Forget the past to create a new future

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When you forget the past you can create a better future

Think about your past. Ask yourself what is important for you to remember and what would be better to forget. Do not make any notes. You don’t need to remember anything from your past. It is gone. No reason to hold on to it. How you forget the past, you will learn in this article.

There was something very bad and painful in your past. One more reason not to hold on to it. Better you forget about it. You will feel so much better after you are putting all the bad memories of the past behind you.

I’ve had some bad moments and a lot of good moments in my life. Only when I’m really not feeling well I do remember the past. Otherwise I live in the now and think about the future.

The future is waiting for you. It is on you if you create the past over and over again or if you create something new, much better, and with more happiness.

Forget the past to create a better future


Why you create certain negative moments again and again

If you think too much of the past, you create in the now more of what there was in the past. Too often people think of negative moments of the past and wonder why these bad moments keep happening. Our thoughts produce a certain emotion and a certain frequency with which we create. If you often think of the past, you create the past over and over again. It is the focus of your thoughts associated with certain emotions and certain frequencies with which we create.

If you often think of the past, you create the past over and over again.

One of the reasons you think about the past often is because the memories are familiar, as are the emotions associated with them. And you’re used to the frequencies that are created with those particular feelings.

If you keep bathing yourself in the past, you’ll get and stay used to the emotions you had when you went through a bad situation. As you keep thinking about it, you create a similarly bad situation and you and your life remain unchanged.

An event that is in the future is unknown, as well as the feeling associated with it, which has a certain frequency that is also unknown to you. You prefer to think of the past, which is not easily forgotten. But only those who forget the past can create a new future and a better life. You have to get to know the emotion you want to have in the future.

You create a new future by setting your mind on a wonderful future. This will make you feel different and create a better frequency.

We have the ability to change this moment and even the past. To do this, you have to live in the now and think of your future so that your emotions are good and positive. More on that later in this article.



Forget the past with change how you feel

You know how you feel when you think about the past. When you think about a wonderful future your emotions will improve. When you feel better, your life will be better. You can exercise to feel good or even feel great. If you keep feeling good, bad things will stop coming. Learn to manage your emotions and your life will change for the better.


When the past hurts

Stop playing the victim, whining, and blaming others for your problems. That won’t get you anywhere.

By blaming others, you give them power over your life. Do not blame anyone, including yourself. This is negative and does not have a good frequency. Don’t ask yourself if and what you did wrong. Take charge of your life by making new plans and moving on. The past is over. The future is in front of you.

You create with thoughts and emotions


What do you have to do to leave your past behind

Find out what you need to do to leave your past behind and create a better future. Ask yourself what is holding you back in the past. Does something from the past keep coming back to you? How do you feel when you recall this situation or event from the past? You have to get rid of this feeling.

It’s about that feeling that you need to get rid of and forget. You have to make yourself feel good and keep that nice feeling. Only than you can move on, change, and create a new and better future.

Start making a plan for your future and get active. This way you can forget the future. The first step of the plan is followed by the next. And it is extremely important that you look forward to a brighter future.


Focus on a wonderful future and feel it


Here are tips about how you forget the past

Distance yourself of the past to forget it

Distance yourself from anything that reminds you of the past. Get away of people, things, places, situations that remind you of the past. And if you have that distance only for a short time and repeat that, that can help.

What and who reminds you of the past? How can you distance yourself from all this?

  • You can take a trip over the weekend, which will take your mind off things of the past. Try it, it will make you feel better.
  • Distance yourself from people who are negative. Hang out with people who cheer you up, who you feel comfortable around.
  • Do lots of things to meet new people.
  • Choose places and courses that are new to you.
  • Make new memories that replace memories of the past.

I moved to a new country once again and promptly had a very bad experience. It’s not easy to distance myself from it, because it is about my house and garden. So I looked for the advantages and embellish the matter. I’ll keep doing this until I do not think of the bad experience any more. And still I am at the beginning of a new and better life.

Distance your self of the past

Distract yourself

Keep yourself busy to not think about the past.

  • Do something that demands your attention.
  • Go for a walk and enjoy nature.
  • Meet up with friends and talk about good and fun things.
  • Go shopping.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Read a book
  • Learn a new language.
  • and much more.

I distract myself several times a day and have fun with everything. I enjoy working on my website, for a change I work in my olive grove, where soon the cherries and shortly after that the plums will ripen. Then I go shopping, buy a magazine and have a drink at a café with tables on the street. I like meeting up with friends for a drink or for dinner.


Live in the now

Live in the now, in this very moment, where the past has no place. Put your focus on what you do now. Have lots of moments that you enjoy. Find activities and do things that you enjoy.

When I’m working, whether it’s for my website or on my olive grove, I’m focused on what I’m doing and I feel good. The same is the case when I am going to the centre of the town, have a glass in a café or am meeting with friends. Again and again I concern myself with the future, because I have to set up my house and I have to plant trees, bushes, vegetables and flowers. All that holds my attention in the now.

Living in the now makes you forget the past, and that’s good.


We can’t control the outer world

We can’t control the outer world, that includes other people. We can only control ourselves, our thoughts, emotions and what we do.

Things are happening in the world that seem to cause us problems. But it is up to each individual to direct their life for themselves and not to be influenced by difficult situations in the outside world negatively. There is always an opportunity to take a different path when the outside world has struck.

A difficult economic time can be challenging and can provide new ideas. A war means reconstruction and new opportunities. What has been irreparably destroyed can somehow be redesigned.

If someone has hurt you emotionally or financially, walk away from that person.

Take your focus away from the outside world and onto your vision, your plans, and your life. Make sure that your vision is wonderful and makes you happy if you think of it. And think of it a lot.

Create the past again or something new


What we perceive in the outer world can be changed

Nothing is fixed or unchangeable. Everything depends on a certain frequency. If you change your frequency, you can change your past and of course your future.

You begin to make changes with changing your thoughts and feelings. This is how you change your frequency and create a new and better life.


Have a plan for your future

Do you have a plan for your future life? Do you know how you want to live? You need to have a vision for your future. It should be thought through well with all details. Then you can plan what you have to do to create this future, a future that you love to look forward. This is how it is easy to focus your thoughts and feelings on a better life, your new future.

Take some time to think about your vision.

  • Tell yourself how you want to live in a self-talk. Make notes of your vision.
  • Look for images of your vision.
  • Make a Mind Movie of your vision. (This is an affiliate link.)
  • Close your eyes and look how you will live and how you will feel. Try to stay with this feeling as long as possible.

Also think about what you want to change about yourself.

  • Change a personal quality
  • Change a habit
  • Learn something new
  • Change something about your look


Make a plan of your future and get active

Make a plan about what you have to do to create your new and better life. Your frequency is most important, but without doing anything nothing will happen. Dreaming doesn’t change much. We humans have to get active. Make yourself be active. Write every evening down what you want to get done next day. Next morning start to get all this done.

You must get active, Without any actions nothing happens. Change is not only made in your brain. It is an interplay of inside and outside.


Take time to think about what you want your life to be

Take time once a day and think about what you want your life to be. Make notes, look for images, deal with your future. The more you think about your future, the better. Where we have our thoughts is our energy.

There is so much going on in our lives today that we stay too much in a bad frequency. No time for chilling out. Work, family, shopping, and so much that keeps us away from turning into a better frequency and a better life.

You need time to focus your thoughts on your future, on a better life, on happiness, and success. You have to be alone when you are doing this. What do you really want to do – work, private life. Where are your talents, where is your passion?


Tell yourself that you can do what it takes

Tell yourself that you can do whatever you wish and not that you can’t do this and that. Try and practice. Each time you practice you will do it better. You can achieve anything you really want.

As you plan your future, keep this in mind. It will change a lot. It will remove hurdles.


Meditation helps you to change your thoughts and feelings

One of the best means/tools to forget the past and create a new and better future is meditation.

Meditation helps you to change your thoughts and feelings so you can create a new life.

Learn to meditate and practice meditation daily.


Imagine that you create a new future

If you resist thinking of your past and staying with the old emotions, but have new thoughts and emotions, you create a new future. Make yourself feel differently as you are used to. You do this with thinking and imagining a new and better future.


Each day is a new day

Start a new life every morning while waking up. Think that it will be a great day and that great things will happen.

Have a good morning ritual. If you didn’t make a plan for the day in the evening, make it in the morning. What do you want to accomplish today? What do you have to do for it?

The past is over. A new and better life is waiting for you.

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