How to Live In The Now

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Learn How To Live In The Now

As soon as you understand what it is about living in the now, in this very moment, in the present, in timeless spacelessness, you will be whole, your life will change, you will feel happiness, you will live in peace and abundance.

You have often been In The Now

You have been in the now several times in your life, if not quite often. Whenever you had a good time, you were in the present. When you’ve been to a party, talking with friends and dancing, you have not thought of the past and not of the future. You felt joy and happiness. You have had a good time. You can have more of that if you are in the now.

Be In The Now not a victim of time

Don‘t be a victim of time. Live in the now, in the present. In the present is joy and happiness. Time is not reality. It is a false reality. It is an illusion. All happens now. The now consists of lots of parallel realities. It is on you which of the many realities you choose. You make the choice with your thoughts that make you feel a certain way. Each feeling has a certain frequency which lets you perceive the present in a certain way. Ask yourself what you really want: Happiness or suffering?

In The Now is no past and no future

If you are in the present moment, experiences and thoughts of the past that are filled with anger, self-doubt, guilt, suffering, discontent, and frustration are not there. And there is no space for anxiety, frustration, worries, and doubts about the future. Daydreaming does not happen. There is happiness, well-being, and peace, and all your energy is in the now.

When you are reading about living in the now, you often read: in the here and now. If you are in the now, there is no time and no space. You are and you are conscious of this very moment, the now. In that state you are who and what you really are.

What living in the now is about

How I experienced being In The Now the first times

It was quite a few years ago, when I wrote my dissertation, not before I looked at the clock and it was between 5 and 7 o’clock, I began to experience time. I did not want to eat dinner before seven. At eight, I wondered that it was not getting dark. Then I realized that it was early in the morning and I had worked through the night without getting tired. This has happened several times.

The time between mid-afternoon and early morning the next day was gone. For about 16 hours I did not feel that I have worked hard. Only the moment I looked at the clock, I began to feel that time went by. I have written many pages and was very satisfied with what I had accomplished. During all these hours that I was in the now, I was fully focused on my work. It seemed that I did not lose energy. I‘ve felt great.

I was in the now for several hours. I was in the timeless spacelessness.

I felt great and was full of energy. A positive feeling creates a positive outcome.

I told a friend about it. He recommended that I learn to meditate. I would then learn to understand what had happened and would experience even more of the unimaginable.

I learned to meditate. Sometimes the time I meditated felt very short and sometimes it felt much longer. The difference was that when I was fine and relaxed, I easily got into the meditative state where time does not exist and my meditation session felt short. When I did not get into the meditative state, my meditation session did not want to end.

Whatever you do, if you are in the now, you will be in the timeless spacelessness, feel great and happy, and you will get a lot done and still be full of energy.

All happens now

Changes that help you Live In The Now

Long before I learned about this Being In The Now and its importance, I have made quite a few changes that made me feel better and better. Today I know that with these changes, I got myself live more in the Now. Make these changes and you will feel how great it is being in the now.

a. Stop thinking about what other people think about you

In the now you are in your reality. What others think about you doesn’t matter at all. Only you matter.

I stopped thinking about what other people think about me. I stopped all friendships that were not so good. I only meet people close to whom I feel comfortable.

Who cares what others think about you? Do not even care if others envy you. What counts is what you think of yourself. Tell yourself how great you are and you will grow and evolve.

b. Stop being stressed and feeling being busy

In the now is no time and so there is actually no reason to be stressed.

I have a list of all I have to get done. Every new task I add to the list. This way I do not have to think of what I have to do next. I also stopped thinking that it is impossible to get everything done during a certain time. The thought of it makes an unpleasant feeling.

I have figured out that when I fully focus on one task, it is done quickly. And then I get the next task done. Not thinking of what is on my to-do-list frees energy.

Make a list of all that you have to get done and add new tasks. Do one task at a time. Then be fully focused on what you do.

c. Be certain that you will find a solution

When I am confronted with a challenge, I know that I will find a way to solve it. That way my mind is open for solution that do come. Fear and frustration are out of my thinking and feeling. If you have doubts, it is difficult to solve any problem. So be certain that any problem has a solution. As soon as you meditate regularly, the best solution will come into your mind while you meditate.

Only in the Now is Happiness

Happiness is in the Now

Happiness is only in the now.

I have written that happiness is a decision. Which it is. If you are in the now, you will feel good and happy. Only if you think of the past you might feel unhappy. Maybe because an event did not turn out as you wanted. Or you have not been as successful as you would have wished. Thinking about the future might make you feel fear, doubt, or worried. Do not think of the future. You create it in this very moment with what you think and how you feel.
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It is better you focus your thoughts on pleasant things. So you will feel good. And this feeling create a better future.

If you do not feel fully happy, think about what reasons you have that make you unhappy. You might not have a car or be unhappy with your car, you might not be happy with where you life, you might not have a partner, but would want one, your partner might have left you and you blame yourself for it, you might have debts or not enough money to fulfil all your wishes. And so on.

Just think that with thoughts that make you feel unhappy, you can‘t create anything positive. In the Now you do not need anything that you are missing. In the Now is bliss, peace, joy, and happiness.

If you, for example, think of lack, you feel the emotion of lack and you create lack. If you want to live in abundance, you have to think of abundance and feel abundance.

With the feeling of happiness, you will create reasons to be happy.

Your thinking creates your feelings and emotions

If you are in the now, you don‘t think of something that creates a negative feeling. Negative thoughts are always directed on something in the past or the future.

Whenever you do not feel good or if you have negative feelings and emotions, think about the reason. What did you think that made you have a negative feeling, such as anger, frustration, guilt, envy, hate? It is not in the now and the past is over, the future has not happened yet. With how you feel you create your future.

What do you want to experience and have in your future? It is your choice what you think now and how you then feel. All that has happened in the past and is over. Forget the past, feel great now, and you will create a better future. You have to get your thoughts under your control. It is worth it, right?

If you worry about something that will happen in the coming moments, think that you make things worse if you worry. If you are at peace, relaxed, and happy, things will work out beautifully. And if not, something better might come your way.

All feelings are connected with specific thoughts, positive and negative ones. If you feel good, you will have positive thoughts. If you have negative thoughts, you can‘t feel good.
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Have your focus mostly on what you do

My focus is mostly on what I do and sometimes I think of something I am looking forward to. For example, in half an hour is dinner. Until then my focus is on writing this article. In case something important comes into my mind, I am writing it onto a note sheet that I have always open.

I don‘t know why, but for many years, I rarely think of past moments that have been unpleasant. My focus is on the Now and I always have something to look forward. In the now I feel good and happy. With positive emotions I create what I am looking forward to.

Have your focus on what you do. If something comes into your mind that is important, write it down. This way you keep your full focus on what you do.

Would all people be in the now while they are driving, a lot less accidents would occure.

If you go for a walk, appreciate the walk and what you see, hear, and smell. If you walk in a park or forest, appreciate breathing fresh air. You can meditate while you walk. If you do walking meditation, your focus is on each step that are slow.

If you eat, have your focus on the taste of the food. You can close your eyes for a moment, to only appreciate the taste of a certain food.

If you talk to someone, have your focus on the talk with this person. Do not look around. Do not think of anything else but what you are talking about. Ask questions and give answers.

If you workout, have your focus on the movements. Feel the movements and be aware how good it is for your body.

Little earlier I was grocery shopping. I was fully focused on shopping and absolutely in the now. I did not even feel my high heels. I then paid almost double as usual. My family was happy when I unpacked all the delights. And I will not have to go grocery shopping for a while.

Do not do multi-tasking. It is proven that it doesn‘t work well. You can have your full focus only on one thing and not on two ot more. People who try to do mulit-tasking, don‘t do anything well enough and they remember only part of their tasks, because they had their focus little bit on this and little bit on that.

These are a few examples on having your focus fully on what you do and be in the now.

In the Now i no time and no space

Our Unconscious is In The Now

About 90 percent of us is controled by our unconscious mind. Our conscious mind is based on the programming of our unconscious mind. Our unconscious knows only the present tense, because there is only the now – no past and no future.

Do not postpone what you want

Many people postpone their wants. I was one of those for too many years. If you want to do something now, do it and do not postpone it. You might never do it. Since there is only the now, you have to do it now.

Well, you can‘t do all at once. You have to make a choice and you will miss out on all other choices. When I was a student, my choice was to make the PhD quickly, while my friends went out often and travelled a lot. I was so sure that my choice was absolutely right for me and it was. I have a PhD. My friends have made the experience of a lot of fun. Today I live my dream. Lots of my former friends are quite frustrated about their life. But some instinctively always followed their inner voice and are happy. Since I meditate, I know what is the best choice for me in this very moment.

Material belongings don‘t make you happy

I do not say that you should throw away all you own. I want to explain that when you have bought something, you feel happy about it, but this feeling is quickly gone.

I love to fulfil myself a wish after the other. And I appreciate most of what I have bought. But the real happiness is in the now. In this very moment I feel good. Yes, I work and I feel good.

The best method to experience being In The Now is Meditation

The best method to experience being in the now is meditation. The moment you come into the state of meditation, time does not exist anymore. There is no past, no future, just and only the now. And this is a timeless spacelessness.

After you have learned to meditate, it can happen that you get into the state of meditation a few minutes after you began to meditate. It is a very relaxed state and this is the theta state of mind. It can happen that you have to meditate a few times until you get into this blissfull state. If you meditate daily, it will be easier to get into this state. But there will be times when you will not be able to become relaxed enough. If this happens, still continue to meditate.

Live in the Now and plan for the future

We only live in the now and still we have to do things that prepare us for the future. We have to have a vision, know our goals, get things done to achieve our goals and reach our vision. We have to go to school, we have to send a CV to get a job, we have to have work to make money, we have to pay our bills, and there is more we have to plan.

Do what you appreciate now. Most of the time of our lives we are at work. That is why you should choose a work that you appreciate. Do not think how much money you make with it now. It is not money that makes you feel good and happy now. It is what you do now.

It is most important how you are feeling Now

It is most important how you are feeling now, because how you feel generates a certain frequency which is responsible for what you perceive. How you are feeling now is your choice and your decision.

If something is bothering you Now

If something is bothering you now, do something now to get it out of your way. If you have a problem, solve it right now. Then it is out of the way, not bothering you anymore, and you can continue appreciating the present.

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