Positive Feelings Change Your Life Positively

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Can You Change Your Life With Positive Feelings?

Can you change your programming with positive feelings?
Can you reprogram yourself emotionally to change your life?


high frequency is happinessReprogramming
• from unhappy to happy
• from unsuccessful to successful
• from fearful to brave
• from uncertainty to confidence
• etc.
Think about what you want to change about yourself and continue the list.


Is it possible to fundamentally change? And if so, how and how long does it takes?




How Can You Change Your Programming?

Change how you feel, so you alter your frequency of vibration.
Change your daily and weekly routine.
Change your plans, namely short-term as well as long-term plans.
Listen daily subliminals.
Meditate daily.
Imagining and visualizing daily.
Visit a course, such as: the Visualization System. In this course you learn to meditate, how to visualize and how to change your life with the combination of meditation and visualization.


How Long Does It Take To Change?

There are voices who say that you can change significantly in a split of a second. You must know what you want and you only have to adjust emotionally to it.

I do not believe that this is possible that quickly. You must first brainstorm, write down what you want, and then emotionally adjust to it. If you close your eyes, daydream a little and when you then open your eyes, everything will appear as before. Yet your reality will be slightly different. You will know that you have to do something, to make all you want to become your reality.

What is really important is happening in your thinking. As we think in images, visualization enhances the thought process to create something. Now the emotions come into play. While you visualize, your feelings change. If you continue with your daily life, you will feel different than before visualizing. That is because your perception has changed a little bit. If you continue to work mentally and emotionally, a process is set in motion, which has your dream life as a destination.

To change your programming, you need to repeat what you desire in words, pictures, and in your thoughts. Make a wish video with pictures of all your wishes and watch it at once to several times a day. Since repetition is important, it is necessary to listen to Subliminals daily for at least 4 weeks, then they will bring a change in the programming of the subconscious mind.


Money Does Not Have Positive And Nice Feelings

Do not focus your thoughts on money. Money is a form of energy, but it cannot positively change your emotional life. It is what you do with the money, which will change your feelings positively. Think of a mountain of money – coins and bills. And then think of travelling to a wonderful resort, where you have a lot of fun, see new and beautiful things and relax wonderfully. Or think of new furniture, new clothes, a new car. Or plan in your mind a party where you invite your best friends, which all like to remember.


Create Feelings of Happiness

Everything has a certain frequency. How you feel tells you whether you have a high or a low frequency. If you have a desire and adjust emotionally to it will draw it into your life. Yes, the right feeling will help you to create what you want.

It is very important to feel happy and abundant. Those who manage to stay happy and joyful will always have everything they need to be happy.

There is a lot you can do to feel happier. Take a walk and appreciate the nature. Take a warm bath. Have a candle on the dinner table Make a little trip over the weekend. Buy something that brings you joy. And these are just a few examples of infinite possibilities to make yourself feel happier.

If you notice that your happiness sinks, do something to get yourself inwardly upright, to feel happier and get your frequency higher.


People And The Media Can Destroy Your Wellbeing

You are influenced by the environment, which includes people, and especially by the media. Observe how you feel. If you do not feel well, then do something about the negative impact that disturbs or even destroys your health and your happiness.

Take control of your emotions. This has many advantages. Above all, this prevents that the creation process of your desires is not slowed or stopped, but accelerated.

Media: It is enough if you listen to the news once a day. Do not watch atrocities, crime and the like, which is shown on the news. The news are a good way to keep the frequency of people down and keep them in their every day life, with all its worries. Do not watch films with violence or horror. The negative effect of these films is long term and will keep you from achieving more in your life.

People: It’s nice when you visit a sick friend. And make an effort to cheer him up. But stay away from chronically ill people, of whiners, negative thinkers and problem tomes. These kind of people destroy part of your well-being, of your happiness and of the ability to create what you want.

Entertainment and soliloquies; That what you are saying may improve or stop the creation process of whatever you want in life.


Practice Forgiveness

When someone has harmed you in any way, forgive him, draw a line under whatever has happened and forget about it. You will feel well and happy again. It brings no good if you dwell on negative feelings. You harm yourself further and keep your frequency low. Live in the now. Feel joy about everything you have and entertain yourself mentally with beautiful things.


Be Thankful

Gratitude for everything you have and what brings joy, amplifies positive emotions such as joy and happiness and raises your frequency.

Take the time and write down everything that you are thankful for. For example: That you had a good childhood. That you live in peace. That you have a warm home, a car, clothes, and enough food. That you live in an interesting time. For the development of technology. That the internet gives you access to a lot of knowledge. Etc. etc.

If you experience something beautiful, then be thankful for it. With whom? God, the highest consciousness or yourself.


Spend A Lot Of Time In The Nature

Nature has a high frequency. When you sit down with your back against a tree, you will feel the high frequency from the tree. A trip to the mountains is not only relaxing, but also increases your frequency, because a high frequency is radiating from the stones.

Get The Nature into Your Home: Buy natural semi-precious stones such as crystals. Buy plants with blooms for the house and the balcony. You will enjoy the colors of the blooms. Here you can experience a dual effect: 1. The joy of the blooms and 2. the radiation of the plant. Both increase your frequency.


What Really Counts

Be clear about what really matters. The joy about the new car has soon faded. The joy of the joy remains. It is about the little things and the beautiful moments of life. Ask yourself several times a day the question: “About what could I be happy now?”



By focusing on the positive side of life, being happy about life, making yourself small pleasures from time to time, you will stay healthy. Of course, being and staying healthy includes a healthy, protein and vitamin-rich diet, drinking plenty of water and exercise.

If something in your life is out of balance, that can cause disease. Find the cause of the imbalance and do something so that the balance is soon restored. Often the cause of the disease can be found in poor nutrition. Learn about healthy eating and make changes in your diet. If you are very stressed, then find a way to come internally at peace. If you plan your day, you will be less stressed.

When you exercise, you get more oxygen into your lungs, your body produces endorphins and your frequency is raised. That is one of the reasons why you feel better and happier after sport. One can really get addicted to sports.


We Can Change

Yes, we can change. The human brain is constantly changing. This is called neuro plasticity. How someone changes over time, depends on his thoughts and his emotions.

It is advantages to work on your thinking and your feelings. Practice mind control to maintain and raise your well-being.


Feelings Are The Result Of The Frequency of Thoughts

You can change your life and your reality. Watch the frequency of your thoughts. Are you having thoughts of what you want? These thoughts have a high frequency. Are you having thoughts of beautiful things? They have a high frequency. Or are you worrying about bad news and future prognoses? These thoughts have a low frequency. Are you having thoughts that make you happy, that have a high frequency? Or do you have thoughts that make you sad or afraid, reduce your frequency and hold you down?

Raise your frequency with positive thoughts, love, tolerance, understanding, gratitude and with much joy.



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