New World Energy and Food

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New World, Lighter Energy, and Lighter Foods

new-world-light foods-and-light-energyThe New World has lighter energy and lighter food. A world that is more positive and more beautiful as the old one.

To all, who call themselves realists and mean that all they see is our reality, and light energy would be something for those strange new agers, should give the new concepts a chance. You will profit in all areas of your life.

It is difficult for me writing this article. Not because of the light energy, but because of what I will be telling you about nutrition. During my many years of school, I have also learned cooking for 2 years, was a good hobby cook for several years and above all I have always enjoyed good food. Good food doesn’t make you fat. Good food is celebrated. I speak of visits in expensive restaurants. Yes, I mean those with the toques given by Gault Millau And I am speaking from menus with several courses with delicately prepared dishes made of well chosen foods.

Not before I turned forty, I began to read about nutrients and that we shall eat what our body needs. During this research I found out that the human organism can only fully digest what we can eat raw. This does not include grain, rice, potatoes and so this does not include bread, case, cookies, noodles, pizza and the like. Already days after I stopped eating these foods, I felt better.

Why do we eat grain products? Without grains settlements with a larger group of people would not be possible. Before agriculture, little groups of people went with herds of certain animals. This is still done by some nomads. Not only grains, but also potatoes and rice are filling lots of stomachs.

Back to my research. When I say that you should only eat what can be eaten raw, doesn’t mean that you can’t cook those foods. Grill your steak and steam your vegetables, if you wish. I have read about eating raw and wanted to try it for a few weeks. I never went back to cooking. I enjoy eating vegetables raw and raw meet is so much better than cooked or grilled. I am eating raw for 20 years. I had no idea that I am going into the future of nutrition, when I became a raw food eater.

I am eating vegetables, fruit, beef and lamb, deer, fish, eggs, nuts and more. I really enjoy a steak raw with salads and vegetables, and spices. And I also enjoy beef tartar and sashimi.

I am still sitting comfortably at a table and celebrate my meals. I could not deal with vegetarian or vegan nutrition. I was certain that we need animal protein to have enough energy and for our brain. When I saw more and more people in the USA drink smoothies, I wondered.

And now I learn that if we want to raise our frequencies we shall eat lighter. Our foods are basically Light Energy. All we eat consists of light energy.

The lighter our foods, the lighter we become, the higher our frequency of vibration, the happier we are, the better our life, and the sooner we become part of the New World.

With „light“ in the word light energy, not sunlight is meant. It is something which we can only imagine, even though it is there. But more important as the light, is the energy of light energy. Light energy has a strong and a magic energy. All we perceive, but also what we think and feel, is light energy, a pure energy. Imagine light energy as a pure white light that can change its form at any time. Would you be light, meaning not heavy, you could change anything solely with your thoughts. And ponder about the word ”light” with its two meanings, or is it only one?

Slowly I am coming to the point. It is very important that you are not planning to change your food too much over night or that you want to get your nutrients and energy only from light energy. You might die. We humans are not that far yet. It can last a few generations, until we can nourish ourselves alone of light energy..

I would like to draw your attention to the fact why our nutrition is becoming lighter. Stop eating fat roasted pork. Instead eat lighter kind of meats and fish. Eat more vegetables and salads. If you are cooking, cook only short. And drink a lot of water. If someone says, he is vegetarian or vegan and he has a smoothie for breakfast, then understand that this person made a step into the future.

You should see my face, when I think that I shall not eat beef steak, beef tartar or some deer any more. I would miss the energy that meat gives my body. At least I still believe that. To all who are vegetarian or vegan and those who are drinking smoothies for breakfast, I have to say that they are on the right way.

No, no one can await from me that I will not eat meat any more. But I will have a meal consisting only of vegetables and salads from now and then. It is about slowly getting used to lighter nutrition and lighter foods. We not only have to get used to a different way of eating and different foods, but also to feel lighter. It is said that when you are lighter, your frequency of vibration is higher and you will be manifesting quicker. Would I not have heard this from people who are serious, I wouldn’t believe it.

Our descendants in the far future will get their energy from light energy, until they will become bundles of light energy themselves. I can hardly imagine this. And I don’t have to. I am too deeply connected with the old world in which we are surrounded by heavy matter. We love and we need our homes, furniture, clothes and shoes, cars, works of art, travelling with an air plane and so much more. We can’t do without it. And we don’t have to. Not yet.

Though we shall become acquainted with the new concepts and the New World. Heavy matter and all that is negative shall stay in the old world. All that is light and positive we will find in the New World. In the New World we can forget anxiety and fear, and our constant doubts. It will steadily become easier to live our lives as we desire. We will understand that we do not have to take anything from anyone to have more. Solely with our thoughts we will materialize our wishes. We will understand that all we perceive is a projection of our thoughts.

Light energy has a power that I call magic. Light energy is there. She enters your body through every pore. When you let bundles of light energy flow at a certain point into your body, you can awake and strengthen specific skills. These points are the chakras.

If you let a ray of light energy flow through your third eye into your body as in the Light Energy 3A SubliminalLight Energy Subliminal and Guided Meditation and you do this daily through weeks or months, your perception will improve. You will more and more see what has been concealed. Part of that is very subtle matter. You will easily feel if someone or something is positive or negative. You will feel and begin to see the radiation of other people and their aura. Your ability to have precognitions will improve. This includes that you will make the right decisions. You will recognize the interrelations of the moments, which can be of importance in negotiations.

Everything will become easier. I already began eating lighter from now and then and maybe I will be eating lighter more often with the time.

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