How to Master Crises – an Instruction

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How to master crises no matter how big they are

How to master crises begins when they appear. Every crisis seems devastating at first. Desperation is triggered and increases if you focus your thoughts on the crisis. The first reactions are for example: Why did this happen to me? I’m done for the rest of my life. How can I live with this? Will I ever overcome this crisis? But the question should be: How can I get out of this crises? What do I have to do?

There is much you can do to overcome your crisis. Read on and follow the instructions.


How to master crises – an instruction



How to master crises – Table of Contents

  • What’s your crisis?
  • You lost your job and you’re in debt with high repayment rates.
  • Bankruptcy of the company with debts.
  • Water damage in the basement and ground floor, but not enough funds to renovate.
  • Your partner has left you, which is incredibly painful.
  • Your partner has died and you feel like you are in a deep, empty hole.
  • You were cheated with serious damage, including financial ones.
  • You were in an accident with serious injuries.
  • You have a serious illness that may not be curable.
  • You suffer from excessive stress and burnout
  • You have big financial problems.
  • And the list could go on for a long time.

I have had to overcome a number of crises in my life so far.
I have been cheated on several times, worst of all by my mother.
I had a major trauma that cost me my career in the import-export business.


The first reaction to a crisis

The first reaction to a crisis is a shock that causes emotional life to plummet. How you feel in the early days of the crisis is indescribably bad. At this stage, things look hopeless. The hopelessness is triggered by the slumped emotional life which makes things worse. As soon as you get your feelings under control again, it gets better. Only then do you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So be confident. Even if the crisis seems very bad, there is always a way out of the crisis.

Listen to the Control your Emotions 3A Subliminal twice daily for several weeks.


Everyone deals with crises differently

It is interesting how different people react when they are having a crisis. Some people make an elephant out of a mouse, others ignore it and get on with their lives. For some, the world collapses with a crisis. For others, life goes on as usual and they see the crisis more as an opportunity. Some give in to despair. Others look for a solution and take immediate action.

It’s about the way someone thinks about themselves and their life and whether they have a positive attitude towards life in general. These people know that life has ups and downs.

It’s about how you view a crisis, how you think about it and how you deal with it. Some people know how to balance the ups and downs of life.

  1. Determine what the problem is.
  2. Ask yourself how to solve the problem.
  3. Determine what you need to do to solve the problem.
  4. Get active.

As so often, it is about thoughts, feelings and frequencies with which you create. If the thoughts are positive and constructive, the feelings are positive and you have a good frequency with which you are solving the problem. If you let yourself fall into the crisis and your emotions a not good, the hole that the crisis triggered in you will get deeper.


Don’t waste your energy on despair, but on getting out of the crisis

My father lived in Munich before the Second World War, was self-employed and successful. He built antennas for radios. Soon after the war began, he had to return to Austria and report to the military. He was immediately sent to the north of Russia. As soon as the war was over, he started again from scratch with only a screwdriver. Like many others, he has lost everything. He didn’t waste his energies on despair, but invested them to build all anew.

When I was younger it took me a few weeks if not longer to look for a solution to a crises and get active. Only for a few years I quickly get active to get out of the crisis. This approach is certainly better.

Think about the people you know who put their energy into getting out of their crisis.


Yell about your crisis

Do not hold the reason for the crisis, especially the pain, scream with the person who has done you wrong, who is responsible for your pain. Of course you do it alone and just imagine this person. Talk and yell. All the pain and despair has to get out. Don’t keep it in yourself. This is a step towards feeling a little better and becoming calmer. You will then see a little clearer again and be able to think more clearly about what is important for finding a solution.

In most crises I screamed everything out of myself, really let off steam. It’s advisable if nobody hears you. When I was still living in an apartment, I drove out of town where I couldn’t be heard.


Positive Sides of Crises



Crises have positive sides

Crises also have positive sides. Look for the positive sides of your crisis.
Crises bring new opportunities. They make you stronger. They are a gateway to positive change.

They increase your inner power, which you will use for your future plans.
They trigger personal development, which increases your human worth.

People who have had to overcome difficult crises have benefited from it.


What do I do with this situation?

Ask yourself what you are doing with the situation created by the crisis.

  • Talk to yourself.
  • Tell yourself what happened and had triggered the current crisis.
  • Explain what is bad about this crisis.
  • Ask yourself whether this crisis also has a positive side.
  • Think about how your life will go on now. There are definitely several alternatives. Write them down.
  • Describe how you are feeling. Ask yourself how you want to feel. What can trigger this beautiful feeling?

In order to overcome crises, you need to turn your thoughts into positive ones and improve how you are feeling.

With the crisis, thoughts and feelings rush into the negative. That triggers a bad frequency, which makes things worse. You need to get your thoughts on a positive path and improve your emotional life.

Thoughts and feelings go hand in hand. There are some ways to help you improve your emotional life. Once you feel a little better, it’s easier to think positively and constructively. When you think positive, you feel good.


There is always a way out of a crisis


To overcome a crisis, it is important that you feel better quickly

Do something to make yourself feel better.
Once you start feeling better, everything changes for the better. This is a first and important step in overcoming a crisis, no matter how severe it is.
There are several ways that will quickly change how you feel.

  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Do something that is good for you
  • Do something fun

When you listen to music that improves your well-being, you may only feel better temporarily. So you have to repeat this several times a day.
Meditation improves your mood. Meditate twice a day. Your well-being will constantly increase.
When you do something fun, the effect is short-lived and needs to be repeated. Find ways to have fun multiple times a day. At first you are not ready to have fun. Push yourself to have fun. Everything will keep getting better.


You can overcome any crisis with positive and constructive thoughts

At first you may think there is no way out of this crisis. That things are bad. You see no solution.

You need to reverse the negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Let that positive voice wake up in you that says: Sure, you can get out of there. You can do it! It will be better than before. There are solutions and you will find them.

And quickly everything will look different. You will master the crisis and find a solution. You will seek and find the way to a beautiful future.

With the hope of finding a good solution out of your crisis, your perspective changes.

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See your crisis through someone else’s eyes

Think about how a friend, a parent, a successful entrepreneur, a beggar sees your crisis. They have other perspectives that contain solutions to your crisis.

A beggar may say: If your crisis were my problem, I wouldn’t have one. You have a roof over your head and enough to eat. What else do you want?

A friend may say: Chin up, you’ll come out of this. Do this or that.

A parent may say: Pull yourself together and get active. This is the only way you will overcome this crisis.

A successful entrepreneur may say: I’ve had countless crises, many problems to deal with, and a series of failures. I always managed to get back on my feet. With every crisis I became personally stronger, with every problem I learned and after every failure my successes were greater. Without crises I wouldn’t be as successful today.


Talk to others about your crisis

It is good and feels good to exchange ideas with others. Talk to friends, acquaintances, family and even strangers about your crisis. They all want to be helpful and they all have a different perspective on your crisis. Some will downplay your crisis, which is good. It’s not as big as you currently see it. It is important that your interlocutors will offer solutions. There may be more than one solution that is good for you. You will be convinced that you will master your crisis.

Perhaps a friend, acquaintance or family member can help you, be it with good advice or actively. If you’ve lost your job, someone you know may know of a company that is looking for an employee like you. Friends will help you take your mind off things and have feelings of happiness. Maybe someone you know knows someone who had the same illness as you and knows that it can be cured after all.




You have overcome several crises in your life

When I think back to my first life crises, I remember being incredibly desperate. It seemed insurmountable. When I think back today, the first and other crises look small.

You grow with your crises. There is no crisis that cannot be overcome.

What crises have you overcome in your life? Think back. How did you feel at first? How did you overcome the crisis? And how did you feel then? Do you still think about all these crises today? How do you see these crises today?

Ask friends what crises they have faced in their lives. You will see that you are far from alone in your crisis.

There isn’t a person who hasn’t had to deal with several crises and overcame them. And you will too.


With a crisis, you take a different path in life

Because of a crisis, you could embark on a new path that is far better than anything you have done in your life so far.

Look at your past. Were you happy before the crisis? What triggered this crisis? If your life had been different, would you have faced this crisis as well?

Think about what you would like to change in your life. Now is the best moment for changes.


Don’t let yourself go when you are in a crisis

There are many people who let themselves go when they are going through a crisis. That makes the crisis worse. The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes and bugs are dancing on it. In the living room there is a mountain of unwashed laundry and a second pile of laundry that needs ironing. The bed is not made. These people also neglect themselves. If you do the same, this makes you feel uncomfortable all over. You can’t overcome a crisis like that.

Don’t do that. Don’t let yourself go. Give yourself a jolt, take care of yourself and your home. Not everything has to be done at once. Do a little something again and again.

In order to get through a crisis, it is very important that you feel comfortable and well. You can only feel good if you and your home are clean and well-groomed. Also make and keep things organized. This contributes to your well-being.


With a crisis you have to reorient yourself

A crisis throws us off balance and forces us to reorient ourselves. When the crisis begins, you feel like you no longer have control over your life. It’s like standing at a crossroads. There is the crisis which is one-way and multiple paths which are solutions. When you have to leave your usual path, it’s not easy. Every solution means change. You have to get used to every change. Until then you feel uncomfortable.

Until you find a solution, you live with uncertainty about the future. There is no certainty about the future. But as long as everything is going well in life, you think it will always go on like this. With every solution you have to leave your comfort zone, your usual everyday life. Without looking for a solution and without taking action, you fall deeper into the crisis.

Find the solution and embark on a new path with good courage.


Use Your Energy to get out of Crises



Live in the now without thinking about your crisis

Live moment to moment, day to day. Concentrate on what you are doing right now. Choose wisely what you do next. Also read: How to live in the now


See your life as if it begins today

What would you like to do with your life today?

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