What are 3A Subliminals

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What are 3A Subliminals and why are they effective


what are 3a subliminals
What are 3A Subliminals

3A Subliminals have 3 tracks with affirmations.

This means that affirmations are sent 3 times subliminally to your subconscious mind.

In a 3A subliminal package you get one silent version and one with music.

A subliminal consists of an audio recording with the affirmations and a mask. The mask is louder as the recording with the affirmations, so you can’t hear and not understand the affirmations.

In the version with music, the mask is the recording with the music In the subliminal version the third audio recording with affirmations is the mask. An echo has been added to this track, to make it difficult to understand the spoken words.

You can listen to the silent track any time. It does not disturb you while you are working.


What are 3A Subliminals
What are 3A Subliminals


The 3A Silent Subliminals are not inaudible

In the silent track of a 3A Subliminal you will hear mumbling. Put the volume as low that you only hear an idea of the mumbling. The mumbling shall not disturb you.

In some of the subliminals offered online the audio track with the affirmations are not heard. The frequency is changed that one can’t consciously hear anything. To listen to one of those, is lost time. In a 3A Subliminal you still hear some mumbling from the audio recordings with the affirmations.

The voice on the 3A Subliminals is a female voice. The most important person in anyone’s life was the mother. This is why a female voice, speaking the affirmations, is good.


Affirmations in a 3A Subliminal

The affirmations in a 3A Subliminal are in the present tense. Only positive words are used. There are no negations. For example, in the “Stop Doubt 3A Subliminal” you will not hear the word doubt. You want to replace doubt with conviction and not programm the word doubt into your system.

With a 3A Subliminal you get a pdf with all affirmations.


Listen to a 3A Subliminal daily

Listen to a 3A Subliminal once or twice a day until you notice the desired changes.

A subliminal changes part of the programming of your subconscious mind. It does not do any work for you. It makes things easier.

Combine a subliminal with imaginations or with a guided meditation. You will get results quicker.

Choose 3A Subliminals and change your life.


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