Your Reality Adjusts to You

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Your Reality Adjusts to What You Want

Your Reality Adjusts to Your Beliefs, Goals, Wishes, not reversely

Your reality will design itself to meet your expectations. You do not need to adapt to the reality.

>your-reality-adjustsYour reality adjusts to what you want in life. Believe that you already have what you want. Doubts and fears prevent the creation of what you really want.

Think back! What did you think, when you had a specific wish, but you did never get it? Did you have any fears or doubts? So many people constantly doubt and then, when they do not get what they wanted, they say they knew that things will not work out. But it was their doubting which prevented that they did not get what they wanted.

You Are Constantly Creating Your Reality

You are creating your reality with frequencies with which your are vibrating. With doubting you change your frequency. You vary the frequency in which you vibrate with your thoughts. With your thoughts you regulate how you are feeling. Those feelings are responsible for your frequency of vibration. And this frequencies are the main ingredients for what you want and what you get. It is the engine to get you to do what is necessary to achieve your goals. It draws toward you what you need to achieve your goals.

Your Reality adjust to Your Expectations

You Create and You Live in Your Reality

You live in your reality. Your reality overlaps the reality of others. Together you co-create your surrounding.

Look at yourself, your home and all what happens in your life. Most of all this is your creation. You are constantly creating yourself anew and your surrounding also changes constantly. The change is minimal that you can’t perceive it.

>Have a look at your life and say:
This is my life. This is my reality. This is what I project with my thinking and feelings.

If you want to change anything about yourself, your life, your near surrounding, and your reality, then believe with absolute certainty that your wishes are fulfilled and they will be soon fulfilled. Jesus explains the principles of creation in several parts of the bible. For example, he says, that would your belief be as large as a mustard seed, and would you say to a tree or a mountain that he shall rise and move, he would do it. Extraterrestrial intelligences, who speak through mediums, say the same. Your beliefs have great importance in the process of creation and how your reality changes.

Watch your behavior and your beliefs, how your surrounding and your reality adjusts to it. For example, if you are doubting that something will happen which is essential that you reach your next goal, then this will happen and you can’t reach your goal. This means that if you put your focus onto the fear that problems might arise, you will be confronted with these problems. The fear comes first, before it happens to what your fear was focused to. If you are convinced that you will achieve your goal, you will.

Your Reality Adjusts to Your Beliefs and Expectations

Your expectations have to be accompanied by absolute conviction.

Here an example: If several scientists make one and the same experiment, the result of each experiment is different. Each scientist influences the result of his experiment with his expectation.

If you are without fear and doubt, but you do what you enjoy and you are convinced on what will happen, then your surrounding – people, objects and all what happens, will adjust to your expectations, your positive mindset and your higher frequency. With other words: Your reality adjusts to your beliefs, thought and emotional patterns, and expectations and not the other way round.

Most important to get what you want is that you are in a high frequency. You raise your frequency when you are doing what you enjoy. In this very moment you are reading this text. What would you love to do, after you read this text? If you have to do something which you do not enjoy, find a way that you can do what you enjoy or find a way that you enjoy what you have to do.

+ What is your passion? Find a way to make money with your passion.

+ If you have to do something you do not enjoy, find a way to make it enjoyable. For example: If you have to clean the kitchen, listen to music that you enjoy.

+ Whenever possible, do what you enjoy most and what makes you feel good.

Do what you enjoy and what makes you feel good to raise your frequency and to keep it high. With a high frequency you can change your reality as you want.

Plan your life as you want and believe that you will reach your goals and live as you want. Your reality will adjust to it. In what kind of world do you want to live? From what kind of people do you want to be surrounded? Where and how to do want to live? Be convinced that your reality will adjust to what you want. You do not have to adjust to possible circumstances.

How quickly Can You Change Your Reality

How quickly can you change your reality, if your today’s reality is far away from your dream-reality?

Let me explain this with a game of dice. You throw the dice and you then can jump as many fields as the dice had points on his top. Then you have to wait until it is again your turn. You can’t jump from the start into the target at once. You can jump into the next field or several fields. And this is what you can do in life. You can change your life and your reality step by step, but you can’t make a quantum jump from now into your dream-reality.

The reason that you can’t change your life over night is, that you can’t change your beliefs and your imaginings so quickly. Are you convinced that you will move into your dream-home tomorrow morning? You will say that this is impossible. Maybe in a few months or in a year. Are you convinced that you will be offered a highly paid job or that the turnover of your company will be hundred times higher tomorrow? You might get a raise or the turnover might increase, but not as much as you wish. In case you don’t know the love of your life yet, are you convinced that you will be meeting him or her tomorrow? It can happen.

This shall show you that you can make changes as far as you are convinced that the changes are possible. Make a list of your goals and wishes. Divide big goals into tinier goals. Make them as big or as little that you can imagine with conviction that you will reach them in a short period of time. As soon as you have reached a part of a larger goal, be convinced that you will reach the next part, and get active to reach it.

How far can you imagine with conviction that your reality will change until tomorrow or until next week or next months? Do not allow any doubts. Doubts avoid any positive changes. If you are convinced that your reality will change as much as you are imagining it without doubts, it will happen. Your reality adjusts with your conviction of your expectations.

Your Life is like a Movie.

You Can Compare Your Life with a Movie. You Can Change Sequences and the Story Will Change

You can compare your life with a movie. A movie consists of many single images. When all the images are played quickly in front of your eyes you perceive movements. Every moment of your life is a reality. Your life is an assembly of many single realities. These are parallel realities. As you are going from one reality to the next one, you perceive movements.

There are infinite choices of realities from which you can choose your next reality. You can stand up and go out, call someone, have dinner, continue to read this article, read another article, watch a video, and so on. From each of the possible choices, your reality will change differently and you will have other new choices.

You can do the following: Think what opportunities you have if you are going out tonight or if you are working out or if you are watching a video or whatever comes into your mind. And choose the best.

>If you have a big goal and you are planning how to reach this goal, you are actually planning how to jump from one certain reality into the next one.

It is important to feel good and happy to achieve your next goal. Do what you enjoy most to feel good and happy. This can be sitting on your couch, eating something and watching a soap opera. But this will not help to make more money.

I imagine my big and my next little goal. The little goal is essential to achieve the big one. Imagining my big goal makes me feel good, which gives me the necessary drive to do what is essential to reach the next little goal.

While you are reading this article, you have changed your reality many times. Every fraction of a second you had the opportunity doing something differently. Stop reading for a little moment and ask yourself, how much your reality has changed since you began reading this article. It has definitely changed and you are not the same person as when you began reading.

Right now I will stop writing and I will be going to have dinner. Would I finish writing this article now and publish it, my life would change differently.

Good and Bad Realities

The more you are having negative thoughts and the more you are putting time and energy into negative things, the more your frequency drops and the stronger the negative energy in your reality. Because of today’s media, we are immediately informed about catastrophes, wars, and terror attacks. Too many people want to know what is happening and most of them are interested in negative news. They are not aware what they do to their lives and their realities, and that they are actually co-creating those negative occurrences. Because most people are more interested in watching negative news, this is what the media are offering.

Are you sure you have to know if there is a war at the other side of the world? It is on you, what the media offers. Of course, you want to be informed and little later you will discuss all the negative things that happen around the world. This makes more low frequencies and more negative things will happen, which will be interesting to watch.

Why not brake the negative circle? Look for the positive, for beauty, and luxury. It will change your reality. Put your time and energy to the positive, entertain positive thoughts and your reality will adjust.

It is your choice. Choose the good and the positive reality. It is your reality. Do not let anything or anyone destroy it!

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