Thinking Big Has Only Advantages

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How to Develop the Characteristics of Thinking Big

In this article, you will learn how to develop and get used to thinking big, which will improve your life. Thinking big has only advantages. You will set bigger goals and achieve them.

There are not many people who are thinking big. During our childhood we learn to put limitations on almost anything. That is sad. Break through a few of your limitations. Set your limits little bit further each time you become aware of them. Found all your skills and improve them. Ask for a higher salary. Move to a little bit larger apartment. Make your vision bigger and find an idea that will make it possible to realize it.

Do you know these sentences? We can not afford that. You can not do that. You do not have the necessary skills. Stop dreaming.
Revert the content of these sentences and make things bigger. I can afford anything I want. I can do anything which is necessary to accomplish my goals. I dream as big as my imagination allows me. If you dream big, you reach more and the more you expect from life, the more you get.

Whoever thinks great achieves more in life. Whoever thinks big is popular because he is generous. If you expect more, you get more. The more you expect, the more you get.

Think big achieve and get more
Think big achieve and get more

Think and Dream big!

Do You Think Big or Small

How big you think or how narrow and how big or small the limits are in your thinking depends on a number of factors.

These factors are:

  1. When it comes to big thinking, education is the most influencing factor. The influencers are father, mother, teachers and representatives of your religion.
  2. The influence of the mass-media should also be mentioned.
  3. How far you have overcome the boundaries of education and media with conscious thought and will.
  4. How big is your home? If it is small, then your whole thinking is limited.
  5. Do you have a clear and unlimited view of one or all windows or do you see the next house or a mountain chain. This too can limit your thinking.
  6. If you really do not want to move more mentally and physically.
  7. Fears that are strong and deep in your programming.
  8. If you want to remain an employee until retirement, without having to take responsibilities and are satisfied with the usual salary increases.

There are quite a few other factors which are the reason why one thinks big and the other small. Why someone dreams big and another small.

People Who Have Freed Themselves From The Limits of Their Thinking

• There are people who have grown up very poorly and have become very successful. Example: J. K. Rawling, the author of the Harry Potter books
• There are people who have gradually liberated themselves from limits. Example: Richard Branson
• There are people who, despite a serious illness, think big and reach their big goals. Example: Stephen Hawking

These people have made it because they have thought big and dreamed big. Thinking big and dreaming big does not cost anything. It is a decision.

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You Can Free Yourself From The Limits In Your Thinking

How much do you let your inner voice limit yourself and how much from other people? You have an idea with which you hoped for a financial success, but friends and family say that your idea is not good, that you will eventually and they come with a number of reasons. It depends on you whether you let others talk you out of realizing an idea or get to work and not give up until your idea is a financial success.

First tip for great thinking : Do not let others stop you realizing your ideas, plans, goals and dreams. Get active and become successful. Do not care about what others say. If your ideas will become a success depends on your belief. If you are not sure, do something to become and be convinced of yourself and your goals. For example, you can listen to the Stop Doubt Subliminal. The affirmations in this subliminal are about conviction.

Second tip for great thinking : Overcome the fear of failure. It does just as little good as doubting and is also completely meaningless. More success implies more risk. Risks can be minimized by researching well, being well prepared and enormously active. Success does not fit into a nine-to-five working day and then only pleasure and rest. For a couple of years, you will have to do a bit more than those who are trying to talk you out of your plans.

Third Tip for Great Thinking : Set big goals, divide these into smaller ones until each single goal is easy to achieve. For example, if you want to earn ten times as much as you earn now, then plan to earn ten percent more each month in the next 3 to 6 months. As soon as you have reached this goal, set a new one to earn another 10 percent more. You could search for a second source of income on the Internet, or offer activities that you do in the evenings and on weekends. Keep in mind that these activities can become a successful business.

Think big and Dream big!

If success does not come as fast as you have hoped, do not blame yourself or be discouraged. Instead, you can look forward to all that you have achieved so far. Ask yourself what you can do better or differently to achieve the expected success.

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Big thinkers have big goals
Big thinkers have big goals


How to Develop the Characteristic to Thinking Big

Thinking big will help you achieve your goals, even if they are big.

Everything Begins With A Decision, Even Big Thinking

A decision is a thought with which you are committing yourself. Commit yourself to think big.

This assumes that you are thinking about your thoughts, your every wish, your intentions and how much and how big anything you want should be. It is not possible to live without limits. It depends on how close or wide one sets his limits.

I think relatively big and have my limits: An example: When I was looking for land for my new home, I wanted it to be large enough so that neighbors could not look into my soup. A piece of land has usually up to 6,500 foot. In the search I have specified a minimum of 14,000 foot. This is a nice size. When I saw a piece of land with 43,000 foot, I breathed a sigh of relief. That was much better. With this size I can realize more than all my projects. When I was offered a 130,000 foot, I quit. That was too much for me.

Successful people set big goals and are convinced they will achieve them. They know that they can not achieve a really big goal overnight and that they have to work more. For example, they aim to achieve a certain profit growth every year and ask themselves what needs to be done. Do I need more employees, more machines or whatever? And they find ways to make the project work.

At the beginning of their career these people do not buy an expensive car or a big house. But these things are on the list of their wish and goals. They know that not everything can be done at once. They plan to achieve one goal or wish after another. They do not think that they can’t afford something, but know that they can’t have all at once.

Think Big In All Areas Of Life

• Decide whether you want to think big within your reality or globally.
• What is your daily schedule? What do you need to change to achieve more?
• Do you have a great vision?
• Are your goals set high?
• Are you willing to do things steadily better?
• Are you willing to always learn?
• Are you strong enough to overcome possible obstacles and challenges? If your answer is no, you need to change your thinking.
• How will your family benefit from your projects?
• Will your family support you? If you are worried that your family would talk you out of your big plans, do not talk about the upcoming changes.
• How will your city and individual organizations benefit from your projects?
• You will have less time for your friends. Do not worry, because your circle of friends will also change with your changed thinking.

Are you creative to get promising and profitable ideas and to thrive to success? What do you have to do to meet the necessary requirements?? Do you need training in a certain area? Do you need financing?

Does your idea have value for other people? How much do you rate this value? Is this value local or global? For example, I chose the global version and offered every blog post and some products in German and in English. My products are sold worldwide. My products help people improve their lives. My customers benefit from buying one of my products.

The First Steps To Become A Big Thinker

Slip into the personality of a person who thinks big. How would this person think in every single situation of your current life?

In the Course Success Imaginations there is a video that is called The Round Table of Success where you meet with successful people. Everything happens in your imagination which is very effective, because you change your programming. In the meetings you meet with people who think big and have succeeded. Sitting at a tale with highly successful people will change your thinking. You can ask for advice and you will be surprised that you get answers.

Make a list of your big wishes and visualize how you live after your wishes and goals are realized. This gives you an idea of how you will feel after your wishes are realized. If you repeatedly visualize this, your frequency will change. Your frequency is responsible for everything in your life. Get the right frequency and you will live your dream.

Forget about your limitations and restrictions. If you are thinking about a wish or goal, do not think that you can not afford it at the moment. Do not allow any doubts or fears. Do not think that you have to work a bit more at least for some time until you can fulfill your wishes. He who thinks big, first thinks of all what he wants and then he finds a way and makes a plan to realize his wishes. Most people first think of all the limitations, and so they set themselves small, easily accessible goals and live a mediocre life.

Observe how you speak with yourself. Your self-talk shows your thoughts and how you are programmed. The sentence, should really start this project, is a doubt. The sentence, I can do it, is conviction. Your language is also a sign of your future. The more you talk about the positive progress of your life, the faster your wishes will come true. If you have a problem, tell yourself that you will find a solution and get over it. Thanks to the handling of problems you learn a lot. Talk about what you want and leave the rest away. Be convinced. Do not allow any negative thought.

What about your faith? A strong belief in himself and the success of his plans, is important for big thinkers. You can only see what you believe. The assumption that one can only believe what one sees, is wrong. First, you must believe, in the sense of conviction, then you can see it. Believe in your vision and your goals, then you will see. Believe that you will succeed in everything you do. Read: A belief is a repeated thought

Thinking Big Is A Habit

Thinking big is a habit. A particular characteristic becomes a habit by repeating and practicing it. This is also called conditioning. When you start thinking big and think big again and again, it will become easier to think big until thinking big has become part of you.

To Think Big, You Must Eliminate The Following Habits or Traits

Negative Thinking – Immediately wipe out negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
Doubts – Stop doubting. Doubts will take you back a step and let your frequency drop. It does not take you forward and is senseless.
Fears – They are not good for anything. Yes, if you notice that you are driving too fast, slow down. And you do not have to jump from a high tower. You know what I mean here with fears. Open your mouth at the right moment. Do not be afraid to fail. And so on and so forth. Everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are human and they are good teachers as are problems. The fear of problems is also pointless, because every problem has a solution.
Procrastination – If you are someone who postpones tasks or whatever you need to do, you will remain average. Do what has to be done immediately and do not procrastinate anything.
Avoiding Responsibility – Whoever thinks big knows that he has to take responsibilities.
Waiting for the moment of perfection . You’ll wait a long time, because no one is perfect. Become active. As soon as you start doing a specific task, it’s almost done.
Do not be too critical, either with yourself or with other people. Get used to rather seeing the good and the positive.
Do not judge too fast – Be open, especially when it comes to your ideas and desires. Do not judge different kinds of people, but look beyond what is not to your liking. Thinking big also means thinking generously in all areas.

Do This Instead

Just one of the above mentions catapult you back into small thinking. Only if you have overwritten these habits with positive ones, you will be able to think big.

• Think positively.
• Be convinced of yourself and your plans and projects.
• Be a solution thnker..
• See challenges as an opportunity.
• Courage is necessary to think big.
• Complete qquickly what needs to be done.
• Be disciplined.
• Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.
• Focus on your successes and more.
• Be generous with compliments.

If You Think Big, You Have Big Goals

Big goals are not unrealistic goals. If you think big, you research sufficiently to find out the feasibility of your big goals. You will also estimate how long it will take to reach each of your goals.

For a big goal you have to leave your comfort zone. With the achievement of a big goal, several other factors of your life also change. You have to be open and ready for change. This is not the case with small thinkers.

He who thinks big is convinced that he will achieve his big goals and is ready to do all that is necessary. He develops a plan to achieve this big goal and becomes immediately active. He follows his plan and regularly checks whether he reaches single steps of his plan and partial goals. If it is necessary, he changes his plan.

Big thinkers do what they want to do
Big thinkers do what they want to do

Whoever Thinks Big Does What He Wants To Do

Many years ago my father said to me: Later in life you will only regret what you have not done and what you have neglected. Even if a thing seems stupid, but you have fun with it, you will enjoy to remember it later. Do what you want and enjoy it.

I have not always followed my father’s advice. Unfortunately! But there is not too much what I have not done. I have gone my way. I now have a new vision that is bigger than originally planned, and many new wishes. A few of these wishes have already been fulfilled.

Thinking Big Takes Time

If you are thinking short term and only see your current opportunities, you can not think big. Thinking big makes long-term planning necessary. The individual steps of a long-term plan must be divided into smaller steps that are easy and quickly reached. One individual step is followed by the next one. If you think big, you must be disciplined.

If you think big you must take the time to think about your goals, ideas and their realization and implementation, necessary steps, solutions, and so forth and so on. Big-Thinkers make brainstorming, write down possibilities, research them until they decide for the best idea and possibility. In order to achieve big goals, one has to take time for the preparation.

To think big, you need more time than to think small. Even if you think big, you will not be big overnight. You have to work on yourself and your tasks. It will take a few years until you have achieved big goals. But it pays off to set big goals.

If you think big, you have to think ahead. Someone who thinks big sees his future in which his vision is realized, which contains all his desires. He is convinced that he will achieve his vision, goals and desires. When it comes to the implementation of an idea, he thinks months and if necessary years ahead. He sees how his idea will evolve and makes all the necessary steps until the idea is a profitable product or service.

Small thinkers have no plans. Whoever thinks big has short- and long-term plans.

Big Thinkers have plans
Big Thinkers have plans

If You Think Big You Are Motivated

Big goals motivate and inspire. Those who do not set goals remain unmotivated. Without motivation, you will remain with your nine to five job and with a small salary. One day you will regret that you have not even tried to break out of your little world.

Whoever Thinks Big Is An Optimist

Whoever thinks positively is optimistic. Both traits are necessary to think big.
Big thinkers say: That can be done. The project is a great success.

Do you understand what optimism is about? Right, it’s about your frequency again. By thinking optimistically, you prepare the path that leads to success. Remember: You have to have the right frequency to perceive what you want in life and to live your dream.

Whoever Thinks Big Does Not Give Up

Perseverance is one of the necessary qualities of big thinkers. If the goal can not be reached on this path, then he tries a different way. Often enough you will have to try several other ways until you have found the right one. Whoever gives up too quickly does not achieve much, especially not big goals.

The will-power of a big-thinker does not allow him to give up. He wants to achieve his goals. People like Edison do hundreds and so it is necessary thousands of attempts until they find what they were looking for or achieve the set goal. Most people give up after the first failure and complain. It does not occur to them that they can do the same as the big thinkers. They would only have to give it another try and maybe a few more, until they succeed.

If you think big, you have to ask yourself questions like: What do I have to do to achieve my current goal? How can my product be better than the one from other vendors? And similar questions.

Whoever Thinks Big Is Ready For Changes

Most people dislike any changes and try to avoid them. They repeat one day after another. They do the same chores day in and day out. They always go to the same shops, to their bars, meet the same people and when they are forced to make a change, they become nervous and get upset.

Achieving big goals makes changes necessary. This goes step by step. Each step is slightly bigger and every small step is a change. Whoever thinks big makes changes constantly to improve. Looking for the best alternative, he changes individual factors. Changes are part of his thinking and of his life. He is always open and ready for changes. It is the flexibility of his thinking which makes it easy for him to always adapt to changes.

If you think big, you are always looking for new ways and possibilities, but also for new knowledge, strategies, tools, and new ideas.

Thinking big is a special way of thinking, a generous attitude to life, a life philosophy.

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