a much older man. Most of her girlfriends have married men who have been too young to be soldiers.

In each country one has to face a number of restrictions that limits the freedom of choice of individuals. There are countries where you have more possibilities as in others.

Some parents are not able to offer their children the same possibilities as others. But this should not hold anyone back to pursue what he or she wants in life. To attain and enjoy the freedom of choice is more difficult for some people as for others.


The Freedom of Choice Ends if Other People are Being Disturbed or Hurt

It is each person’s choice if he or she wants to live somewhere in the wilderness alone or in a community. If your choice is to live in a community, you have to consider the choice of others.

I am a smoker and I understand very well that people, who don’t smoke, want to eat without the ugly smell of cigarette smoke. In Italy are towns where smoking is not allowed where children can see you smoke. I have full understanding for this law.

Drunk driving is a complete no, if the life of other people is involved. If you are a drinker, find someone who will drive you home.

If you live in an apartment complex, you should not have the volume of your music too loud. You have to think about others. But it is your choice if you live in an apartment or in a house, in a town or in the countryside.


If someone is facing too much choice, he does not feel good

Most of the time we have two alternatives to choose from. Becoming employed or establishing an own company and becoming self-employed. Having a family or not. Having children or not. Living in a town or in the countryside. Living in an apartment or in a house. Watching your weight or not. Being a smoker or not.

And then we have lots of choices. Which electronic device, what make and what model, what price range. What kind of car, what color. What style of clothes, what color, what price range. And so on and so forth.

If you are in sales, you will have learned that you should offer a customer not more than three choices. If you offer more, the customer is overwhelmed and might leave without buying anything.

If you are having too much choice it is not easy to make a quick choice. You have to examine all choices you have. You decide which of all the choices are good and repeat this process, until you finally choose one alternative.


Full Freedom of Choice
Full Freedom of Choice


Most of us Have a lot of Freedom of Choice

Most of us have almost full freedom of choice

You can choose
• What you want to think about
• What you want to learn
• Your profession
• If you want to be employed or an entrepreneur
• How you want to behave
• The color of our hair
• The style and color of your clothes
• If you want to be thin or overweight
• If you want to workout or not
• Where you want to spend your vacation
• Where you want to live
• With whom you want to live
• If you want to marry or not
• If you want to have children or not
• Your friends
• How you spend your free time
• Your car
• What and where you want to eat
• How to invest your savings
• Whom you want to elect at an election
• And so on and so forth

Think about how much freedom of choice you have and in what areas of your life. Are you taking full advantage of your freedom of choice? Most people don’t.

If you take advantage of your freedom of choice, you have to be willing to take responsibility for it and you have to take action.


More Freedom of Choice involves more Responsibility
More Freedom of Choice involves more Responsibility


Responsibility and Action for More Freedom of Choice

You might say that you know what you want, but you don’t have enough money to live the life of your choice. Well, freedom of choice is not a free ticket to anywhere you wish to go. You have to take responsibility and get active for your choices.

If you want to buy anything you desire whenever you want, you have to make as much money as it takes to do so. You have to look for a job, where you can climb up the corporate ladder to earn more and more money. Or you have to start your own company, work hard for a few years, and invest profits well.

Are you one of those who says, that he just can’t choose any clothes he desires, because he is fat? If you want to be slim, but you are heavily overweight, you have to eat less. You have to take responsibility for your own body and do something to lose the body fat.

If you want to get up in the morning at a time of your choice, you have to have your own company or find a job where you can plan your own working schedule.

It is always the same that if you want more freedom of choice, you have to take responsibility and get active.


As Much Freedom of Choice as possible

There are people who want to have as much freedom as possible. These people can choose to move to the North and buy land in the wilderness, buy an island or became digital nomads.

People who have chosen to move to the North of Canada, have bought some land, where they live with an incredible freedom. But they have to work hard. They are quite independent from the rest of the world. They cultivate all kinds of plants which grow in the north and they have cattle. If they go hunting or fishing, they have to follow hunting and fishing laws. They have to plan at least a year ahead to have enough food during the long winter. One might say that these people pay a high price, but they enjoy a lot of freedom.

People who own an island, some in the Caribbean others in the north, have also to plan ahead. Most of what they need is brought by ship.

Digital Nomads are free to travel where ever and whenever they want.

I have chosen a life with a lot of freedom of choice. I have bought land in the south of Europe where I cultivate a variety of plants and I make my money on the internet. I work a lot and enjoy it. I can choose when I get up in the morning, what I do during the day, what and when I eat, and how I am dressed. The land is in the countryside, is surrounded by several towns and half an hour distant from a capital. I can decide in what town I go shopping, go for a coffee or a glass,, or to events. I love to have the choice to do what I want at the time I want. I have the responsibility for my land and my company and work for it. For the work on the farm and in the household I get help when I want it. I love to have a lot of choices, take the necessary responsibilities and am massively active. Subliminals have helped me a lot.


How do you want to live? What do you have to do to live your dream? It is your choice. Take advantage of the freedom of choice you have.

What do you think about the Freedom of Choice? Leave a comment. I’ll be happy to read it.


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