How You Manage Your Emotions and How You Feel

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Are You Able to Manage Your Emotions?

The next question is: Are You In Control Of Your Emotions?

Think of the past weeks and months and ask yourself: Have you been in control of your emotions and how did you manage them? Did you stay calm, even though it was not easy? Or did you show your emotions to others? Or did you keep them inside? And how did you then deal with your internal emotions?

There are people who live with negative emotions for too many years. They don‘t feel good, get sick and don‘t understand why. As a result things in their lives don‘t turn out well. All because they could not manage their emotions and how they feel, but carry old negative emotions into their future, get bitter and frustrated.

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Introductory to How to Manage and Control Emotions

We have always a certain emotion and are feeling a certain way. The emotion you are in can be positive or negative, strong or light. Which emotion you entertain is your choice, also how you are feeling. A thought can change your emotion. A smile can change how you are feeling. If you are mostly in a positive emotion and feeling great is a habit. Negative emotions can be a sign that you have to change something in your life. It can be how much you work, how you treat yourself, if you eat well, sleep enough, and move sufficiently. This is why it is good that you think about why you feel a negative emotion and do something about it.

There are so many ways in which any of you confronts emotions. I will not be able to respond to every possibility. I will write about how you deal better with emotions, especially with negative ones.

Only with positive emotions you can create something positive.

In this article I am not going to write about the problem that some people have who have extreme mood swings, a depression, impulsive behaviors, or psychological problems.

Manage Emotions

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Content of this article

  • Do not let emotions control you but manage them
  • Leave negative emotions of the past behind
  • How do you control and manage your emotions?
  • You can do a lot to change how you manage your emotions
  • Are you in control of your internal and external emotions?
  • Emotions that you should learn to master
  • This is what you have to do to be able to manage your emotions
  • Are you often angry?
  • Quickly do something about anger
  • Are you often facing anxiety?
  • Sadness is different as other emotions
  • How are you dealing with frustration?
  • Do you sometimes feel envious and jealous?
  • How to change how you feel
  • There is more you can do against negative emotions
  • What can happen if you don‘t deal with your emotions
  • How to deal with emotions of other people
  • Should you show or hide emotions?
  • Is your emotions intelligence high?
  • Are you able to manage and control your emotions intelligently?
  • Your outer and inner world affect you emotionally
  • Learn to manage your emotions and your life will be better

Do Not Let Emotions Control You but Manage Them

Learn to manage emotions, so they don‘t control you and as a result your life.

If you feel a negative emotion, think about it. What was the reason that you suddenly felt different? Often you know the reason very well. It can be a certain situation, a person, or the environment that has changed how you are feeling.

If it is a problem, be certain that you will find a solution. Think about a solution and get active to solve the problem.
If you are angry of someone, you have to first get even with yourself. You will then see the situation of your anger differently. Some of the reason of your anger is to be found in yourself. Be patient and have understanding with yourself and others. Try the Stop Anger 3A Subliminal.
If you feel envy because of whatever reason, you won’t be able to create what you envy someone for. You can create what you want only with positive emotions. If you see someone having something you want, visualize yourself having it. Think about what you have to do and get active.
If you are often anxious, it can be a habit. It can be that your mother often had fears and was a bad role model. There are natural fears, but otherwise you lose energy with fears and let opportunities go by. The best remedy for fear is to meet them. So do what you’re afraid of. Usually there is no reason to be afraid. It happens that people are afraid of something that has not occured yet. What for being afraid of something that has not happened yet? If you are afraid, the chance that what you are afraid of happens becomes higher.
If you are often worried, it is mostly unfounded, but it opens up the possibility that something that you have been worried about will really happen.
If you feel discomfort and feel at unease, find the reason and eliminate it. It can be a person near you who has strong negative emotions that radiate toward you. It can also be the environment that is not good for you. If possible leave as quickly as you can. It can be that you have to fulfil a task that is too difficult for you. Find someone who helps you.
If you are bitter, you have held negative emotions for a long time. Make a full stop with the negative and do whatever you can to get joy back into your life. Start with watching fun movies. You easily find them on the internet. Listen to happy music. Dance to the music. And then make life changes that are positive and bring joy into your life.
If you are down, low, and depressed, find the reason and do something about it. What you eat is important. Eat a lot of vegetables and meat. The meat gives you energy which you need to turn your life around and the vegetables give you vitamins and minerals which are important to feel well. Do some sports. It will get you out of being depressed. Do what brings joy into your life.
If you are unhappy, find the reason, decide to be happy. Do whatever you can to get happiness back into your life. It is the many little things that make a big difference.
If you feel regret and guilt, you have to stop thinking of the past. You can‘t change the past, but the future. Don‘t blame yourself for whatever it is. It is over and belongs to the past.
If you are sad. There are reasons for sadness that take some time to get over it. Let all the sadness come out. Know that this kind of feeling will pass. If you have lost a loved one, this can be death or divorce, your body chemistry plays with you and it takes some time until you will be feeling better. Also here good nutrition, sports, and joy help.

Learn to manage your emotions

Your emotions and how you feel generate a certain frequency which is responsible for what you create.

Read about the Control Your Emotions 3A Subliminal. It changes your programming.

Leave Negative Emotions of the Past Behind

I wrote about Let go of the past. I know that this is not easy. Certain occurences come to the surface again and again, even if you have made a firm line.

Whatever has happened is a thing of the past. It is not part of your reality today. Unfortunately, many make life difficult and carry the negative part of the past, which has long passed, like a heavy backpack, making it difficult living a happy and good life in the present and the future.

Moving to another country helped me to distance myself from the past and ultimately to close it. Even if I have made peace with the past, it is still not completely out of my consciousness. Though it is not a burden anymore.

Every single moment is a new reality and newly created. If you understand that, you will be able to create a much better life. But if you create the next moment with negative emotions, you will not be happy with what you create.

Open your backpack and get rid of the junk. You will feel better. I mean that you should think about whether old negative emotions affect your well-being. Sometimes this happens even with positive emotions that turn into melancholy. Then do something about it.

Old negative emotions affect your well-being. Open your backpack and get rid of the junk. Learn to manage your emotions.

How Do You Control And Manage Your Emotions?

How you control and manage your emotions has to do with your programming, how you have been educated, how your parents have controlled and managed their emotions, if you are practicing controlling your emotions or if you let go, and what you have learned and implemented about how you manage your emotions.

You Can Do a Lot About How You Manage Your Emotions

Become aware of how you deal with emotions. You can change your programming. You can stop thinking over and over again about a difficult experience. Instead you can focus on what you are doing now and think of what you want in your future. You will have to repeat this process, until you easily focus on the present moment. With a smile you will be looking forward to a much better future.

+ Become aware of your emotions.
+ Recognize the information the emotions provide you with.
+ Understand your emotions.
+ Find a way to calm your emotions and find inner peace.
+ Become aware of your emotions.
+ Recognize the information the emotions provide you with.
+ Understand your emotions.
+ Find a way to calm your emotions and find inner peace.
+ Act not react to your emotions.
+ Leave emotions of past experiences behind.
+ Focus on the now and a better future.
+ Think of the fact that you create with how you are feeling now.
+ Do not carry heavy emotions with you for too long. Deal with them and get even with yourself.
Make it a habit to manage your emotions right away.

Control your internal emotions

Are You in Control Of Your Internal and External Emotions?

To manage and be in control of your emotions, you have to become in control of your internal and external emotions. If you can control your internal emotions, it will be easy to control your external emotions. If you are in control of your external emotions, but not of your internal emotions, you have to deal with an imbalance.

Of couse it is good if you master your external emotions. But it is more important coping with your internal feelings. They control you and your life.

Emotions that You Should Learn to Master

Negative emotions are anger, anxiety, sadness, frustration, envy, and jealousy, to name a few. There are a number of positive emotions. The most powerful is happiness. If you don‘t show those emotions to the outside, they are called feelings. To keep negative feelings in yourself can make you sick. This doesn‘t mean that you should get them out in front of others. You have to do something to get even with yourself.

Whenever you experience a negative feeling, watch what is going on in your body and how you are feeling. You might sweat, getting tense, your voice is getting higher and louder or lower. Your are facing changes. You might start to cry.

If you experience a positive feeling, you feel lighter, you might smile or laugh.

This Is What You Have to Do to Be Able to Manage Your Emotions

It is very important that you are not stressed and not fatigued.

  1. You need to get enough sleep.
  2. You have to organize your day and your week.- Your work time and your leisure time.
  3. I know well that if you work too many hours, you are playing with your health. The Dalai Lama said that we are funny. First we work to make a lot of money and then we give the money to get our health back. Think about that. Have fixed hours for work and stick to it.

Practice to think clearly. If you see what the reason of your emotional stress is, you can think it over, do something about it and calm down. Think about your negative emotions, the reason for it, and get calm and positive.

Do not over and over again think of problems. Instead think of the solution and be certain that there is a solution. If you stay calm you will find the solution quicker. This is much better than worrying.

Are You often Angry?

Think about reasons why you get angry. It is not easy to forget the reason that makes you angry, but it is the best you can do. Find reasons to stop your anger. Think of or do something nice.

When you are angry with someone, ask questions to clear the situation. Too often there are misunderstandings that lead to overreaction. Every person has another point of view. Not everyone must share your point. Let the other person have his and keep yours.

When I am going to town with a friend and she is driving, she quickly is getting angry when another driver doesn‘t let her into the queue. I am telling her that she shall calm down. Doesn‘t do you good, if you get angry, I am telling her. Too many people are quickly getting angry while driving, because of losing a few seconds.

If someone harmed you, did something that can’t be undone, forget about it. If you are angry, you harm yourself. If someone insulted you and you disagree, leave it at that or say something funny.

Quickly Do Something About Anger

If you are feeling anger, quickly do something about it. Take a deep breath, force your face to a smile, think of something beautiful, listen to music you enjoy, make some movements with your body. I seldom am angry. When I am angry, I think ahead of something I’m looking forward to.

For almost two years one neighbor called me 4 to 8 times a day. I asked her not to disturb me too often which did not help. When I did not answer the phone, she continued to call until I answered. It also did not help being rude. When I was very angry, I went with my car to a nearby street with little traffic. I roared and let the anger out. One day I said that I would go to the police and file a complaint if she called me again. She never called me again. I should have threatened her with the police far earlier.

If possible get the reason of getting angry quickly out of your way. Whatever makes you angry, get used to react with calmness.

Are You Often Facing Anxiety?

If you often feel anxiety, it can worsen and become a psychological problem.

Write down whenever you feel afraid. What is the reason that you are afraid? The reason for anxiety is always in the future. It is something that has not happened yet and with some optimism will never happen.

When something happens that a person is afraid of, he or she says: I thought it would happen. It was the thought that created the event. You create with thoughts and the feeling the thoughts produce. It is better you think that everything will go well.

Think about your anxiety. Anxiety makes things worse. Over and over again force yourself thinking of a positive outcome and feel joy.

Sadness is Different As Other Emotions

Sadness is different as all other emotions. All emotions are combined with changes in body chemistry. Some of these changes in body chemistry cause pain.

To get over a reason of sadness takes time. After having lost a loved one, no matter if because of death or devorce, takes about two years.

This is what you can do to make things easier:

The first reaction to the reason of sadness is crying. Let it go and cry. Let the worst part of your sadness out with crying.
What you eat and drink, sports, laughter, changes your body chemistry.

  1. In case of sadness, you have to eat well. You need protein as in meat and fish, you need vitamins and minerals as in vegetables.
  2. Drink a lot of water and have a glass of wine with your dinner.
  3. Doing sports are great. Go running for at least 30 minutes every other day. Do floor exercises and weight lifting.
  4. Have rythmic music running. Dance a little.
  5. Watch fun movies.
  6. Force your face to a smile. Just lift your cheeks. Believe it or not, it makes a positive difference.

How Are You Dealing With Frustration?

There are quite a few causes that can make you be frastrated. There are always several ways to get things done if one doesn‘t work out.

One reason to be frustrated is when you work hard, but things don‘t work out. You need to try another approach to achieve a goal. There are other ways. Find one and follow it.

There are reasons for frustration where it is better to give the goal up and look for another one. If for example a man or a woman doesn‘t want to be your friend or your spouse, look for another one. If a certain person doesn‘t want to spend time with you, this is not a reason to get bitter. You will become much happier with another person. Use your energy and time finding this other person.

Do You Sometimes Feel Envy and Jealousy?

With envy and jealousy you do yourself no good. If you feel envy or jealousy, you will not get why you feel envy or jealousy. Instead, see yourself having what you are jealous of. For example, see yourself driving the car you would like to own.

Think about what is against that you have what you envy someone else. You might have to change your programming regarding making more money, being wealthy, maybe also having a higher self esteem, being willing to take risks. You might have to work more for some time.

Positive Emotions are a Habit

How to Change How You Feel

It is of utmost importance that you feel great. To feel great you need

+ Enough sleep.
+ After your work time, some leisure time that you spend with family and friends.
+ You need to exercise 5 days a week.
+ Eating nutrious food that is not processed.
+ If possible, do daily something that brings you joy.
+ Get Inner balance, peace, and calmness.

Watch how you react emotionally in different situations and think about it. Are there emotions that you control easily and others not?

First observe how you are feeling and think about why you feel a certain way. Then decide what you will do to feel better.

The moment you are getting aware that you are not feeling so great, you can change how you feel with a thought. Think that you have a great life. You have a much better life as people who are on the street. You could stand up and jump or dance for a few moments. You can meditate for a few minutes. And there is a lot more you can do to cheer up which I mention in this article.

Breathing – Make one or more slow and deep breaths several times a day. This will relax you, give you some time to become calm. If possible, go to the restrooms and meditate for a few minutes.

Create reasons to be happy

There Is More You Can Do Against Negative Emotions

There are so many reasons to enjoy life. You do not have to lose energy and time having negativ emotions. A negative emotion is a sign that you have to make a change in your life. Find the reason and do something about it.

You can

  • go for a special dinner or have a great dinner at home.
  • go for a walk, think things over, get negative emotions out of you.
  • talk about the reason of your emotional distress with family and friends.
  • You could write down what is going on. This is very helpful.
  • Running, dancing and, all kinds of workout is good to manage emotions.
  • Fun movies, rythmic music help to manage emotions.
  • 10 to 30 minutes meditation helps tremendously good against negative emotions.
  • Meeting with friends for a glass can change your mood.
  • and more.

What Can Happen if You Don‘t Deal With Your Emotions

Even if you don‘t show how you are feeling, others can sense it and it is working in you. Some people might quickly leave you or avoid meeting with you. Most of what you do goes wrong, because your frequency is not good.

Women often show how they are feeling and often enough overdo it. This can be disturbing to others. Men keep their feelings to themselves. Some might explode for a sudden.

You have to manage your emotions. Most of what is going on in your life has to do with the emotion you are in. If you want to live a good life and be successful, you have to think positive and feel good. Of course all of us are experiencing all kinds of emotions during a day and our lives. It is a question if you manage them or if you stay in a negative emotion for too long which can ruin your career or your life.

Try the Control Your Emotions 3A Subliminal. You have to listen to a subliminal once or twice a day for several weeks.

How to Deal With Emotions of Other People

What about your tolerance and patience toward others who often entertain negative emotions?

Negative feelings from others radiate and can negatively affect you. Being often near to a person who has constantly negative emotions can ruin your life. It surely changes how you are feeling as long as you are near a negative person and some time afterwards.

It is important which relationship you have with a person that has negative emotions which this person shows or you sense it. If this person means something to you, explain why it is important to get rid of negative emotions. If this person is not so important, get out of his or her way.

Should You Show or Hide Emotions?

Your inner feelings can be very different as the emotions you show to others. It is better if you hide your emotions, but it is very important that you soon get even with yourself.

Ignoring and suppressing emotions can make you sick. You have to face your emotions and do something about the reasons for negative emotions.

The moment you become aware of a negative emotion, watch how you react. If you do not have time to immediately think about what is going on, do that as soon as you have some time for yourself.

Ask yourself the question:
What was the reason that I felt this negative emotions so strongly? Why did I react that way?

Ask yourself:
What can you do to eliminate the reason for having this negative emotion in the outside world and what in your inside world. If you are in balance with yourself, happy in your inside world, what happens in the outside world will not affect you very much if at all.

One way to deal with a difficult situation is to look at it from different perspectives. This way your thinking changes and you can find a solution easier. If you meditate daily, the solution of a problem comes quickly by itself.

If you are in balance with yourself, happy in your inside world, what happens in the outside world will not affect you very much if at all.

Is Your Emotional Intelligence High?

Emotional intelligence is an important factor to live a successful life. The higher your emotional intelligence the higher your financial success. Intelligent people are able to manage and control their emotions, especially how they behave toward other people. People who have a high emotional intelligence are able to manage their emotions well. They discern, recognize, evaluate and handle emotions of others by adapting their behavior. Emotional intelligence is a social skill.

Are You Able to Manage and Control Your Emotions Intelligently?

It is said that people who have a high emotional intelligence are intelligent and have high self esteem. My point of view is that it must not be intelligence but a fine inner feeling toward others that people know how to behave emotionally.

Most of the time I stay calm, try to calm others and explain whatever there is to explain. But I am not always good in this. It happens that I am losing my temper. This usually happens when I have explained something to someone and he or she come up with the same thingy again and again. I am able to stay calm two and even three times and explain again. But the fourth time I am getting loud.

One can build the habit of thinking about their emotions, emotions of others and behave in a pleasant style.

How you react emotionally

Your Outer and Inner World Affect You Emotionally

Don‘t let your outer world affect you. What counts is your inner world.

Too many people have their outside world affect their inner world. If something happens in the outer world, they are unhappy. The unhappiness creates a reason in the outer world which leads to unhappiness. This ends in a vicious circle.

People who are happy for no reason, who‘s inner world is peaceful, happy, and calm, create reasons to be happy in their outer world.

It doesn‘t take much to be happy in the inside world. A daily meditation practice will bring you inner calmness, peace, and happiness. With this approach your outside world will change to the better. Problems will be solved by itself. Other people will not make you angry or upset. The reason is that you radiate how you feel in your inside world and this is the most important part of the creation process.

Learn to Manage Your Emotions and Your Life Will Be Better

Managing emotions is a choice everyone has. If you develop the control of your emotions, it becomes a skill and is then a habit. What is a habit, is done automatically.

Get to know yourself better. Find out when you are having certain emotions. Eliminate the reasons for having negative emotions. Find reasons to entertain positive emotions and to feel great.

It is your emotions and how you are feeling that makes you think certain thoughts, make you take action and act in a certain way. With your thoughts and actions you create a better life.

Let me tell you about how I Control My Emotions

I am not perfect when it comes to controlling my emotions. I am conscious of my emotions and know how important that is. I usually am calm and can calm others. Most of the time I can get my mood up if it got a Little down. I can get others into a good mood and make them laugh.

When I deal with people about whom I do not care very much, it is easy for me to control my emotions. The interaction with them is short and it is mostly about being friendly.

I love to work with my brain and my hands. It happens that I overlook that I’ve done too much and that I’m tired and hungry. When I am exhausted and issues come up, I am able to explain that I am not fine and things go well. But it happens once every other year that I lose my temper or that I speak loud. People who know me understand. They know the reason, because I explain and I excuse my having been loud.

From time to time there are deep problems in my life. Sometimes it seems that there is no way out of it, even after lots of talks and work. But I know that the problem is in my thinking and how I feel. And some problems take some time to be fixed. I then get my thoughts away from the problem. Usually the solutions comes into my mind kind of out of the blue. – Most important is that I get frequency up, make myself feel good and be in a good mood. I know too well that I can’t change anything with worries, fears, or any other negative feelings.

To get myself into a higher frequency and stay in this, is not always easy. There are times when I am managing this fine and times, when I have too much to do, I want to get all done fast. Whenever I have done a task, I am happy. I then need a little break. During this time I make myself conscious of the fact that I am a step further. And I say to myself that I will get this done.

To get this to an end: I am always conscious of my emotions and am controlling them. The moment I feel that my emotions are not so good, I am getting my frequency up quickly. I know what makes me feel better and I implement one of these things.

Manage how you feel and your emotions and your life will change.

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