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What is important when you reprogram yourself?

In order to achieve and create what you want, it is important that you are and feel happy. This includes thinking positively. You should be absolutely convinced that you can create what you want and achieve your goals. With feeling happy, thinking positive and conviction you generate a higher frequency with which you create.

Doubts are counterproductive and futile. You must stop doubts. Doubting has a low frequency, and can prevent the achievement of a goal. Nevertheless, there is hardly a person who does not doubt something from now and then.

Since everything you perceive is a projection of your thoughts, you should not entertain negative thoughts, fear, doubts, not be reading, hearing or seeing information with negative content. It is better to be free of doubts and fear. Negative thoughts, fears and doubts have a low frequency. With a low frequency you can’t create what you really want.

An important point of reprogramming is: You need to know yourself and admit your true desires. To admit your true wishes is not easy because we learn from an early age to set limits. If you would love to live on a yacht, you might not write that wish down, because you might not be able to imagine that you could afford it. It is even harder to find your true self, because the programming by your parents, teachers and the media are Holding you back.

Take a weekend and get to know yourself and your real desires. Ask yourself questions such as: How do you envision true happiness? It is about your happiness. You do not have to think of anyone except yourself. Ignore all expectations of society and the expectations of all the people with whom you have contact. It is about you.

Try to break out of your habits. We humans are creatures of habit. Your habits hold you in your old life and avoid major changes. What can you do? Make lots of little changes to get used to changes and it will be easier to change habits. For example, you are accustomed to use a certain way to work. Take another street to work every few days. You are used that certain objects are at certain locations. Change that. Put one object at a time somewhere else. You are used to a certain morning ritual. Change it a little from time to time. Your brain will be stimulated as it adapts continuously to these changes.

Where should you start reprogramming yourself?

We are consciousness. The consciousness is based on the programming of your subconscious. And there are higher levels of consciousness.

Body functions, instincts, abilities and talents, habits, thoughts and emotional patterns, memories, lessons learned are programmed in the subconsciousness. In our waking consciousness many thoughts are going through our mind. We control talks, activities, and the like. Higher levels of consciousness are bodiless. These include dreams, extrasensory perception, astral travel and the like. At a higher level of consciousness we are who and what we really are.

The waking consciousness is largely based on the programming of the subconscious. We can control only part of it.

If you want to change yourself and your life you must change the programming of your subconscious mind. With your consciousness that is not possible, because it is based on the subconscious programming. All methods to reprogram yourself happen subliminally or in a deeper state of consciousness.

Example, if you say the affirmation “I live in abundance” for weeks repeatedly, your consciousness will say that this is not true, that you do not live in abundance. To repeat affirmations while you are fully awake does not make much sense.

Methods to reprogram yourself?

  1. Subliminals are very helpful. These recordings are made of one recording with affirmations and a second with music that prevents to understand the affirmations consciously. You will hear music or murmur.
  2. In a hypnosis you will be brought by a hypnotist into a relaxed and deeper state of mind, then the hypnotist says affirmations and at the end of the session he says that you should not remember these affirmations consciously.
  3. When you start imaginations and visualizations you should relax and get yourself into a deeper state of mind. You then visualize your desires and goals.
  4. During meditation the state of consciousness changes. You might experience something from one of the higher levels of consciousness. After you finished the meditation, you will return to a slightly different reality.
  5. NLP, neurolinguistic programming, is a combination of imagination and touches of the body.

Which of the methods to reprogram yourself is best?

I recommend to use several methods. That is most effective.
Use at least 3 of the methods to reprogram yourself in your everyday life:

● You can listen to Subliminals while you work or during sleep. You can reduce the volume that you can only hear very soft music or murmur.
● Short after waking up and before going to sleep, it is best to imagine and visualize. Before you visualize, you can meditate. If you first meditate you will be more relaxed and visualization will be more effective.
● Practice positive thinking. Stop doubts and fears.

Pay attention to your thoughts, because they influence your emotional life and your feelings are responsible for your frequency. What you perceive depends on your frequency.

Know what you want and prepare what you will visualize. Meditate and visualize twice daily. Listen to one or two Subliminals twice daily.

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