Think Positive Stop The Negative

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Why Fokus on Positive Thoughts and Stop the Negative

I have said and written quiite a bit about positive versus negative thoughts. Still, not all of you have understood. If you have written to me and asked me why I am warning against negative thoughts and all the negative, I explain the issue once again.

There is so much negative. Why should you let all the negatives aside? Why you should not watch all details of negative news? Why you should not think about negative information? Why you should not meet with people who are often in a bad mood? Why you should not stay too long at places where you do not feel good?



When it comes to food, clothing or entertainment

Be selective
be selective


If you eat something you dislike, do you eat it and demand more of it or buy and cook the same food again? “It tastes horrible, I want to eat more of it.” There is no famine. On the contrary, there is more than enough food and the prices are usually low. And so you push away a food that you dislike and get something that you like to eat. But why are most people demanding more and more negative news and information?


If you walk into a store with clothes and you see a garment or a saleswoman is holding out a piece of clothing that you dislike, do try to it, ask for more and then buy it? Certainly not! But why are so many people demanding more and more negative news and information?

When you see a movie on TV that you don’t like, do you watch the film to the end? Ig uess you will take the remote control and look for a movie that you like watching, But why are so many people demanding more and more negative news and information?

Are you often meeting with people in who’s presence you do not feel good? Are you often calling people you do not like and meet them? Definitely not!. But why are so many people demanding more and more negative news and information?

When it comes to your thoughts and your feelings, how picky are you? IDdo you watch the news and reports on war and suffering until the end? If so, then I want to bring you to think.


What is it what makes bad news differently?

Negative News are Creating Negatives
Negative News are creating something negative


Why do so many people watch negative news to the end, looking sometimes for more information about dire events and may switch to a news channel, where they can see more footage?

Some news are made up and staged and many of the messages are structured like a Hollywood movie. It pays off. The viewing figures during the news are high. People desire terrible and shocking news. It sells. Even newspapers thrive on negative news.

On the news channels a catastrophe is sent with as many details as possible and the more footage of a disaster, the better. The news channels make high profits with catastrophes.
These are topics that are shocking, being debated and on which too many people would like to see more. The viewer should continue watching and not be changing the station.

With shocking news fear is made. People who are scared are easy to control.


Have, for example, a look at the investor’s behavior. If you read in the news that a stock is rising in price, then the momentum is already over. But the small investors start buying at this time and the stock price is rising further. Professional investors sell, the stock and the price decreases. At this time the small investors sell,, although with loss.

Observe further how much the masses are controlled thanks to the news..

Observe yourself. How do you hehave when you watch` the news? Are you searching for more reports about a shocking incident? What do you think as you watch the news? And how do you feel? Do you let the news control you or do have yourself under control?


Be Selective With Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts create Your Reality
thoughts and reality


How selective are you when it comes to your thoughts and feelings? How long do you remain in a lower frequency? Are you doing something to make you feel better quickly? Or are you one of those people, who does not notice how bad he feels, because he is accustomed to feel that way and does not know how it feels when he feels good and happy.


Your thoughts can become your reality.

Thoughts create emotions, they generate a certain frequency and the frequency is responsible for what you perceive.


A Lot Depends on Your Thoughts

So much depends on thoughts that you dwell on. And it is so important that you feel good. Therefore you should be very selective about what you watch, listen, whom you meet and where you spend time.

If you do not feel so well, become aware of it and do something to make you feel better.

If you meet someone and you do not feel good near this person, find an excuse to go. This person has a low vibration which is not good for you. If you dislike a food, don’t eat it, push it away. Do the same with anything else It does you no good if you are surrounded by a lower vibration or if you get yourself into a lower vibration.


You Create With Your Frequency

You create and co-create with frequency
you create with your frequency


You create with your emotional frequency of vibration which is made by your thoughts and feelings. You also create together with others.

Many people look at the news with disasters and atrocities and then choose a news channel where they can watch details for many hours. They do not know that this will create more and more disasters. Furthermore, if they are in a low frequency they create problems and desasters in their own lives.


“There is so much suffering in this world. How can you talk of enjoying life? Don’t you see the suffering? It makes me sad. When I see reports of war and disasters in the news, I feel with the people, ” someone of you might say to me. But what does this kind of compassion do? This compassion creates a heavy frequency in you. When things go wrong in your life, you should not be surprised.

Some parents are telling their children: ” So many children are starving in this world and you have enough to eat. You should be grateful and eat it all. ” The child is overweight, but the starving children have none of it.


Think About Your Thoughts

Think about Your Thoughts
think about your thoughts


I want to make you think. Think about your thoughts. Take a moment from time to time and become aware of how you feel. If you do not feel good, then do something to make yourself feel better

Stop watching the news after the summary, which is brought at the beginning of the news. Do something which you enjoy instead of watching the full news. See in your mind how the people, who are in the middle of a war, are celebrating the end of the war, and see them hugging and dancing. See in your mind people who are starving currently, well fed and surrounded by lush agriculture.

You ask why I don’t show compassion? If you see a child crying, do you then cry with the child or do you try to cheer up the child? I am for cheering. With a strong compassion, you can’t help. You would be sad. And you would make things worse.

To help someone who is in need, I have to be happy to cheer him up, and to help him gain new hope. It is my radiation with a higher frequency that will make a positive change.


You create this world together with other people. Create with joy a beautiful world. Your life will also change positively.


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