Imaginations change your inner programming

Imaginations and NLP are effective Methods to Change

What You Can Imagine Can Become Your Reality

Imagination is

Imagination is a strong method to create what you want It happens in your mind and in your mind’s eye. Imaginations are build with known and imagined elements When you are imagining, you are not using your senses such as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or touching. You can imagine images, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, and anything that can come into your mind. Imagination does not know any limitation, except those that have been set into the programming of your subconscious mind. With imagination you can change the programming of your subconscious mind and as a result your life changes.

Visualization is actually only part of imagination. When you are visualizing not only an image, but also sound, a scent, a taste and a feeling, then you are imagining. You can imagine a sound, whereby you are not visualizing. Or you can be recalling a taste.

With imagination you can change your reality

You can change habits, experiences, your behavior and much more. With the help of imagination you can find solutions for problems and you can solve them. With imagination you can get great ideas which can change the life of others and which can become very profitable.

Imagining is easier when you are relaxed and when you are able to concentrate fully on what you want to imagine. For the purpose of changing a part of your reality, you have to repeat a certain imagination. With the repetition of an imagination, you are changing a part of the programming of your subconscious mind. An imagination becomes set into your inner prgramming with repetitions. It is the same with learning. The more often you repeat the content of what you shall learn the better you remember it. This is the reason why imagination can be stronger as the real experience. The real expereience happens once. A certain imagination you can repeat innumerable times. This is how it is set into your inner programming, which brings a change.

What we perceive as reality is actually a thought construct that is constantly repeated. When you get up in the morning, you perceive the same room in which you fell asleep. How your day evolves, has to do with your imagination. Your belief and the power of your belief of an imagination is of importance. Doubting will avoid an imagination become reality.

Everything which can be imagined can become reality

Ideas, such as inventions, have first been an imagination. Great thinkers, inventors, and scientists begin a thought process with a question. Then they are imagining the solution. They make notes of their imaginations, before they are building a model or doing an experiment.

But imagination has limitations. Only what you are able to think about you can imagine. The programming of your subconscious mind has given you these limitations.

NLP is mostly imagination

.Many of the methods used here to make positive changes about yourself are NLP-methods. But I call them imagination methods, because this is what it actually is and it is the imagination and the work in your mind, which has the power to change you. Whatever you wish to change about yourself has to be changed in the programming of your subconscious mind. This can only happen in your mind and with repetitions.

I belief that NLP could be more effective, if it would be repeated daily for 3 to 6 weeks. But who has the time to visit an nlp-practitioner daily for several weeks and then it is costly. I have therefore made short nlp sessions that can be done alone at home. They take a few minutes each. So it is easy to repeat a certain nlp method on a daily basis, in the morning during lunch time or in the evening.

Have a script as a concept for your imagination

You need to know what you will imagine. When you are reading a book, you will imagine the characters, landscapes, and everything described in the book. When you are imagining a new experience, you have to have a script upon which you are imagining. This script can be written or made up with your thoughts.

It is easier to imagine something with your eyes closed, but you can also imagine with your eyes open. It is best to sit down and relax. In some imagination methods, you are asked to stand up. But again and again you will be asked to close your eyes, so you can do your imaginations in your mind’s eye.

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