Frequency of Reality

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Frequencies of Reality, what it means and are there more Realities?

Frequencies of Realities explained

frequencies of reality

With a radio you can hear hundreds of channels. You don’t hear all transmitted programs at once. You hear one. You are looking for music of your choice, news or a talk show. Each is transmitted on another frequency, specified in hertz. With a tv you can watch hundreds of channels. You can choose movies, documentaries, news or music videos. There are tvs which offer the opportunity to watch more than one channel at once. But we can focus our attention only on one. With more than one channel on the screen, our gaze would jump from the images of one channel to the other.

Each person perceives his own reality depending on the frequency with which he is vibrating. Meant is here the emotional frequency of vibration. Is it that someone who vibrates with a high frequency experiences his life differently as someone who is in a low vibration? I believe that this is the case. I believe that when you are in a low vibration you can’t perceive certain objects and you perceive your surroundings in rather dark colors. When you are in a higher frequency of vibration, you perceive and experience your life in lighter colors, what you do will work out, you will be successful and you will be able to manifest your wishes fast. You can change your reality changing your frequency in which you vibrate. This is done with how you feel. You can change how you feel only gradually. This means that you can make yourself feel a little better and happier, get used to it and then make yourself feel again a little better and happier. With the degree of happiness your frequency will rise and you will perceive a different reality.

Buddhist monks explain that during meditation they experience several
frequencies of reality.

They say that what we perceive is only a little part of what there really is. Would there be a transmitter for different frequencies of reality, we could choose a reality in which we want to live and we probably we could change it at will. Higher intelligences are maybe able to do that.

Ufos are sometimes seen on the sky. Does it depend in what frequency we are that we can perceive them? It has happened that a flying object was reported by an air plane, but it could not be confirmed by radar. And at other times it was seen on the radar. Often enough people reported to have seen a ufo flying quickly and suddenly disappearing. Do ufos actually change the frequency of reality and so they are seen when they are in the frequency of reality in which our planet is?

What the radio transmits we perceive with our ears. The tv transmits two-dimensional images and sound, which we perceive with our ears and eyes. We perceive our reality three-dimensional. Time gives us a forth dimension. Feelings, which changes with our thoughts, might be a fifth dimension. It is said that there are more dimensions. Is it that we can’t perceive all of them with our senses? And what does it take to perceive other realities?

It is said that we can only see what we can imagine. Would our perception change with our ability of imagination? I mean, would we be able to imagine more, give up some of our self set limits, would our lives change? What is real for most of us is a limitation. What can we do to be able to expand our imaginations? Einstein and also Buddhist monks say that our reality is merely an illusion, though a persistent one. And they say together with some scientists that imagination is stronger as reality. It is said that what you often imagine will become your reality. While you are imagining, your frequency changes and so does your reality.

Quantum physicists say that we shall see our life as a movie. A movie consists of many images and our life consists of many realities. When the images of which a movie consists are played, we perceive movement The movement is actually an illusion. Not a person in a movie moves, but the images. With the change of realities we perceive our life. It is not that we move, but we perceive one reality after the other. With thoughts and feelings we direct our life. Feelings are responsible for our frequency. Your frequency changes when it changes how you feel.

When a Buddhist monk perceives another reality he is in another state of mind. During meditation you can be in a number of different states of mind. The state of meditation starts between alpha and theta, depending on how relaxed you are. Do Buddhist monks go deeper, which means into delta or even further? Or are they sinking into another state of mind, which we would explain with other words than deep relaxation? Certainly your frequency changes during meditation. It is going up. This means that when you are seasoned in meditation, you will be in a deeply relaxed state of mind and in a higher frequency during meditation. Therefore you perceive other realities.

We have no idea about any other reality as the one we know. We do not know how it looks, sounds, smells and feels. We perceive our reality with our senses. What will we hear, see, feel and smell when we perceive another reality? But will we perceive these other realities with our senses? During meditation you do not perceive with your eyes. Well you perceive with what is called the third eye. You are conscious about the fact that your mind is apart from your body. This means that your perception is apart from your sensual organs. How will we experience another reality?

I have used the notion reality many times in this article. I have never defined the notion reality. Reality is all that exists. And what means exist? We have to expand our imagination to then find another definition for reality. It is necessary to at least include the notion of frequencies. We then will be able to define frequencies of realities. But are we able to imagine other realities and see its existence possible?

Our comprehension is very limited. It is on each of you to open up, look out of your little box in which you live, widen your horizon, expand your imagination and perceive more of all there is.

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