Subconscious Mind Techniques

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Subconscious Mind Techniques change Your Programming

subconscioous-mind-techniquesThe best Subconscious Mind Technique is Mantra Meditation and Imagination during Meditation. There is no other which is better. During a meditation session you will not just and only meditate with a mantra. You might start with breathing meditation, continue with mantra meditation, then do some analytical meditation, then visualization meditation where you focus on an object or maybe even a scene and you will end your meditation session with breathing meditation.

Mantra meditation is real mediation and not as for example listening to soothing music, which is a method to relax, which has not very much to do with mediation. Real mediation means to first relax and then stop thinking. Well, at the beginning of your meditation sessions you watch thoughts come and go. Until you deeply relax usually takes a few minutes while you slowly sink into another dimension. In this dimension is no space and no time. This actually means that you could time travel and also get to know yourself better.

You can use being in your inner world and change part of the programming of your subconscious world. During the first days and weeks after you learned meditation and practice it daily you will most probably get to know the programming of your subconscious mind and without long and heavy work on your programming it will change. The reason for this is that you get another perspective of yourself, your life and why you function in a certain way in certain moments. You will change your behavior in many ways by itself, only because you regularly meditate.
You can learn how to meditate with a mantra in the video course The Creative Visualization System.

Another Subconscious Mind Technique is Hypnosis. You can visit a hypnotist and tell him what you want, so that he guides you through a certain content during the hypnosis. You can also do self hypnosis. You get yourself relaxed until you are in the alpha or theta state of mind, theta is deeper as alpha, and then you tell yourself to go to a certain moment of your life to investigate some fact or to change it. Subliminal recordings have the part with the affirmations of a hypnosis recording. With Subliminals yo do not have to listen to the relaxation part, which takes about half an hour. I prefer subliminals, because you do not lose time. You have them play. With hypnosis, you have to have an hour in which you lay down. Have a look at subliminals and start to change.

A subliminal can be silent or it can have a mask. The mask can be soothing music or a nature sound. At the end of a hypnosis you are told to forget the affirmations. In a subliminal you do not hear them. Why is that? When you are told that you have a high self esteem, but you are shy, your conscious mind will say that this is not true. When you send the affirmation to your subconscious mind without consciously hearing it, the conscious mind can’t block it. This is why subliminals are so effective. Read about: Do Subliminals work?

Imaginations are absolutely effective if repeated daily for several weeks or longer. It changes your brain structure, which changes you and your life in a great way.

You know or you have heard how wonderful visualization is and that you can form your life that it becomes your dream life visualizing. There are quite a few visualization techniques. One of them is actually a tool. It is Wish Videos. Wish videos are great, fun and effective. You make a wish video with images of your wishes and watch it twice a day. How to make a wish video, you learn in the Visualization System.

Change your Inner Programming to change yourself and your life as you want and live your dream, a full life in peace and with joy.

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I am a New Thinker. I enjoy my work, shopping, going out and having fun, and more. I am writing about the process of creation and special knowledge. I have changed my life with the Visualization System. In this course you learn 8 visualization techniques and you learn breathing and mantra meditation. Subliminals are very helpful changing your programming and so easy, because you only have to let them play. Try it! You will be positively surprised.