Create Your True Desires and New Reality

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You are creating incessantly

Look around. Everything you perceive around you is your work and what you perceive in your town, country, and the world you co-created with other people. You have also created what you see in your bank account. Are you satisfied with your manifestations? Are you feeling comfortable in the reality which you have created?

You may say Well, I’m satisfied. I have a happy family and a good job. but I would love to earn a lot more. Could I double my monthly income would be great, I could afford beautiful vacations with my family and I could buy a new car, and fulfil myself a few more wishes. Maybe I could then afford a house with a garden.



You first have to admit all your wishes and not hide them behind the word “satisfied”. Think about how your life would look, would everything be free. Whatever you want, everything is for free. The cost is zero. You are paying nothing. Nada.

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When a desire awakes pleasure and passion in you, it will most probably be right for you. If you are filled with joy thinking of that desire, your conviction that you can manifest it will be high and your frequency will adjust to it.

Spiritual teachers say, you should always do what causes the greatest pleasure at any given time, it is meant that you approach tasks that have to be done to achieve a goal with great pleasure. “What?” You say. “How can I get uncomfortable tasks done that I really dislike?” I thought so too. I then made the experience that if you have a wish that is right for you, all that has to be done to fulfill it, is easy and joyful. If there is a task that I dislike, I quickly get it done. If you push these kind of tasks in front of you, you destroy pleasure and passion and your frequency is going down.

I repeat: If you have recognized your true desires and you begin manifesting them, all that has to be done is easy and enjoyably.



Joy in life and at work

If you have to cope with a task that don’t enjoy so much, think about where the work will lead you. The done task will get you one step further into the direction where your dream is reality. If you are building a house with your own hands – and that is hard work, then your thoughts will be focused on how nice it will be to live in this house. If you start a business and some or most of the work is unpleasant, your thoughts will be focused on the success you will have and the money you will make. And then you will delegate all the tasks you dislike doing yourself.

If you do something that will manifest your dream life, you will take a confident attitude. You self conscious will rise which is of advantage in any area of your life.

You have to feel passion – passion in life and at work It is the passion that will catapult out of your old life and into your dream life. You will forget the circumstances that have held you in your contented existence. All fear with which you have lived, will dissolve. Fear of change, fear of loss, fear of hard work, fear of the unknown.


It is this joy with which you are creating.

This joy must be paired with an unshakable faith. Joy raises your vibrational frequency. A higher frequency will get you into a parallel reality that is to your liking.


Thoughts and frequency

In my last two posts I have said that it is important that you focus your thoughts on what you want and that is what you will attract into your life. Your thoughts and what you attract into your life influences how you feel. How you feel generates a certain frequency. If it is the right frequency, it will be easy to manifest your wishes, your dreams and your vision.

Watch your thoughts and how you are feeling, Take care that your thoughts remain positive. The frequency that you generate with your thoughts and how you feel is the most important ingredient to manifest your dream life.

Again and again I mention how important it is to feel good and happy about your life, all that you have, and all that you are looking forward to. You live only in the now, in this moment. What do you perceive now? You have created it!

Are you satisfied with your creation? If not, you have to change your thoughts, how you feel, and your frequency of vibration.


Your thoughts are the basis of your physical reality

Your thoughts are most important. Your thoughts are the basis of your physical reality. What you can conceive, you can perceive. With your thoughts, you can influence your physical reality. It is your own creation. You have created yourself and your physical reality.

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What you create is your choice. Think well. Are your wishes and your dream life what you really want? Is it right for you? Does it fit? Once you know exactly what you really want and if its right for you, it will be easy to create. So take some time to find your true desires. Listen to yourself and imagine these desires. If you feel good while you are visualizing, you can begin to manifest them. You will be amazed how much fun it is doing all that is necessary. That way you will fulfill yourself one wish after the other.

Many people are watching TV every evening and spend the rest of the evening passive. Some others are sitting in front of the Internet and are building an Internet business. Or they make something that they sell on the Internet. Again others are offering to do gardening, house cleaning and other jobs, and are earning additional money. Some others are staying at work a bit longer and might get a raise. Or they are learning something that they can offer more skills and then be looking for a better paid job. There are many ways to earn more money in order to fulfill some of your wishes.

Find out what your true desires are and the manifestation is easy. Not only will your frequency rise, but also the belief that you can fulfill your wishes. These are the ingredients that are important in creating your new reality.


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