Create Your Dream Changing Your Frequency and Succeed

Subliminals change your programming

Your Programming Controls You and Your Life

Subliminals Change Your Inner Programming Your conscious thinking and the development of your life are based on your inner programming, also called programming of the subconscious mind. It is very difficult to change the programming with your will. It is much easier if you first change it with the help of Subliminals.

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Control Your Thoughts And Feelings and Condition Success

Condition the right beliefs. Think as if your dreams are already reality. Feel as if you live your dream. Do this in your mind repetitively.

Use all Success Imaginations Methods to get great results and this is being successful permanently.

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Success Imagination

Visualization System

Live Your Dream in Your Mind

When you live your dream life in your mind repetitively, it will take less effort to bring it into your reality. With some practice visualization will become your way of seeing your life.

During meditation, it appears, as if you are in a different dimension. The space-time continuum does not exist and there is far more knowledge than you can imagine. Learn visualizing and meditation in the Visualization System.

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Enjoy the Shopping Magic Course

Imagine you go shopping and you can buy whatever you desire. Don’t only think of little things. It can also be a new car. Or what about a jet? Whatever you imagine can become reality. Though you have to be certain and you have to absolutely believe that you already have what you want. You have to condition this certainty. Doing this fun in the Endless Shopping Magic.

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Endless Magic to fulfil wishes

I Live My Dream

I live in the middle of an olive grove overlooking the sea in southern Italy. Especially when I was working on my courses my life started to change and it has changed drastically.

With meditation, my desire to live in Italy surfaced. I didn’t realize that I had come to terms with my life in Vienna. Suddenly I felt great and then one thing followed another.

Do you know what you really want? Do you know how to make your dreams come true? You learn all you need here.

Control your thoughts You control how you feel with your thoughts. It is your feeling that creates your vibrational frequency that is responsible for what you perceive.

If you imagine something or if you experience it in your reality, activates the same areas in your brain. This is the reason why imaginations are so very effective. Of course you can’t live in your imagination all day long. You have to get active to bring your desires into your reality. And it is imaginations which make anything which has to be done to achieve a goal easier.

It is best if you have and follow an action plan. On top of the plan stands your big vision which represents your dream life. Then make long and short time plans to create your dream.

Choose well what you imagine, think, and how you feel. It will shape your life, your reality and your world.

Live Your Dream and Enjoy Your Life

Christa Herzog (PhD)

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