What is Coaching?

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What is Coaching and do you need a coach?

If you want to improve and grow, gain more success and achieve more in life, a coach can help you. But that does not mean that you will have to do less. A life coach gives you strategies and gets you to put more effort to achieve your goals.

If you hear that athletes are being coached, you know what is meant. But when it comes to life coaching, most people do not know what it is about.



Coaching consists of mental and real life coaching. An athlete visualizes his performans and of couse that he wins and he then trains with his coach. As an athlete you are visualize having reached your goals and in real life you start with planning and your coach is gives you strategic steps that you have to follow to reach your goals. The actual work you have to do yourself. There is no magic pill which transports you into your dream life. Even a very good coach is not a magician.

The difference between the coaching of an athlete and life coaching is that the coach of an athlete is present during the training, while a life coach is not and you have to do the daily work yourself.

The coach of an athlete, who is present during the training, might say: Start running – run faster – lift your legs a little higher – and so on and so on. A life coach is not constantly telling you what you have to do now and what next.

A life coach might tell you that you shall start your day with some workout, which can be jogging, weight lifting or whatever you like. You then should meditate and visualize your goals reached. After breakfast you follow your daily plan. You have to do your daily routine and all necessary work yourself. You have to know what to do and you have to get yourself do the work. A life coach is not around.



Would an athlete be training only from now and then, he would never become a winner. If you want to reach your final goal, which is living your dream life, you have to do the necessary work. You have to stick to your daily routine and put effort to reach the next goal and then the next.

If you start a coaching course and think that you will quickly live your dream, you are wrong. If you follow the daily routine and the given strategic steps and do what has to be done to reach your goals, you will reach your goals and be successful. But if you are giving up too fast, because your dream does not materialize as quickly as you hoped, you will not win, but become a loser.

While you visualize using the visualization system, you are conditioning yourself for reaching your goals and for success. Athletes are training several hours each day. Their training consists of visualizing and real training. You have to visualize once or twice a day for about 20 minutes and the rest of the day is for work and leisure.

Thanks to daily mental and real life training you will consistently grow. Think of a piano player. His teacher is like a coach. But the piano player has to do the training himself. If he does not play the piano for a few months, he is out of practice and it takes him a few days if not weeks to be back where he has stopped his daily practice. Only then he can become a master and perform on stage. Your stage is your life and/or your company.

If you want to become more successful in one or more areas of your life, you have to have a high self-confidence. No matter how self confident you are, if you want to improve your self confidence, you have to be training your self confidence first in your mind and then in real life. If you say that your self confidence is good, you still can improve it. If you want to be more successful, you have to see yourself being successful in your mind and you have to repeat this imagination daily to become more successful and stay successful.


Do you need a coach?

be-your-own-coachNo, not really. To visit a coaching course is great, because it gives you strategies that you have to follow. But the moment you know your daily routine, all you have to do is follow it consistently and you have to find out what you have to do to reach the next goal and get yourself do necessary work.

There is no coach around you all day long. There is no one telling you what you have to do next. You can imagine a coach who is telling you that you have to keep going. Some people just do their work and others need someone who is telling them what to do and to finish each task. You have to know and tell yourself what you have to do. You can have your inner voice be your coach and give you commands. “Do this now and keep going!”. And then keep doing your daily routine and keep going until you have reached your final goal.

If you know what you want in life and if you can imagine your dream life, doing what has to be done to reach it will not take much effort and relatively quickly you will have reached your destination.


Coach Yourself

What do you have to do to coach yourself?

  1. Find out what you really want to achieve in life.
  2. Divide your life goal into several goals.
  3. Make plans about how to reach each single goal.
  4. Make daily, weekly and monthly plans.
  5. Get a daily routine which contains a mental routine and
    all necessary tasks.
  6. Meditate and visualize daily.
  7. Get yourself into the right frequency and stay in it
  8. Be consistent
  9. Remind yourself to keep going
  10. Be certain that you will reach your life goal relatively soon.


Be your own coach starting today. You will quickly reach one goal after the other and you will soon have reached your life goal and live in your dream life.



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