Problems Solutions and Frequencies

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Problems and Solutions have a Different Frequency

If you have a problem and you think about it, you get the fequency of the problem. This means that your frequency changes negatively. You then do not feel well. The problem is getting larger and /or you create new problems. This way you get into a negative vicious circle. If you talk about the problem, you continue thinking about it, which makes things worse. You send out a negative frequency that comes back to you. As if you would stir stinking shit into your soup and the person, with whom you speak, adds some of his shit, believing that you like it.

Keep Your Problems Out of the Content of Your Talks

keep problems out of talks

Have you noticed that when you talk about a problem, the person, with whom you speak, tells you that he has or had a similar problem. Then you two discuss the problem. That doesn’t feel good and when you get home, the problem is far greater than it was before the conversation.

I had a phase in my life where I started conversations mentioning problems. An older friend said with special emphasis: “So what? “She made me aware that all my problems have been insignificant.

Problems should not be part of a talk with friends. Friends are no trash bags into which xou throw your problems and the frustration of the day.

Each problem has its own negative frequency that radiates to the person with whom you speak. This is not good neither for you nor for your friend and it is not nice. Become aware of what you are talking and therefore thinking. If you speak about positive things with friends, it is more enjoyable and your whole day will be positive.

Whether you are a Problem Thinker or a Solution Thinker, has to do with Thought Patterns

problem or solution thinking

If you are a problem thinker: It may be that one of your parents was a problem thinker and you have emulated that behavior. That does not mean that you have to remain a problem thinker. That’s not genetic, but has to do with habits. Think back and ask yourself, since when you have been a problem thinker. Was that from an early age? Has it started later and you enjoyed speaking about your problems, having made them bigger than they really were?

A habit can be changed. You can change the thought patterns of a problem thinker to a solution thinker. It begins with making a decision. Make the decision to be a solution thinker from now on.

Thought patterns are always connected with emotional patterns

There are people who are accustomed to the feeling that is caused by their problem thinking. Get used to the good feeling of the solution thinking. It takes a few weeks in order to get used to it.

The Frequencies of Problems and Solutions

I will illustrate this with a radio. Remember the control knob of a radio with which you looked for a certain channel. While turning the knob, you heard what other stations transmitted, in between you heard nothing or some noise. Each station has a specific frequency.

Perhaps you know the frequency on which the channel that you want to listen trnasmits. Then it goes fast to find it. That is what it is about, if you want to switch from the problem to the solution. You must change the frequency and find the right frequency, which is the frequency were your problem is solved.

If you understand this, you will never panic again. You know that there is a solution to every problem. Whenever you are facing a problem, begin to brainstorm and search for the solution.

Do You Want to Create Problems or Solutions?

You create to what you focus your thoughts. Your thoughts are responsible for how you feel. A certain feeling generates a certain frequency. This frequency is responsible for what you perceive. This is the process of creation. What do you want to create? Problems or solutions?

If you write down all the solutions of the problem you can think of, and if you are certain that you will quickly have solved the problem, you stay in your positive frequency. If you see benefits that you are facing this problem, that’s even better. With every search for the solution of a problem you learn and grow.

a) Search for information that is helpful in finding a solution and ask experts.
b) You can ask family members, acquaintances and friends how they would solve the problem. You do not discuss the problem but the solution.
c) Imagine a situation after the problem is solved and especially, how will you then feel.

Do Not Create Any Problems

do not create any problems

If you are in a beautiful and high frequency, you will never have problems. There are people who are always doing well and they are never confronted with problems. These are people who are happy and always in a good mood. They are in a good frequency. Well, they have no problems.

Look at this again: There are people who never have a problem, because they are happy and content. They are happy and content, because they have no problems.

Feel good and happy and be in a good mood. Smile and everything is easier and better.

Look at a Problem from Different Perspectives

There are several ways to find a solution, as there can be different solutions.

  1. Look for the solution from the current position.
  2. Get yourself into a relaxed state, for example, with meditation. Then see yourself in a situation after the problem is solved. Recognize how you solved it. If you do not know the solution immediately, you will know it soon.
  3. When, during the visualization, you see that the problem is resolved, you are in the frequency in which the problem is solved. Remain in this frequency even after you have finished the visualization. If you do not immediately know the solution, you will know it soon. It can come suddenly in the following hours. In case you sleep after meditating and visualizing, you will, with a high probability, wake up and know the solution.

Big and Small Problems have their own Frequency

Sure, there are problems which are quickly solved and others, where you have to do one or more tasks to solve them. Write these tasks down and make a plan when you get them done. If you can, do them immediately. Remember that everything you postpone damages your wellbeing.

An example of a small problem

I was in a mall and then had to give a lecture. I should not have been late.. I had the car keys without a key ring. I came to the car, unlocked it and took the key from the lock. It slipped from my fingers, fell to the ground and I heard that it slipped further away. I went to my knees and looked under the neighboring car. I saw only dark tar. I walked around the car and looked for it. Nothing! Stay calm, I told myself. I searched in a wider area. Nothing!

If I do not see the key, someone else will see it. So I need help, I told myself. I went to the information desk of the shopping mall. They sent a security guard with me. On the way to the car he told me some of his stories and he said that to every problem is a solution. We came to my car. We bowed and the man said. “I see nothing.” But I saw the key below the next car. I have looked from a different perspective than before. The security guard brought a broom and I had the car keys in my hand.

Examples of bigger problems

In my life I have had many serious problems. Yes, there were moments when I was desperate. But I always had in mind that things will work out fine.

  • A few times in my life I was unemployed.
  • I had to identify a friend after a plane crash and did not recognize him among the photos of the 324 casualties. – After five days iwalking over dead bodies, I found him.
  • I was in a deep shock for more than three years
  • With 42 I could not find employment.
  • And many other problems. All have been solved.
    Whatever happens, there is always a solution.

All Roads Lead to a Solution!

Several times in my life I was driving around at night in deserted areas, far and wide only darkness, the tank almost empty, away out was not in sight, but then I saw somewhere a light. Meanwhile, I have a compass and a GPS in the car.

If one way does not lead to the goal, that is the solution, then you need to take a different path. Drive back to the last intersection and take a path that leads in a different direction. If this is still not the solution, there will be more options. Never forget: There is always a solution.

The Solution to a Problem can be instructive

See a problem as a challenge and you learn with finding the solution.

problem versus solution thinking

Problems and Solutions Have a Different Frequency

Each problem and each solution has its own frequency. Focus mentally and emotionally to the solution and you will be in the frequency in which the problem is solved. You will quickly find a solution. This way you become a solution thinker. And better than that: Never create a problem. You can live without them.

I wish you a trouble-free life.
Dr. Christa Herzog

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