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Do you live as you want?

Many people do not allow themselves pursuing their dreams. They are not having any plans and are not thinking about how they want to live. They usually live in a rented apartment. Tjey do not even admit that they would like to live in a penthouse with a large terrace or in a house with garden. Maybe they envy others for their gorgeous home.



Why do most people not ask the following questions:

How do I want to live?
Where do I want to live?
With whom do I want to live?

Here some examples for an answer: Should it be an apartment, a house, a property with a luxury villa, a houseboat or a yacht?

Close your eyes, make three long, deep breaths, dream a few moments. and then let the image of your dream home come to you. Try to see it clearly. Enter your dream home. Go from one room to the other. Look at details.

“I know how I want to live,” you say. But then come a series of “wouldn’t”, “hadn’t,” and other excuses.


It is said that what you can visualize, you can get and achieve.

I imagined my dream home, have drawn a plan and have mentioned it at my hangout. They all laughed. How can you draw a plan for a future home as long as you do not have enough money to build it? It is a plan for a future project, I said. The plan for the house is only one part of the overall project. I will also move to another country. While I go to my hangout every other week, some sit there every day. To go for a glass is part of their daily routine. If you are asking them: Are you happy with your life as it is, comes a look that says: How can you ask? One after the other has told me their sufferings. They said that they would love to live differently, but their little income does not allow it. Only one person said that he also have had plans.


Why does not everyone live as he wants to?

It begins with a life plan. Only few people make one. Most people let life come as is and they adjust to existing conditions.

Even those who have a life plan must change it again and again. I had to change mine several times. But I always had a vision about my life.


Why do most people not have dreams and do not pursue to live as they want to?

This has to do with habits. If you are in your everyday routine, you hardly get out of it.

If you want to change a habit, you are going through a time of unease. If you make only a little step toward change, you will soon feel the discomfort and quickly you are back in your old routine. This is like stretching a rubber something that snaps back. You have to fix the rubber band to something, so it does not snap back.

You can minimize the discomfort by making little changes and waiting until you are getting used to the routine. The easiest way to make changes is first making the change in you mind.


How do you do that?

You are imagining how you really want to live. You are visualizing this imagination once or twice daily for several weeks or even months.

If you are in a relaxed state, imaginations works better. So it is good if you meditate for a few minutes before you start imagining.

If you repeat the imagination about how you want to live daily for several weeks, you will change the programming of your subconscious mind.

The programming of your subconscious mind is responsible for your thinking and your decisions. If you change your programming, it will change your thinking and your decisions and thus your life.

Due to your imagination also your emotional frequency of vibration will change. Your frequency has to do with how you are feeling. Everything a certain frequency, even every thought. With another frequency, you will perceive yourself and your life differently.


Do you know how you want to live?

Do you know your dream life?
You can also call your dream life your Vision
Think about it, also think about details, and make notes.
Then ask yourself the question: What do I have to do to live as I really want and make a plan.
Start to follow your plan step by step.

You might be told from family and friends that you may have to take risks and that you will have to work more. You will not work more, but deliberate approach your goals and your vision. But do not worry about risks or work now. Setting goals is not strenuous. It is finding the route from where you are now to reaching your vision. On this route will be numerous points. Think about how to reach the next point. Not before you have reached the first point on the route, think about how to reach the next point. Like that you will not be overwhelmed. So sit down, set big goals, divide them into tinier goals. It will not be so difficult to reach one little goal after the other.


In order to reach your vision, you have to achieve a number of goals.:

If you imagine and visualize your vision daily, the following will happen:

  1. You will get ideas that will bring you closer to your vision.
  2. You will be motivated and even have fun doing what is necessary to achieve your goals.
  3. Things will happen that will help you to get closer to your vision.
  4. In order to achieve your goals and your vision, you have to believe. Your daily imaginations will strengthen your belief. And doubts will vanish.
  5. Visualizing in a relaxed state, it will be easier to focus your thoughts on what is essential.

With meditation and imagination very much will change in your life. It is up to you, whether you realize your vision and live as you want, or if you miss this opportunity.

When you meditate daily and do your imaginations, your reality will change little by little in the direction of your imagined vision.


Learn more about how to visualize

You can live as you want, but you must do something about it. Start with the mental level and do your imaginations, before you take action in your reality and let your dream come true.


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