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Subliminals have helped me a lot

In this post I am writing about my experiences with Subliminals and how much they have helped me change and improve my life. More than thirty years ago I have heard subliminals from now and then. They did not do much. A couple of years ago I found out why they have not brought any change. That a subliminal is effective you have to listen to it daily for several weeks. It is not enough to hear a subliminal once every couple of days. I have bought several subliminals and began to listen to three each day for at least 6 weeks. I and my life began to change. My thinking has changed. I have discovered my true wishes and my vision. Anything I had to do to accomplish my wishes, seemed to be easy. If you are on the right track, anything comes into its place. Subliminals help you get on the right track, get into the right frequency and help you fulfil yourself any wish you have.

With subliminals you change your inner programming. Very little about you and your life is controlled by your conscious thinking. To ninety percent you are controlled by the programming of your subconscious mind. If you wish to change something about you or your life, you shall first change your programming. Subliminals are a very good tool which helps you change the programming of your subconscious mind. This is why Subliminals are so very effective if you wish to make major changes.

The best about Subliminals is that you only have to listen to them. That’s it. Whether you choose a subliminal with music or a silent version, you can work while the subliminal plays. Maybe they work better when you lie relaxed while the subliminal is playing. I’m doing both.

I had an average self-confidence. However, I have gone through a very challenging time during which self-confidence had suffered. I have heard the Self-Confidence Subliminal daily for three months. I have not noticed any remarkable changes. Still I continued listening to this subliminal daily. It was for a sudden that my self-confidence was very strong. This was not only surprising for me, but also for friends and acquaintances. After this success I continued using Subliminals. I listen to 3 different subliminals daily – one in the morning, one after lunch and the third one after dinner. You need to take breaks. If you listen to subliminals too long you might get a headache.

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My Experiences with Subliminals

My Experiences With Subliminals

Whatever you want to change about you and your life, you will find a subliminal to change and improve. It depends on what the subject of the subliminal is, it takes different lengths of time for a subliminal to take effect. It depends on

  1. How long you have lived with the programming you want to change or improve with a subliminal.
  2. How deep and firm a certain part of your programming is.
  3. How strong your belief is to be able to change a certain part of your programming.
  4. How much you also consciously work on the desired change or improvement and perhaps also use visualization techniques.

I have noticed remarkable changes thanks to subliminals on some subjects surprisingly quickly and with others it took much longer.

The Subliminal Stop Doubts has shown effectiveness after a few days. You might be quite free of doubting and not need this specific subliminal. But if you are doubting a lot, you might have to listen to this subliminal for several months.

If I am not feeling so great, no matter what the reason is, I listen to the Subliminal Joy or to the Happiness Subliminal After listening to one of these subliminals once or twice in a row, I am feeling better.

There are subliminals with topics that I do not need at all, as for example the Subliminal Lose Weight, More Courage or Enjoy Life more. Most of the others I have used and from time to time I again listen to subliminals to which I have listened already for several weeks.

My intuition was already quite good. I’ve improved them with the intuition subliminal.
These are just a few examples of my experiences. You may be a doubter and would have to listen to the Stop Doubt Subliminal longer until the effect is sufficiently strong.

My overall experiences with subliminals are really great. Some work quickly and others take some more time. I am a person who is getting active. Since I am using subliminals getting active seems to be easier. My self confidence is strong, my intution much better, courage is part of me and a few other characteristics are improved. I recommend using subliminals with their subliminals messages which absolutely change you and your life.

With Subliminals I changed my life

A few years ago, while I had heard several subliminals, I realized I needed a major change in my life. It is not easy to find out that you are not fully happy. Though I knew I am not living my dream. I have lived in a beautiful and expensive part of Vienna. In several minutes I could be in the city. Vienna is an international metropolis and offers all you need and want. But it was not my dream. I thought I was happy. However, I have lived with a daily routine. Having a daily routine is good. But if the daily routine covers your real desires, you have to make small changes to break out of the daily repeated routine. You need to think and ask yourself fundamental questions. One of these questions is: Do I want to live like this? Am I happy with my life? What am I missing? My answer was that I am not fully happy.

It is good to break out of the daily routine from time to time. Examples: Shopping and dining in other parts of the city. Weekend trips. But all the little changes and little pleasures did not do it for me. I had enough of museum visits and concerts. Travelling is good, but soon after return everything was the same again. Even though I thought about what was wrong or missing, I have not found the solution.

After I have listened to several Subliminals my thinking began to change. I realized that I had to move not within the city, but farther away. It took a few weeks before my true wishes, which were covered by years of experiences, came to the surface.

Change your programming with Subliminals

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Subliminals eliminate trash from your thinking

Recognize Your Real Wishes Thanks to Subliminals

Subliminals help you remove the garbage from your thinking. It is as if you are waking up and your real wishes will come to the surface. Only then you will recognize your vision.

Before I started to work with Subliminals I thought that Vienna was a great city. It turned out that it was not right for me. I grew up close to the border with Italy. There are differences in the mentality of people and lifestyle especially in comparison to Eastern Austria. I preferred the Italian way of life. Additionally, the much milder climate in Italy compared to Austria is pleasant. Even after decades, the desire to live in Italy was strong. Only thanks to Subliminals I got aware of that fact. Meanwhile, both countries belong to the EU, which facilitates a move.

The moment I have made the decision to move to Italy, I felt so much better. I did not even know that I did not feel so good and that I could feel much better. First I had to find to where in Italy I would move. I decided to go to the warm south. So I went to Rome and began to look for land. At this time I have listened to the Subliminal Increase Your Intuition This was very helpful. I immediately felt when a real estate agent was not okay. And then Italians try to be helpful, which is not always good. Here, too, my improved intuition gave me good advice. Italians speak a lot, even if they have no idea.

A few examples. On one piece of land I would have had to build a private street, canal and water line over more than half a mile. That does not cost much, said an Italian. My estimate was that it would cost at least 15,000 Euro. In addition, there was a very steep part at the entrance, where the construction of the road could only be made with a bridge, which was not included in my price estimate. A little later I went to this piece of land with another man. Building a road will be very costly, he said. I have driven twice to Rome because of this land, which caused costs of over 2,000 Euro plus costs for a lawyer.

I went to Rome again, because my intuition had whispered to me that I should look for another piece of land. Thanks to the Subliminals Control Your Mind and Increase Your Intuition a lot of rubbish had been removed from my thinking, and my better intuition have directed me toward the right track. I have found a piece of land which is three times as large as the first choice and it has a driveway. However, I must have two old buildings demolished. I estimate the costs for this less than 10,000 Euro. Much better, right? I also have found a better lawyer. I asked people on the street that I am looking for a lawyer. One said that he is one and it turned out that he is one of the best in town.

Subliminals break your limits

Thinking Big is Better Than Limiting Yourself

Listening to Subliminals, you can break your boundaries and live a better life.

I have listened the Subliminal Think Big for a few weeks. The first piece of land had 2,500 square miles. There would be enough room for a 0,1 square miles house. My apartment in Vienna was less than half the size and it had a garden with old trees. However, I wanted more space. The newly found piece of land had 8 square miles. That is 140.000 square feet. This is much better! It lies on a hill and has a panoramic view to the east.

Thinking big has only advantages. If you think big, everything else adapts to it. Do you think big or do you live with all the restrictions with whom you grew up?

Subliminal and Conscious Thinking

Subliminals send messages subliminally to your subconscious mind. They change your thinking and thus your reality and your life. Appreciate this fact, but also work consciously, by controlling your thinking. You already know that thinking positively, thinking of what you want, being convinced of your plans and actions.

If you listen to one or more subliminals daily, you will soon notice that your thinking changes. Things and pepple you need to reach a goal will appear for a sudden. This will surprise you at first. Your plans will work out without problems. One step will add to the next. This some call the law of attraction. But actually is the law of vibration. This is due to the fact that your frequency changes because of your changed thinking. Positive thinking increases your frequency. An increased frequency will change your life positively. A changed frequency changes your perception.

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Change Your Daily Routine with Subliminals

You can change your life drastically with the help of Subliminals.

Most people live their daily routine, without knowing that thy could change it. They do not learn about the existence and possibilities of subliminals. And if they do, they do not want to spend the few Euro which a subliminal costs. They do not believe in the positive impact it can have on their life. Investing in yourself is the best investment. It never gets lost, but brings rising benefits.

You can change your life from the ground up within a few months. This is done with a plan and with using subliminals. Yes, you can change your daily routine and intead live an interesting life. If you do not yet live your dream, decide to develop a plan to realize your vision and choose subliminals that will support you.

Do you know your vision? Or do you have to find it or find it again? If you have found your vision and your true desires and get active to realize it, you will feel a great difference in your well-being. Do not only dream, but live your dream.

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For you other topics will be important than for me.

3A Subliminal Oackages – They contain the subliminal with music and the silent subliminal. Both versions contain 3 audio recordings with affirmations. The 3A subliminal with music has music as a mask. The mask is designed to prevent you from understanding the affirmations. They are also called subliminal messages.

1A Subliminals are classic subliminals. One audio recording with affirmations is combined with an audio recording with music.

3A Silent Subliminals have 3 audio recordings with affirmations. One of them is used the mask and is therefore changed so that you can not understand the affirmations.

Subliminals have helped me a lot to change myself and my life. You can also use Subliminals to change yourself and your life to your liking and until you live your dream.

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My Experiences with Subliminals

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I am a New Thinker. I enjoy my work, shopping, going out and having fun, and more. I am writing about the process of creation and special knowledge. I have changed my life with the Visualization System. In this course you learn 8 visualization techniques and you learn breathing and mantra meditation. Subliminals are very helpful changing your programming and so easy, because you only have to let them play. Try it! You will be positively surprised.

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    Do you think I can have results withouth earbuds? I had been listening with earbuds but I got a BPPV and I had to stop….

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      I never use earbuds. You don’t need earbuds to listen to our Subliminals and I guess also not with most others.