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The New Thinking will Change You, Your Life, and Your Reality


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New Thinking is based in the Now

New Thinking is controlled thinking

New Thinking is changing you and your reality


new thinking is thinking in the now
New Thinking is Controlled Thinking

Old Thinking versus New Thinking


With the old thinking you lived based on your experiences of the past, which included lots of limitations. You looked into the future with hope and fear. “I hope that I will achieve this goal. But what if I don’t? And what if something unexpected happens?” The hope was wshful thinking, fear, and negative expectations held you back to achieve your next goal and to live as you want. Part of your life was based on what others expected from you. You have to have a good job, so you can retire. You can’t do what you love to do. You have to marry and you have to have children. And so on.

With the New Thinking you live in the now and the base is your limitless imagination. You know that everything happens now and that it is important that you are happy now.

It is said that we live in our Inner World. We do not see with our eyes, but with our mind, which is based on our thoughts and feelings. To change your life as you want to live it, you have to focus your thoughts on what you want in life accompanied by the corresponding feeling.

Your thoughts are responsible for how you feel and for your emotional frequency of vibration. This frequency lets you perceive what is in line with it. When your emotional frequency of vibration is low, your life appears dark and is unpleasant. Whatever you do does not work out or it takes a lot of effort. When your frequency is high, you perceive your surrounding in bright light, whatever you do works out and you are successful in all areas of your life.


With the new and positive thinking your brain structure changes

When you do not think of a certain subject for some time, the dendrites and synapses in your brain, which are related to that subject, are diminishing. When you repeatedly think of a certain object, new dendrits and new synapses in your brain are formed and your brain structure is changing. With the change of your brain structure, your life changes. What about do you think most?

Quantum Mechanics explains that with the new thinking your world changes. Your thoughts get into its form and do not just stay wishful thinking.

The old thinking was uncontrolled. Most people let thoughts pass through their mind and they let others, mainly the medias, control them. With the internet the control of others become bigger. At the other hand more and more people became aware that if they control their thoughts they can create their life as they want.


New Thinking is Focusing your Thinking on what you want

The new thinking is planning and focusing your thinking on what you want to achieve. The concept here is that you imagine that everything you want in life already exists. The focus is on the achieved goal and not wishful thinking. Because the goal is already achieved, you must not fear not to achieve it. How much do you follow what the media is offering you? How much are you controlled by the media?

With the Old Thinking you reproduced your body and your life based on the past with all its flaws, health and life problems. The New Thinking changes everything as you want. Flaws are diminishing, health problems are vanishing and life problems are out of your life. Instead your thoughts are focused on what you want and more and more you live in the life of your choice. In the New Thinking you do not let the thought “And what if something happens and anything goes wrong?” a chance. You think solely of what you want and you are filled with happiness and joy, because you are certain that you will soon perceive it.


The New Thinking is an Individual Thinking

The New Thinking is an individual thinking based on your goals and wishes and not the thinking which is based on what is awaited from you. You know that you can live as you want. You live this kind of life in your mind, until it takes its form in your reality, in the outside world.

With the New Thinking your life today is the result of the focus of your thoughts in the now. If you want to change anything, you have to change and control your thoughts and your mindset will change.

How do you learn to focus your thoughts on what you want and stay in the now? It is done by meditation and visualization. You can learn both in the Creative Visualization System.


Here is the basis of the New Thinking again:

The New Thinking is based in the now and focused on what you want.
A thought is accompanied by a certain feeling. This feeling generates a certain emotional frequency of vibration, which is responsible for what you perceive.

What do you want to perceive? Think as if you already live in your dream, feel it and visualize it.


Be a new thinkier and live as you desire.


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