Feelings and Thoughts

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Feelings and Thoughts Control You and Your Life

Feelings and Thoughts Are Responsible for Happiness and Success

Feelings and Thoughts are interconnected. Feelings generate certain kind of thoughts and thoughts generate certain feelings. Both have a certain frequency.

Your thoughts are generating specific feelings

Thoughts and Feelings

Test it right now. Think of something, which you really dislike, such as a crime which you have seen on TV. Immediately you will feel uncomfortable. Then think of something which is beautiful and positive, such as thinking of a landscape with forest in spring or a garden with lots of colorful plants in summer, a dinner in a very nice restaurant with a person you like to be with, remember a fun evening with friends. How do you feel now? Could you feel the change of your feelings?

I have learned that some extraterrestrial intelligences do not speak as we do. They communicate with thoughts and feelings. We too could do that, but we would have to exercise ESP = extrasensory perception and telepathy.

When you are near one or more other people, you can feel if they have positive or negative thoughts. Exercise with your partner or with friends. Tell them not to speak, only to think and guess what they thought. The more you exercise to understand thoughts the better your telepathical skills will get.

You can Control Your Feelings and Thoughts

How can you control feelings and thoughts

Only think about what you want to draw into your life. The moment you are aware of a thought, which is negative, whisk it away and quickly draw your attention to something you want to think about. If you have a problem doing so, have images that represent something joyful. Have them ready to click on, such as in a file on a desktop. Or have one with you in your pocket or handbag. The moment you don’t feel so good, look at those images.

Whenever I see an image on the internet, which makes me feel good, I make a snapshot and save it in my picture gallery. You can also make a wish video and have it run on your screen.

When you can control your thoughts, you can control your feelings. Can you control your feelings without think of something specific?

You absolutely can. Use “conditioned stimuli” for that purpose. You set a stimulus for feeling good, which you have to condition. Let me explain in detail.

Condition your “Feel Good Stimulus”

How you condition your “Feel Good Stimulus”

1.Think about the stimulus first. Let us say you press the tip of two fingers together or you press the thumb of one hand into the middle of the palm of the other. We call this the feel good stimulus.

2.You have to condition this stimulus to feel good.

Sit down and relax, close your eyes and remember a moment when you felt really good about yourself and your life. Not press your feel good stimulus. Do this twice or several times a day and also press this stimulus whenever you feel great. You have to go ahead doing that for at least 3 weeks, better longer. This stimulus has to be conditioned well.

You now have conditioned a feel good stimulus and it is ready for use. Whenever you don’t feel so great, you press the feel good stimulus. You will be surprised, how quickly you will feel better. When you have conditioned it well enough, it will make you feel good in a matter of a moment.

When you control your feelings and thoughts and you feel good and happy most of the time, your life will change to the better. More and more positive things will happen. This is not by chance, but generated by your vibration. When you feel good and happy, your frequency of vibration, meaning the frequency in which you vibrate, will be raised. The higher your frequency, the more good things will come into your life. Furthermore you will get better and better manifesting what you wish. But this is still not all. Changing your thoughts and feeling will also change your behaviour.

Make it a habit to just and only think positive thoughts and to have wonderful feelings, because thoughts generate feelings and they are responsible for your frequency in which you vibrate and that will make you live a better life.
To have wonderful thoughts and feelings will not do so much to get anything done. Just in case you get that wrong! If you want to become successful or get anything, you have to get active.

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