Create Your Reality and Succeed

Do what you enjoy most now and
you will be in resonance with what you desire

Control your thoughts. With your thoughts you control how you feel. It is how you feel which generates your frequency of vibration. Your frequency is responsible for what you perceive.

If you imagine something or if you experience it in your reality, activates the same areas in your brain. This is the reason why imaginations are so very effective. Of course you can’t live in your imagination all day long. You have to get active to bring your desires into your reality. And it is imaginations which make anything which has to be done to achieve a goal easier.



It is best if you have and follow an action plan. On top of the plan stands your big vision which represents your dream life. Then make long and short time plans to create your dream life. Follow your plan step by step.

Choose well what you imagine, think, see and experience. It will shape your life, your reality and your world.

It is said about Mozart that the music he wrote has bubbled out of him. There are writers who say that the book they wrote has been dictated to them. Inventors have suddenly an idea, which changes the industry and the world. They got the idea while they were in a state of deep relexation.


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How do you get great ideas?

If you are in the meditative state, which is a very relaxed state of mind, you will get ideas which might become profitable and you will find solutions to problems.

During meditation it appears, as if you are in a different dimension. The space-time continuum does not exist and there is far more knowledge than you can imagine. During this relaxed state, you can get information from the infinite knowledge of the universe. Learn to meditate, meditate daily and become part  of the omniscience.

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Enjoy Your Success and Enjoy Your Life

Christa Herzog (PhD)


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Imagine - Create - Live

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