Parallel Realities Your Choice

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How to Choose the Right Parallel Reality


As a film consists of single images, life consists of individual parallel realities. Every fraction of a second you are in a different parallel reality. The illusion of movement is created by the alternation from one to another parallel reality.

We perceive time linear. However, the individual parallel realities are adjacent. From each parallel reality you have hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities that you can choose from. Depending on which parallel reality you choose your life will change.

People who have their thoughts very well controlled and whose consciousness is far advanced are able to change into different parallel realities that we perceive as far in the past or future. If they jump into a parallel realiy that is in linear time in the past, they have the option to choose a parallel reality that changes their future lives. Likewise they could also switch to a parallel reality that is far in the future and that is to their liking.




Choose the right Parallel Reality

You could also do all this. First, it is important that you choose in each moment the for you best possible parallel reality to help you achieve your dream life. It is therefore important that you always make a good choice. Choose well, what are you thinking, seeing, hearing and reading.


Prevent negative influences

Refrain from negative information. Ask yourself: “Do I want to have this in my life?”. If the answer is no, then switch to another station, scroll to another page, and stop the contact with people who are negative thinkers.

Every negative influence affects you negatively. Negative thinkers have a negative impact on you. You are not feeling good being near them, because they have a negative radiation. A negative radiation has a low frequency and is heavy.

If you entertain mostly positive thoughts, you will have a beautiful radiation. A positive radiation has a high frequency and is light. If you have a beautiful and positive radiation, you are popular.


Choose Positive Influences and the Best Possible Parallel Reality

Select a beautiful and positive parallel reality at any time, something you like to do and what is joyful. This may very well be work that you either enjoy or it brings an expected result. Spend your time with beautiful things.

Do not watch too much news on TV. It is enough to read the headlines. Do not watch cruel crime and horror films. The content becomes part of your reality and has a negative effect on your life.

Do not read or listen to negative information. They become part of your life and your reality. When you begin to read that a food is harmful, click on the page away or scroll to the next page. Of course you should think about what you eat and make healthy choices. But do not give up eating a whole food group, just because you read something negative about it.

However, if you read negative information about something specific, research well before you make the negative information part of your thinking and your life. Read more than one article. You will see that in one article something is negative, in another it is positive.

Always ask yourself if you want the content of a negative information be part of your life or not. And if your answer is no, do not think about it anymore.

Conclusion: Choose a wonderful parallel reality at any time, something beautiful and positive and your life will change to the better.



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