All The Expectations Of Your Life Achieved

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Have All The Expectations Of Your Life Fulfilled

all the expectations


It is said that:

The more you sow
The more you harvest.

The more you ask for
The more you get.

The more you expect,
The more will be fulfilled.


The expectations of your life will definitely rise, because with the time you will understand how much you are able to change things with your thoughts, the right programming of your subconscious mind and the help of imagination, visualization and subliminals. All the expectations of your life will be met and as a result you will gradually raise them.



So many people are quite often despaired, lose their hopes and let frustration control their lives. They do not know or not understand that their future lies in their own hands. This is surprising, because we are told in the bible that our belief can move mountains. And still we are told from parents, teachers and sometimes from friends that life is difficult and that we can’t have all we want. So our expectations shrink and with our expectations also the outcome.

It is sad that we are programmed and taught to have limitations and barriers. These limitations and barriers are set deep into our subconscious mind. The result is that we live a mediocre life and do not allow ourselves having high expectations.


We all have Great Expectations

We all have expectations in life. Because our belief is so little, they are not or not fully fulfilled. As a result we more and more reduce our expectations, until it becomes a habit that we expect little.

The expectations you had earlier in your life were not accomplished and then you expected less and less.
The expectations you had on presents on your birthdays were not fulfilled and then you reduced the expectations for your next birthday.
The expectations you had in a party were not fulfilled and then you reduced the expectations for the next party.
The expectations you had in a person were destroyed and you began to reduce the expectations you had in other people.


You have been told many times that you should be content with what you have. You reduced all the expectations you had in situations you wished they would occur, in people, in your hopes and in what you wish. Looking back at your life, you should see a pattern of having gradually reduced all the expectations you once had.

And now you are told that you will gradually raise the expectations of your life. In the film “The Secret” you were told that you only have to visualize what you want and you will get it. You might have tried hard to visualize a change in your life or be able to afford something you wanted, but nothing has happened and your expectations have dropped and you gave up. In “The Secret” it was not shown well enough that you have to feel what you want and – we have to do something to make things happen.


To have the expectations of whatever you wish fulfilled, you have to

Focus your thoughts on what you wish
Visualize the outcome = Have a picture of your expectations of your wish and repeat visualizing it
• Have a strong desire that the expectations of what you wish will definitely be met
• Look forward with great joy that the expectations of what you wish will be met = Feel what you want
Get activ toward the fulfilment of your expectations of what you wish
Be certain that your expectations of what you wish will be met

To keep doing everything which is necessary to have all the expectations you have in your life met, is not easy in our today’s busy life. We are often distracted. So we are not able to visualize long enough and we do not have the time to focus our conscious thoughts on something. Our focus is rather directed toward our work, talks, driving or it is focused on listening to the news, a movie, sports and not on our expectations.


Tools and Methods that reprogram us

There are tools and methods which effectively help to fulfill all your expectations. Tools such as
Vision Boards,
Wish Video,
Visualization and all its techniques


It is best if you combine several of these tools.

For many years I was very unlucky. Nothing I began worked out. I assure you I was thinking positively. At least I thought that I did. Today I know that I did not focus my conscious thoughts on the achievement of my expectations often enough. Furthermore I did not set my goals high enough, so I did not have a very strong desire. As a result I did not meet my expectations.

I also was not aware that my subconscious mind was not programmed to have all the expectations in my career and my private life met.

As I began to understand this fact, I began to search for solutions of this problem. “Look for it and you will find it!” At first I found subliminals. They have been quite helpful, because they change part of your programming. I made a vision board and a wish video. A wish video is great. A wish video has images of your wishes and affirmations. It is fun watching your own wish video.

You have to understand that what keeps you from having all you expect in your life is the way your subconscious mind is programmed. Part of your programming is your belief system. Would you have been told from early childhood on that you can accomplish and get all you want, you would already have all you wished for and all the expectations you had of your life would have been met.


If you think that some people are lucky and others are not, you are wrong. The difference of people who got what they wanted and others who did not, is, that people who got what they wanted, have been programmed differently as people who have reduced their expectations.

With the methods that I have mentioned above, you can program yourself anew. It will work out the more often you repeat visualizing what you really want. That will change your programming. You have to strengthen your belief, until your subconscious mind is in line with what you consciously wish to get.

Repetitions are so very important. You have been programmed wrong by repetition. You have to reprogram yourself with repetitions.

With Subliminals you have the opportunity to constantly repeat the information, which will change your programming.

After one of your wishes has been fulfilled, you will fulfill yourself your next wish faster. This is because your belief will be stronger.

You will meet all the expectations which you put into your programming with visualization and wish videos..

The result will be that your subconscious mind will be assured that all the expectations you have will be fulfilled. Your subconscious mind and its programming is very powerful.

You will not anymore be afraid of having high expectations, but rather increase them.



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