Let Go Of The Past

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Let Go Of The Past And Welcome A Better Future

Most people carry the past with them day in and day out. Whenever possible they mix some old garbage into a new event. They talk about the past and use old experiences as excuses.

Experiences make you learn and grow. But you do not have to remember them. If it was a bad experience and you think of it, your frequency drops. With the lower frequency, you get yourself into another bad experience.

The past is known, but not the future. Something that is unknown makes most people uncomfortable. It is not easy to be convinced that the future will be bright and wonderful. Fear comes into the way. Fear is a negative feeling, lets your frequency sink, and this causes an event that is negative.

People who live a happy and successful life are mostly in a good mood. They have lots of plans and have no time to give thoughts to the past. There is no need to ponder about the past if the present is beautiful and the future is expected to be wonderful.

Make little changes in your daily routine, so you will not get stuck in the past. It is mainly about your thinking and your thinking patterns. If you make changes again and again, your thinking will be open for changes. It will be easy for you going with the new trends that make your future easier.

Make changes that make your life easier and more enjoyable.


Let go of the past
Let go of the past


Why Do People Get Stuck In The Past

The past is known and certain. It does not matter if the past experiences have been good or bad, positive or negative. Many people hold on to what they know and this is in the past. It is strange, but many people prefer to continue a hard life, which they know as to get used to a better life. Even thought a life is hardship, if someone is used to it, he holds on to it. This was his past, is his present and will be his future.

Making any change offers an unknown future. This is frightening. And then come habits into the game. What one has gone through day by day, even if it is hardship, is a habit. To change a habit is not easy. Change always comes with discomfort. It is easier to continue with the daily chores that are unpleasant as beginning to do something differently and in a new way even though it is easier. The different and new way is unknown. Something new and unknown is uncomfortable. If a new habit is repeated over a period of several weeks, it becomes a habit. Until it is a habit it is uncomfortable. Then the discomfort vanishes.

Watch older people how they hang on to the past, to what they are used to, which is known to them. It is almost impossible to get them try something new which would make their life much easier and more enjoyable.

Think about this for a moment. Are you holding on to something, which is not so good and not at all delightful? Older people have habits which are actually difficult. There are easier ways to do it.. But most people hold on to the old way. That is what they are used to.


You can't change the past, but the future
You can’t change the past, but the future


We Are Reminded Of The Past

Everyone has experienced pain in the past. Let it in the past and do not hold on to it. Empty your backpack. You must not carry continue to carry all of it Do not let the pain of the past hurt you in the present and in the future. What counts is the now.

You can’t change the past, but the future.

Often we can’t help, but are reminded of the past, because we are not always able to control our emotions. For example, if you hear a piece of music which reminds you of a time you have been in love with someone, who has left you, revives the old pain. It does not take much more than a moment and you very well remember how this love ended. You remember all the pain and in a split of a second you feel that pain. The same goes with fragrances and flavors. They make us remember the good and the bad. And it is the emotions that come to the surface.

Bakeries, for example, take advantage of that. If you walk by a bakery the flavor of Christmas cookies might come into your nose. Even though you are in a hurry, you stop and you have a look into the bakery. You get yourself a cookie and let it melt on your tongue. Oh, and there is your childhood and the most wonderful time of the year. Good food, nice music, gifts, and all people are so very nice. Yes, that is nice. But your next thought is that you come too late to work. And your work is not as delightful as Christmas was during your childhood.

I know people who dislike certain foods. The moment I mention that kind of food, they tall me the story of the day they ate that food and the bad experience they have made. They are telling the same story over and over again. My mother, for example, has several of these stories which I have heard too many times. I have explained to her that not the food is bad, but the experience she has made when she ate this kind of food the first time. After all these years it is so deep in her system that she is unable to eat any of the foods that remind her of experiences that are 65 and more years back. A friend of mine, who is older than my mother, has the same bad experiences attached to certain foods. Watch yourself, if there is any kind of food which you can’t eat, because it reminds you of a bad experience.

What can you do? If you feel good and happy, eat a food which to which you attach a negative feeling. You can overcome it. Maybe you have to repeat eating this food and get it tied with a positive feeling. I have done this and was successful with all food that let me remember something that was not so pleasant.


Stop Thinking Of Your Old Stories

It was difficult for me to stop my old stories. I again and again thought about how my life would have been, would certain things not have happened. I knew that pondering about that is not good for my present and future. One day I realized that I was stuck. My whole life was at a stand still. The worse things got the more I thought back.

One day I have made the decision to put an end to the old stories. The moment I thought of it, I said to myself that this has happened in another life. My new life is different. My new life began when I’ve made the decision to stop with the past. The moment I thought back, I quickly replaced the thought with a thought of my vision.

It made a big difference in my life. Things began to change in a positive way. Let go of the past, think positive, stay in a good mood, your life will change to the better.


Let go of the past - think positive
Let go of the past – think positive


Bashar, who is an alien and speaks through a media, says that each fraction of a moment is another reality. With your thinking you choose into which kind of reality you will get yourself next. This takes some thinking, right? I say that a good life needs planning. You first have to find your vision. This vision consists of a number of goals and wishes. Then you have to find ways to realize your vision. This you have to plan and then you have to get active. There is no time and no space to hold on to the past, no matter if it was good or not. What counts is the present and the future.


Let Go Of The Past And Start A New Life

Your past is like a movie that you have seen. It is over. It has ended. How your new life will look is on you. How do you want to live? What is your dream? Take some time, sit down and put it in writing.

• Write a general outline of your future life.
How do you really want to live.
• Write down how one day of the life you want to live looks.
Start with the moment you wake up. Think about how you want to feel when you wake up. Well rested. Feeling good. Looking forward to a new day. You go to have a shower. The water feels good on your skin. You make your breakfast. The freshly brewed coffee smells great. You start your working day, which you enjoy. You know why you work. You have a goal which you want to achieve. This is motivating. The bigger the goal the more motivating it is. A great goal is something worth to look forward to.

What is important is that you attach a psitive feeling to all you do. It is the feelings that bring the great change. It is on you how you feel about things and moments. Find ways to have strong and positive feelings.


What Makes You Feel Good

Observe how you feel during the day and during the week.

• How do you feel in the morning?
• How do you feel during working hours?
• How do you feel during lunch time?
• How do you feel in the evening?
• How do you feel during the weekend?

If you are not feeling good during one part of the day, do something about it. For example, if you dislike your work and you can’t change your work, think of the reason why you work. The reason is in the present and in the future. This could be that your work allows you to go on vacation, to get a new car, to get new clothes.
If you do not enjoy your present, find a goal, which makes you look forward to it with joy.

When you think of a moment of the past, how do you feel? Whatever it was, it is over. Let it go! You are in the present and the future is ahead. Stay in the now and think of something which makes you feel good. How you are feeling now is important, because how you feel generates a certain frequency. It is your frequency which makes you perceive what is going on in your life.

How you feel is the basis for what you perceive.


Give Power To Positive Emotions (Feelings)

There might be negative emotions to which you got used to in the past. Let go of these feelings. They are destructive. How you feel has a great impact on your life.

How you feel influences how you carry yourself, your voice, how you speak, what you say, how you appear to others.

Get yourself used to feel good. Make lots of little breaks during the day and think of something which makes you feel good. This can be your big vision, a wish you want to fulfill yourself soon, the next weekend trip or shopping after work. When you do this several times a day, you get used to feel good. This will raise your frequency.

Feeling great most of the time will change your life to the better.


The Habit Of Feeling Good And Its Side-Effect

Feeling good starts in your mind. It is on you if you are feeling sad, unhappy depressed, or if you are feeling wonderful, filled with joy, happy, absolutely great.

How you live today and in the future you prepare with how you feel. Your thoughts become your emotions (feelings). Your thoughts are most important.

What you think about today will become your future.

Observe your thoughts. If your thoughts are negative, replace them with positive ones. You harvest what you sow. Sow beauty and you will harvest beauty. Become aware of negative thoughts and turn them around. Ask yourself what you want in the future and how you have to feel now to get what you want.

Ask yourself what you want in the future and how you have to feel now to get what you want.


Clean Your Life And Get Rid Of The Past

Get rid of old stuff that you dislike, that does not work any more, that makes you think back at a negative experience, that makes you negative emotions.

There might be objects in your home which make you hold on to the past. Ask yourself if the past or the future is more important to you. Sell this object, give it away or throw it away. It is about your life. You live in the present and the future lies ahead. The past is over. Let it go! Prepare yourself for a better future.

Look at the people you meet, including your friends. How do they make you feel? If someone makes you feel depressed, do not meet him or her anymore.

What about places you go to, such as restaurants, coffee houses, bars? Many times in my life I entered a restaurant or café and quickly turned around to find something better. These places have a certain radiation which influences your frequency.

Do not let anything or anyone pull you down or back to the past. Instead get yourself inspired.


I Have Done A Lot Of Cleaning To Get Rid Of The Past


Old Friends Replaced By New Ones

When I met friends whom I knew for more than 30 years, and when I saw that they did not go with the time, I stopped seeing them. They did not make me feel good. They are my age but look more like my mother. They have put on weight. Their clothes, even when it is new, looks as if it is from yesteryear. They did not go with the new technologies and could not understand that I did. They have held on to the past and seemed to dislike the present. I really did not feel good when I met one of them. So I did not call them and when they have called me, I found excuses not to meet them.

I thought that it is better to have less friends as to be pulled down. What has happened was that I met people who have been enlightening and who became my new friends. I have not lost anything. I have won.


My Apartment Replaced With A House

When I learned that the radiation of people, who live near you, can influence your life, I thought about the people who live in the same house as I did. I also asked myself if I want to live there until the end of my days.

The conclusion was that I decided to move. That very moment I felt so much better. Moving was not at all easy. It was that I was looking forward, what has motivated me and given me the necessary energy. To move was the best decision I have made.


I Got Rid Of Old Stuff

Before I began to pack moving boxes, I looked through all rooms and cupboards and got rid of old things that I will not need anymore and all that reminds me of the past. I have thrown away things which were still all right. I new they will remind me of the past. So it went to the garbage. I do not want to hold on to the past. I want to live a great life and am looking forward to it.


I Renewed My Wardrobe

When I came to my clothes, I threw away almost all. I kept clothes that I would be dressed for the coming months. Not before I was in my new home, I began to buy a new wardrobe and got rid of the rest from the old.

The more you renew, the less you think of the past.

The reason is that in all the clothes is some of the old. Each piece of my old clothes would have made me think back. The past is over. I needed new clothes for my new life.

After all that I got rid of the past, I felt so much better. It was exchanging my past with a new and better life.


Stop holding on to the past
Stop holding on to the past


Some last words about letting go of the past

With letting go of the past, you make space for a better future.

If your past was not so good and you wish to be happy, you have to make space for happiness. This means that you have to let go of all you dislike. Some of my past was painful. One has to let go of it. Before I decided to move, my life was boring. I did not want to go on to live like that. So I decided to make a big change. With throwing away my old clothes, I made space for new and fashionable clothes.

Stop holding on to the past. Think of the present and the future. Make yourself feel good, it is the basis for a better life.


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