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Motivation is the driving force to reach goals

Motivation is the driving force to achieve goals and to fulfill wishes. Simply put, if you have a motive, you are motivated. Also essentials of life can motivate. To motivate yourself, you need a motive, ie an incentive. The quest for more money and wealth is just one of many motives that are motivating. A motive can be, doing something good for family or a group of people or for animals.

The level of motivation depends on the anticipated success. A quote says that the more you expect, the more you get. Applying this saying here: The bigger your goals, the greater the motivation. This is also a reason that it is easier to achieve bigger goals than smaller ones. When you reach a goal, you rejoice in it and you are motivated to set a next, maybe a larger goal.

Preventing a penalty can also be a motivation. Here the motive is given by another person. However, the motivation is gone immediately, if the reason for this motivation falls away.



To be motivated means,

waking up full of energy and you can’t wait to get to work. You are fully focused on each single point of your agenda, to have completed the day’s work at the end of the work day. And after work you are training with a lot of motivation, because it makes you feel good and powerful.

If you have your own business or a new job, is usually wonderfully motivating. It is enough if you stay motivated a few weeks, because then motivation becomes a habit. If you fail, it can happen that the motivation is attenuated. In such a situation you have to motivate yourself with positive expectations.

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If you lie lazy on the couch and think that you are not so motivated, this is not entirely right. You are motivated to indulge in idleness. The motive for this may be that you want to relax and recharge your energy. One can’t always operate at full power.


Do you need motivation?

Then you can do a lot to motivate yourself.

  1. Looking for a vision. A vision is a picture of your future. It is your life goal. It consists of a series of goals.
    A vision can be a certain lifestyle, which consists of a new home, nice holidays, and so forth.
    The vision must not be becoming a millionaire. It can also be a happy simple family life.
  2. Have the expectation to achieve a certain goal and visualize it daily.
  3. Have the expectation of a promotion or a certain level of revenue and visualizing it.
  4. Make yourself a delight after work for achieving your agenda.
  5. Find a role model, someone who appears very motivated. Look for a video on YouTube with this person and watch it in the morning.
  6. Before going to sleep imagine that you are going to work next day with motivation.
  7. Listen to the motivation 1A Subliminal once or twice daily for several weeks.

You can apply several of these options to motivate yourself.

There are situations where people are automatically motivated. For example, if you want to please a partner and make an impression, you are motivated.


Why should you be motivated and increase your motivation

Who is motivated, achieves more in life.

I know two men, who, compared to many others, had the same opportunities at the beginning of their career. Both get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and are immediately active, while others force themselves to get out of bed short before they have to leave to work. Both became entrepreneurs quite soon. It does not make much sense to work like a madman for someone else. Until the first employee comes into the office, the two have done important work. Since they are undisturbed, they are able to fully concentrate on their morning agenda.

If you start the morning with a lot of enthusiasm, you let your engine start with power and then the remainder of the workday is also afloat. When you get up early and get done important work quickly, you are ahead of others. You have done far more than many others during a workday. Multiply that by the working days of a year and you will become extremely successful.

What has motivated these two acquaintances? They wanted to achieve a lot and did it again and again. Both are multiple millionaires today.

I also know people, who are unemployed for years. What is the difference between being successful and being unemployed? Clearly, the motivation. The successful ones have a vision and goals, what motivates them, and the unemployed are looking for work, which they do not get, because one can notice that they do not have goals and that they are not motivated. Note that the unemployed are looking for work and not for making money.


You can tell whether someone is motivated or not

You can see on the way of walking, if someone is motivated, but also in the face expression and you hear motivation in the voice.

If you are motivated, you have more joy in your work . And to have fun with work, can motivate. Choose a job that you enjoy. What do you like to do? What are your interests? Make one of your areas of interest to your profession. There are so many possibilities to make money with one of your interests. Look for it, you will find it.

Artistically gifted people are often told, they should learn a decent job. They go every day to their work without any motivation and they do not achieve much in their life. Those who enjoy their profession, strive to achieve more.

People, who do not care about being wealthy, have other incentives. Some like to have to deal with people. They find motivation in talks. Others love to deal with animals. They find motivation in their daily work with animals.

In companies and organizations managers and the human resource department put effort to ensure that the employees are motivated and stay motivated.

To stay healthy, you will be motivated to do sports and eat healthy food.
I want to mention that advertising, the display of products in shops, and sales talks, are motivating to purchase.

A scientific perspective on motivation and motivation theories.


Would you like to have more motivation,

to achieve more success in life, then listen to the

Motivation 1A Subliminal

once or twice daily for several weeks.


What can you do to motivate yourself

1. Have a vision
2. Make a plan how to achieve your vision and divide that plan into short, medium and long-term goals.
3. Choose a first goal, to which you are focused, and have your vision in your mind. That motivates.
4. Visualize that the achievement of a goal brings you nearer to your vision.
5. Ask yourself the question, what motivates you. If it does not help that you have a vision, then you shall set a reward that you get when you have reached your current goal.
6. Search for an idol that motivates you.


What motivates you?



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