Control Mind and Thoughts and You Control Your Life

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If you want to have your life under control, you have to control your mind and your thoughts

Our thoughts are literally dancing around within 100 billion nerve cells and several trillions of synapses. It is impossible to control everything that is going on in our mind. What’s more, we are aware only of a few thoughts that flash through our brains. Most of our thoughts remain unconscious. The unconscious is revealed by how we feel.


What can you do to get your mind and your thoughts under control?

  1. Organize your conscious thoughts
  2. Direct your focus on positive thoughts.
  3. If you look at the flip side, flip the coin.



Organize Your Conscious Thoughts

The best and most successful way to organize your thoughts is meditation. That is one of the reasons why people who meditate daily, are not stressed out, see more clearly, are creative and make good decisions.

If you are stressed, your thoughts are not organized. Make a plan about what has to be done, and get done one thing after another. If you are stuck in traffic, it does not help if you are honking and cursing. Write everything down that leads to your stress, organize it and then get things done one after the other and if one task is bigger get it done step by step. If you can, delegate tasks to others, think about doing so.

focus your mind and thoughts
Set goals. You can not achieve all your goals at once. Therefore, give each goal a priority. Determine for each goal how long it takes to reach it. Choose two to three goals and put your focus on them. Add a next goal not before you have achieved one of these two or three goals.


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Direct your focus on positive and wanted thoughts

With positive thoughts and a plan, everything is easier.

With positive thoughts and a plan, it will be easier to achieve your goals..

If you have created a list of goals and you have selected three that you want to reach soon, then you know to where you need to shift the focus of your thoughts.

Search for photos, showing or representing these three goals. Enter these images as desktop backgournd and/or put them into your wish video and/or put them on the wall or on your desk, where you see them often. So you make sure that you do not lose the right focus.

Make a plan on how to achieve these three goals. If you do not know all necessary steps to achieve a specific goal, you must not worry. Just get active. Once the first step is done, you will know what to do next.


If you look at the flip side, turn the coin

Each coin has a head and a downside. Choose the head side.

Each coin has a head and a downside. Look at the head of the coin.

If you are indulging in negative thoughts, turn the thing around and look at the positive side.

Everything has a positive and a negative side. What is a little positive is also a little negative. What is very positive can also be very negative. Successful people always choose the positive side and have positive thoughts.

There are people who are looking for the downside of things. If they have found the downside, they are happy and proud and they spread their “negative” knowledge. They are not aware of how negative they are, and above all, they do not know how much they can harm others with their negative knowledge. Get out of the way of these people. They destroy your well-being, can make you sick, and make your efforts to achieve your goals useless.


Thought patterns are programmed in the subconscious mind

Your programming during childhood, through the media and through experiences, plays a role here. Observe how you react and how you feel in certain situations. Compare that with how you want to react and feel.

For example, Fragrances, colors, music, a certain tone of voice, food, and much more can trigger a feeling of well-being or of discomfort. The scent of gingerbread makes you remember a good time in your childhood, when everything was so easy. If you have had a bad experience with a partner who has used a certain scent or cologne, you will feel bad, if you get this scent into your nose. If you hear a piece of music when you are very happy, a bit of this happiness is awakened whenever you hear this piece of music again.

If you have disturbing thought patterns, you can’t consciously control them, but you can overwrite them with positive thought patterns. Use hypnosis or subliminal messages. With subliminals you can change parts of the programming of your subconscious mind. Very helpful are also imagination and visualization.


Overwrite Blockages with Positive Thought Patterns

There is much written about the fact that an incorrect programming can create blockages. That’s right. A famous incorrect programming is: You can’t! You can’t do that! And you might say to yourself: For this purpose I lack the financial resources, the necessary skills and the necessary knowledge.

If you correct your programming, you will say: “I can do that!” As a result, your whole life will change significantly.

It can happen that despite much effort your life gets stuck. Nothing works. Nothing improves. You focus on positive thoughts, but it seems that your life is on hold. The reason can be a negative thought pattern.


What can be done to prevent thought patterns that are blocking you?

There are two approaches. In the first approach, the reason for a negative thought pattern is searched. It is discussed and if the wrong programming is understood logically, there shall be a positive change. I do not share that opinion. If there is a blocking thought pattern in the programming of the subconscious mind, it can’t be changed with logic thinking. You have to use methods such as hypnosis, subliminals, imagination and NLP. These methods are creating positive thought patterns which are overwriting the blocking thought pattern.

The second approach: I believe that one does not necessarily have to find the blocking thought patterns. It is best to overwrite the block with positive thought patterns. You can change your programming with subliminals, imagination, NLP and meditation. All these methods have to be repeated daily for several weeks. Only with repetitions you can achieve a permanent change of the programming of the subconscious mind.


Thought and Emotional Patterns are interdependent

If you do not feel very well, you will have negative thoughts and vice versa. If you feel good, you will have positive thoughts. Thought and emotional patterns are related to each other. There is an almost 100 percent correlation.

It is important that you feel good and happy, because only then you will mostly think positive thoughts. If you feel comfortable in your skin, you will be thinking positively, see the world and your life light and in bright colors, making plans and getting active.

If you are not feeling very well and maybe even unhappy, then quickly do something to have your feel-good barometer get back up.

If your well-being suddenly falls you have experienced something that has triggered a negative emotional pattern. It may be, as mentioned above, the voice with which someone is talking to you, it may be a scent, a piece of music, and other details.

Thought and emotional patterns are part of the programming of the subconscious mind. Again, you can change negative thought and emotional patterns only with methods like hypnosis, subliminal , imagination, NLP and meditation.


The Sixth Sense Is your Personal Good Spirit

When it comes to mind and thoughts, the sixth sense should be mentioned.

The more you listen to your sixth sense, the better it works. It tells you what is best for you. In any situation it can show you the direction you should take.

If you do not feel good in a certain situation, next to a person or at a specific location, your sixths sense is telling you that something is wrong. Leave as quickly as you can. With discomfort your sixth sense makes you aware of the fact that something is wrong or is not good for you.


Extrasensory Perception

With the sixth sense and intuition also with extrasensory perception, ESP, has to be mentioned, because these capabilities function without the five senses. With extrasensory perception, you can achieve far more as with the usual five senses. ESP includes telepathy, clairvoyance , foresight, looking back and remote viewing.

ESP is very helpful when it comes to making important decisions.

You can improve your ESP capabilities with regular meditation.


Getting back to the Control of Mind and Thoughts

The better you have mind and thoughts under control, the bigger the chance that you will achieve your goals and reach your vision of life. If you focus your thoughts on your next goal, the faster you will reach it

Once you have reached a goal quickly and easily, you will know that you can achieve a larger goal. And you will reach one goal after another. Anyone who has made this experience, knows what he is capable of, and will develop skills, he had no idea that he possesses. This mindset allows you to achieve more in life.


Positive changes in your thinking, affects your life positively

What would you like to achieve? What you can imagine and on what you focus your thoughts, you can achieve.


Attention: Mind Control from the outside

With advertisement, a company is trying to control your thoughts so that you buy their products.

The media, including newspapers, radio and television influences, manipulates, and controls your mind. Think about what you read or hear and do not take everything, which the media presents to you, to be true.

You can also be influenced and controlled by relatives, acquaintances, friends or colleagues.. Become aware of that fact. If a relative or a friend does not stop infuencing and manipulating you in a negative way, go out of his way or tell him that you do not want to have contact with him anymore. Stick to the views that are right from your view point. Listen to how you feel. Your feelings know what is best for you. Think that your happiness and your life are more important as having contact to a person who destroys your well-being and a positive change of your life.

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To summarize the control of your mind and your thoughts:

Think about your thoughts

Think about your thoughts. Take some time every day for it.

Observe how you feel when listening, seeing or reading something. Do not let others, including the media, influence you.

Make sure that you have the control over your mind and your thoughts and keep it.

Ask yourself: Is this really my opinion or have I been influenced, when I made this decision?

Focus your mind and thoughts long enough to what you want and it will become your reality.



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