How to Set and Achieve Goals

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Make a List of Your Goals and Plan to Achieve them

set and achhieve your goalsWhat you need to know about goals and how to achieve them

If you achieve a goal or not is set in your mind. This mindset was programmed in your childhood. You can change it by re-programming it.

Having set a goal, plan how to achieve it. If the goal is big, divide it into tinier goals. You can achieve any goal with a step-by-step process. Read about the step-by-step method to achieve goals further down in this article.

Even though you may not know how to achieve a lofty goal, set it anyway. You will be inspired and you will take action that you wouldn’t normally have taken.

If you set a goal that is a little larger as you can imagine achieving and if you are getting passionate about reaching it, then it is a great goal.



Set general life goals, sub-goals and specific goals.

Life Goals

Goals you should set. You can redefine them and you can make changes any time.


 Life Goals:are:

Personal Goals
Personal Development Goals
Health Goals
Family Goals
Relationship Goals

Career Goals
Business Goals
Money Goals

Leisure Goals
Spiritual Goals
Specific Goals
Specific goals are, for example, to achieve a certain success in your professional life and goals such as being able to fulfil yourself a specific wish.
Divide your goals into:

Short Term Goals
Medium Term Goals
Long Term Goals


Succeed In Life
And Achieve Your Goals

Do you know that it is a certain mindset if you achieve goals or not?

Strengthen your belief that you will reach your goals. A strong belief can move mountains. Beliefe it!

Visualize to have accomplished your goals. It is proven that imagination is stronger as real action. For example, successful athletes are exercising their performance in their mind as much as they are training in reality.

It will have a great impact on your goal achievement if you use visualization techniques. First visualize before you start with actual activity. If you visualize that you have achieved your goals one or two times a day, you will achieve them quicker and with less effort. Furthermore, you will know and enjoy doing what has to be done to reach your goals.

The Endless Shopping Magic Course is a fun way to visualize and is effective.


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To Achieve Your Goals you have to

  1. Determine your goals and make certain that they are your goals..
  2. Visualize to have achieved your goals.
  3. Plan and do what has to be done to achieve your goals.
  4. Be certain that you will achieve them.


We Are Not Taught To Succeed and to Achieve Goals

We learn so much at school, but not how to succeed in life. We do not learn how to set goals and how to achieve them, even though this can be taught and learned. A few people are taught and shown by their parents how to achieve their goals and a few people figure it out themselves.

The result is that only a fraction of the population in this world is considered to be successful and wealthy. The majority of people live with minimum means, often not able to pay their regular bills. They work hard, are paid low salaries and are afraid of making any major changes in their lives. Most people can’t imagine that it is absolutely possible to change the conditions for a better life.


Our Thoughts about Goals

For decades we read and hear that we have to think positive and subsequently the conditions of our lives will change to the better. But we experienced that thinking positive is not at all easy, as it is almost impossible to effectively control our thoughts throughout the day. We are not conscious of all thoughts that come into our mind. There is no button to switch negative thoughts off.


Exercise Controlling Your Thinking

When you learn to meditate, you are taught that when a picture comes up, you should not follow it with your thinking, but wipe it away. To do this each person should find his personal method. For example, one can imagine curtains close over the image as in a theatre or have an empty slide in whatever color slip on top of the image. The same can be done with thoughts. Whenever a negative thought, comes into your mind, you have to switch to think about something which is part of your goals. This means that you have to force yourself to be focused on your goals..


We Do Not See, We Perceive

When we understand that every matter, also our body, consists of particles which are constantly moving and changing and when we also understand that what we believe to see is only a perception, we should be able to change everything. Quantum physicists say that each person lives in his own world and his own reality, which overlaps the world and the reality of others.

Our lives and our surrounding represent our thoughts and beliefs. Only some part of it is influenced from others. When we succeed to shift our belief system to understand that nothing is firm and everything can be transformed, we are able to turn our lives around.

Would we be taught how to control our thoughts, how to change our belief system, how to reach our goals, how to succeed in life and finally how to make more money, it would open a door to a new and better life. A life in which you set goals, believe to succeed, and make more money; in short to enjoy life more.


How To Set Goals

Have a goal setting system

It is said that only if you can see yourself accomplish a goal, you can accomplish it. If you can see yourself having reached a goal, you fully believe that you can reach it.

This is only partly true. Read on to find out how you can achieve a goal that you can hardly see having achieved.

It is not how you set a goal, but rather the implementation of the goal setting system that integrates your conscious and subconscious mind.

If you visualize to have reached a goal once or twice a day, the probability that you will achieve this goal will rise. Let me explain why.

With visualizing you get into direct contact with your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind knows what you want, it will help you get it.


If you want to know how to set goals, you need to know more about the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind has some traits you need to know:

#1 It understands images and feelings.
#2 It only understands present tense. It does not understand past or future
Images have no past or future.
#3 It does not know negation. With an image you can’t say that you don’t like something.
#4 It can’t make a choice and it can’t refuse.
#5 Your goal setting needs to be clear and definite. Find images which represent your goals.
#6 Your command to your subconscious mind needs repetition.


What is the difference between thoughts and images?

There is no difference. We think in images, not in words.

Each and every image has a certain frequency. This freqzency differs from person to person.


Why are we realizing so few of our wishes, hopes and goals?

We have doubts, worries, anxieties, are insecure and uncertain, when it come to achieving a goal. This is counterproductive, because our subconscious mind does what it is told to do. If you doubt and worry, your subconscious mind will stop helping you achieving this goal.

If you focus your thoughts on achieving a goal without any negative thoughts and without including any conditions, you will achieve it.


Think of how many times you add conditions to something you want.
It the weather is fine tomorrow, I will go running.
If I get up early enough tomorrow morning, I go to the gym for half an hour.
It I am not asked a question that I can’t answer, I will pass the exam.
Would I have enough money, I would buy a new car.
Would I have the right education, I would be a highly paid manager.
And this goes on and on like this.


How many times do you say something without adding any conditions?

Tomorrow right after breakfast I am going to buy a new car.
After work I’ll go to the gym for an hour.
I definitely pass the examination.
In a year from today I’ll have made my first million.


When you set a goal, be definite and be certain that you will achieve it.

Your subconscious mind works by definite command

If you are given the following command, what would you do?
“In case you get up early enough tomorrow and if you feel good, would you go get some fresh pastry for breakfast? Of course only if there is not too much traffic. Before you are leaving the house, you might want to check the traffic report. And make sure that the pastry is really fresh and not from yesterday. It wouldn’t make sense to leave the house early to get old pastry. Oh, and in case it is too cold, it’s okay if you don’t go.”

Seriously, would you get up early to go get fresh pastry? There are so many conditions. Checking the traffic report before you are leaving. Also checking the weather. And, how do you want to know if the pastry is fresh? You better stay in bed.

But this is what most people do with their goals. They find all kinds of reasons, why they do not set certain goals.

Read this command:
Could you get up a little earlier tomorrow and get fresh pastry for breakfast?


Now, think about it! If you want something, how do you say it? You give a clear command.
If you want something from yourself, how do you speak with yourself? And what are your thoughts?


Give your subconscious mind definite commands

Are you setting goals and saying to yourself that you will reach it with certainty, without any conditions and without any negative feelings?
Your subconscious mind can’t consider all your conditions, anxieties, doubts, and worries.

If you give your subconscious mind the command that you are worried about reaching a goal, it will help you not reach it, as it does not want you to be worried. The subconscious mind is your servant and will act upon your commands.

If you give your subconscious mind clear commands, you will reach one goal after the other. Your subconscious mind will support you as much as it can and it has unbelievable abilities to do so. It helps you unconditionally if it knows with certainty what exactly you want.

This is how to set goals to accomplish them.


How To Achieve Your Goals

First, make certain that it is your goal and not something one of your friends has achieved and you envy him for it. Or it is something your parents are awaiting from you. Visualize having achieved that goal and ask yourself if you feel good in that situation. If you are feeling slightly uncomfortable, it is not your goal. If it is the right goal for you, you are feeling elevated, cheerful and you might say: “Oh yes, this is my goal. I really want to achieve it.”

Let us assume, you set a goal that is quite high. You can see achieving it, because you are visualizing it. But your belief that you are able to achieve it, is not very strong. You start acting to realize it. With the first obstacle fear, that you can’t achieve it, sets in. You are losing your vision to achieve the goal and you are giving up.


How to achieve your goals with certainty

Write down all your goals. Choose one with which you begin.

  1. Make sure that you can imagine achieving this goal.
  2. Make a preliminary plan about major steps you have to take to achieve this goal. Do not think if you can do what has to be done. If you think of the last few steps that have to be done to achieve this goal, fear might set in. You might worry that your goal is too high and with those thoughts you create obstacles that might make you give up. With each step, it will be easier to imagine to be able to do the next step.
  3. Start with the first step. Concentrate on this first action. Do it a little better as you believe you are able to do it. You always can do something a little bit better. Do not think of the next steps. Don’t lose the vision that you will achieve your goal.
  4. As you have done the first step, to achieve your goal, your belief in being able to get done the next step will grow.
  5. With the belief that you can make it, things will start to change in your favor.
  6. Now, concentrate on the next step of your plan and don’t think what is in front of you. It will be easy to take the second step and you will adapt to the new height.
  7. Take one step after the other.
  8. With each step you take, your belief that you can achieve your goal will grow.
  9. Use visualization techniques. Visualizing is very powerful and it will absolutely support you to reach this goal.

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If fear does set in on any point on the way to achieve your next goal, face it. It will be gone quickly. But it is best to just brush fear away. Think that fear or doubts do not help you to achieve anything. It is only an obstacle..

The step-by-step method is the best approach to achieve any goal. Think that it is good if you get used to each new situation and as you adjust to it, it will be easy to take the next step. After you have reached one goal, you will reach the next goal..And then you will realize your vision.


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