How to Reprogram Yourself and Your Life 2

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Reprogram Yourself With A New and Higher Frequencye

We create with our frequency. If you are in a good mood and convinced that you will achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes, you have a high frequency with which you create what you want. But if you think too often of what you don’t want and often doubt, your frequency will be low and you will create what you don’t want.

Your New and Higher Frequency

Get into the frequency in which you will be when you live your dream and stay in it. Your dream life is your vision or in other words how you really want to live and all your wishes you have for the time being.

Be absolutely confident that you will achieve your vision. Doubts are lowering your frequency. If doubts come into your mind, replace them with positive thoughts.

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Marcus, 11 verse 23 and 24

You might be challenged during the creation process

While your vision is only thoughts and frequency, not physical yet,, do not give too much to what you perceive at the outside.  During the beginning of your creation process, you will be challenged. Ups and downs might occur. Keep your thoughts focused on what you want. Do not lose your belief that you are creating your vision. Thoughts are a lot less dense as physical reality that you can see and touch.

What can you do to renew and reinforce your new frequency?

Celebrate to have achieved your Vision already before it is dense reality. You ask if you shall really celebrate before you have achieved your goals and before you live in your dream life? Absolutely, yes. Why waiting? Celebrating raises your frequency and that is great. You will quicker perceive your dream reality.

Think and talk about what you want. If you keep talking about what you do not want, your frequency declines, and you are creating more and more what you do not want. So focus your thoughts on what you want, feel it, look for photos representing what you want, go look at it and talk about it. Also use visualizing techniques.

If it feels right, you are feeling good and that means that you are in alignment with what you want.

Let go of your old frequency

You are in your old frequency
• if your old imaginations are coming up
• if you say that it is better to stay in your old life
• if you are doubting that you will and can live in your dream life
• if you let anyone stop you to make the next step toward your new life
• if you do not feel good and happy
• if you are often tired
• if you are often very stressed

You are used to your old life. It is always difficult to change, because every change comes with a time of discomfort. During this time many people are giving up and slip fully back into their old life.

Have a good look at your old life and then at your new life. Wouldn’t it be worth to go through some discomfort to live a much better life?

And let go of your old and negative beliefs. They are holding you back and avoid that you perceive the life you want to live.

As soon as you stay in your new frequency and you are in the flow of your new reality, you will feel so much better. You will be feeling great most of the time.

The moment you are in the frequency of your dream life, you will manifest it quicker. This means that you will perceive more and more what you really want.

Nothing is really dense. It only appears to be dense. All you perceive consists of subatomic particles. They can change their form. And each object has a certain frequency.

It is possible that you do not see, what others see, because its frequency is not in the bandwidth of your frequencies. It might be that its frequency is higher or lower.

You are in your new frequency

• if you feel as if you already live your dream life
• if you perceive imaginations of your dream life
• if you say that it is better to live in your new life
• if you are certain that you will and can live in your dream life
• if you let no one stop you to make the next step toward your new life
• if you feel good and happy
• if you have a lot of energy all day long
• if some stress is motivating you

How long does it take until you live in your dream life?

Some people are able to change their frequency in a matter of a moment and it does not take long that they perceive their dream life and anything they want. It can take days, weeks, months, but also years until your wohle vision becomes physical reality. I would say that it is a process. First, things change little by little and the changes are getting faster the more you are in your new reality. Practice makes perfect.

Reality is denser as Thoughts

Thoughts and vibration are non physical. If you focus your thoughts on something specific, your frequency will adjust to it. Yes, we usually have to get active to make things physical. Without your thoughts focused on this specific something that you want and having a certain frequency, you would not get to the point where you know what you have to do to achieve a certain goals. This means that you first have to have the thought that you want to live in a new house, before you plan it and then have it build or buy it.

Use Your Ability to Create

You are a little God, a Creator and you have a free will to choose what you create. Do you want to create something beautiful, something you enjoy, something you desire, or do you want to create pain, sickness and loss? It is your choice and it starts with a thought.

You are a little God, a Creator
Focus Your Thoughts on what you want to get into the right frequency.
It is the frequency with which you create.

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