Is Organic Face and Body Care Really Better?

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Is it really better to use organic face and body care products?

Natural and organic face and body care products are better. I feel the difference.

If you should use organic and not conventional products for your face and body care is a critical question. It depends what ingredients are used in the product. Some of the conventional products can be very okay and others not. But reading and studying the ingredients is time consuming. It is easier if the list of ingredients is short and understandable. This is the case with natural products. They must not necessarily be organic.

Taking care of yourself is necessary to feel good and for that you need care products. It is claimed that some care products can be harmful to health, which is why you should use organic care products. I’ve used non-organic skin care products for over 60 years and it hasn’t harmed me. Nevertheless, I now buy organic care products that have as few ingredients as possible and I feel a difference. My point of view is that natural and organic face and body care products are better.


Why I began using natural and organic face and body care products

Me and organic facial and body care! When buying cosmetics and care products, I never checked whether they were organic and therefore healthier. About a year ago I decided to use organic and natural products for face and body care. It started with an experiment and then I chose more and more care products based on natural and organic criteria.

A few years ago I would never have thought that I would ever move to the country. I’ve always lived in big cities – Vienna, Paris, London, Chicago and Los Angeles. Well, although I live on the outskirts of a small Italian town, I’m only 35 km from Rome. However, the journey takes three quarters of an hour. You drive over two vulcanoes on a scenically beautiful road.

I live in the middle of an olive grove and have a view of the sea from my ground. Around me are olive groves and vineyards. Air comes to me from the sea. Salty air, which is good for the house and for general health. It’s all pure nature.

For 25 years I have been eating almost everything raw, including meat. So I didn’t have to change my diet. I eat tomatoes from the garden all summer long and lemons fresh from the tree all year round. When one of my neighbors needs a lemon, she opens the kitchen window and reaches for a lemon. Throughout the summer and well into autumn there is a variety of fruit and grapes in the garden. Everything in the garden thrives without chemicals.


How I switched my face and body care to natural and organic products

I became aware of my care products in the midst of all the Natura Pura. Many of the creams and lotions you buy at the drugstore have a lot of chemicals and some of them are said to be harmful. That was what prompted me to start researching.

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Natural and organic face care that I use

A Russian woman who now lives in the United States said in a video that Russian women used to have to mix their creams themselves. In communist Russia there were no drugstores and perfumeries. She has explained that she uses rosehip oil for make-up removal and as a night cream. As a night cream, she mixes the rosehip oil with a fragrant oil. I tried this and found the rosehip oil to be a really good makeup remover and night cream.

Rosehip oil for makeup-removal

Then I read about organic face and body care. My skin doesn’t like creams. This is why I prefer oils and serums. I read that geranium oil is good for facial skin. So I mix the rosehip oil with geranium oil and some frankincense oil.

I use wild rose oil and sometimes olive oil as a night cream. I bought little bottles for it. I take 20 drops of wild rose oil, 5 to 8 drops each of geranium and frankincense oil. When the little bottle is empty, I make a new oil blend. The olive oil I use pure and directly from a large bottle.

Oils for mixing creams

After removing make-up you need a facial toner. For me today it is either rose water or geranium water. Both waters smell wonderful and are refreshing on the skin. In between, I use hydrogen peroxide solution as a facial tonic.

You can get rid of unclean skin with hydrogen peroxide 3% solution (you can get it in the pharmacy). I use a makeup brush to apply the hydrogen peroxide to areas of skin that look like or are blackheads.

In the morning I use a hyaluronic face serum or zinc cream. The zinc cream is particularly good after injuries. Wounds heal better. During the day I put aloe vera gel or a sulphurous gel on my face. The gels are refreshing and good for the skin.

Oil blend as a night cream


Natural and organic body care products that I use

Olive oil is good for the skin of the whole body. I have more than enough of it from my own cultivation and it is absolutely organic. I use it pure. You can also use it on your hair or only on the ends of your hair before washing your hair. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes before washing your hair. The famous egg yolk is also good for the hair. Coconut oil is also wonderful for skin and hair. Grape seed oil is good for joints and skin. It also helps with some physical ailments.

My deodorant spray states that it contains no aluminum. Who thinks that many deodorants contain aluminum and that it can be harmful to health?

I used to mock at the word “organic” on a lot of products. Today, the word “organic” is written on many of my face and body care products.

Rosewater as facial tonic


Mix natural and organic creams and oils

Women who specialize in natural and organic face and body care have a number of other good suggestions and ideas to use for skin care. If you have a suggestion, I welcome your comment.

Quite a few years ago I saw a woman on Austrian television showing how to mix face creams. It looked too complicated for me and these creams have to be freshly mixed every few days. Once I tried to mix a cream, but not a second time.

For years I have not used creams, but oils and serums. I buy serums and make sure that they are as organic. Blending oils is easy, quick and good for a few days. If you keep the oil mixture in the refridgerator, you can mix a larger amount.

Rosehip oil is available in different larger size bottles. It can be applied directly to the skin. Other oils that come in 10 to 25 ml bottles require mixing with a carrier oil. It should not be applied directly to the skin. I usually mix them with wild rose oil.

Caution: There are oils that are produced as massage oils but are not suitable for consumption.

Olive oil as a cream


Even primitive peoples take care of themselves

Many indigenous people put colored pastes on their face and body and paint themselves artistically and colorfully. On the one hand, this is intended as face and body decoration and is often protection for the skin.

Himbas in Africa use a cream mixed with fat, herbs and ocher colour which protects the skin. This cream turns red on the body. It is applied to the body and hair.

Our grandmothers and previous generations mixed creams and made cosmetic products from natural products.

Years ago I bought a fist-sized rock in Egypt. If you moistened it, you could use it to make up your lips red.


And what about my cosmetics

I won’t change anything about that. That stays the same. I love the colourfulness of today’s eyeshadows, eyeliner and long-lasting lipsticks too much.

What others say about organic care products

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Do you use organic face and body care products? Tell me about it in a comment.

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