Speak about What You Want

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Speak often about What You Want

Whatever you want, think about it, dream of it, feel it, and talk about it. Speak about it often and with all details. Make it part of your life. Believe that it already is in your reality and you will soon perceive it.

It does not matter with whom you talk about what you want. It can be you. It also does not matter how loud you speak.

Each word and each tone has a certain frequency. Words you are using have to have a positive meaning for you. Your voice shall be firm. One has to hear that you really mean what you say. You have to be certain that you will get what you want. Beliefs can move mountains and they can change your life as you want.

If you find it difficult to focus your thoughts on what you want, you simplify this part of the creation process by talking a lot about it. Make sure you feel joy. It is the joy that you are going to manifest something you desire. How you feel generates a certain frequency.


Speak about what you want
whatever you want think dream feel talk about it


Talk about what you want as much and as often as possible.

Think of children, if they want something, they can’t stop talking about it, until they got it.

What you say you first think. Thoughts and feelings generate a frequency with which you create.



How to speak about what you want


I love my mew car. It is so beautiful. The motor goes so smooth. And it is this and this and that. Others might ask: What new car? And you answer: Well, the one I am buying. I really love it. It is doing this and that and so on and so on. And of course it is really a great car. You might be asked: How will you pay it? You have no money. – You can say: I make the money.

Do not say that you will buy that car in a year. Whenever possible, stay in present tense. What counts is the Now. And one year is always one year away from the now.

My new project is immensely successful. It is luxurious. Absolutely magnificent. People who buy it, will be proud to own it and will very much appreciate it. I expect very high profits.
I am the best in my area. Not necessary to say that I am an expert.
I am a great person. I am respected, adored and loved.

Listen to how successful people speak about themselves and their projects. Their projects are the best. They are magnificent. And of course, everything they do is a big success. Always!


Listen to your language
listen to your language

Listen to Your Language

Listen to your language and also listen to the language of your friends and people, who are often around you, and look at their lives. Are you all happy, successful and having what you want? Look at how you and your friends are seen and respected by others. And then compare with people who got what they wanted.

You and your friends have each a certain frequency, which is radiating. With this frequency you are influencing each other. Are your friends living a life you want to live? If not, change your circle of friends. You will make new friends and they will influence you positively.


How Firm is Your Voice

How firm is your voice? Record yourself while you speak and then listen to the recording. Listen to the voice of successful people and compare it with yours. Is your voice as firm and positive as the person who lives as you would like to live?


watch your words and phases
watch your words and phrases

Words and phrases, you often use, are important

Before you say a word you think it and you generate a certain frequency.

What about words and phrases you often use? Are these words and phrases positive, motivating, convincing, powerful, and have therefore a positive and high frequency?


Some positive words

Are you often using any of these words?

Wonderful, great, magnificent, splendid, excellent, marvelous, impressive, striking, enormous, grand, adorable, extraordinary, phenomenal, amazing, perfect, impeccable, elegant, precious, delicate, successful, abundant.


Some positive phrases

I can do it.
I can.
That will be easy.
It is almost done.
I am happy.
I appreciate this very moment.
I enjoy my life.
I love my work.
Of course
I achieve this goal.
I am proud of myself.
I am a great person.


Live in the now and become aware of it

Do not get up thoughtlessly and then go under the shower and to the kitchen to make a coffee or tea, have some breakfast and then rush to your work.

After you woke up, become aware of how you feel. Make yourself feel great.
“Another wonderful day begins. I have slept very well and am full of energy,” you might say to yourself. Be thankful for all there is. Become aware of your bedroom. You have created it and every object in it. When you are under the shower, become aware of the warm water splashing onto your skin. It is refreshing. Take 10 to 20 minutes to meditate and visualize. As you are having breakfast, be aware of the smell and taste of the coffee or tea and of whatever you are eating. If necessary, get up a little earlier, so you can really enjoy your morning.
When you have a partner, share the impressions you have.

Continue your day being aware of every moment, all that is wonderful, all you are grateful for. Become aware of how you feel in each moment and how it feels if you change the location. How it feels if you spend time with other people.

If there is something you dislike, think about how you can change it and do something about it. When there is an object you see every day that you dislike, it can be disturbing your well being. This includes your clothes. If you do not feel so good with a piece of clothes, replace it immediately and get rid of it.


How often are you questioning something instead of being convinced?

Questioning something has a very different frequency as if you are convinced. You are creating with your frequency. It is counterproductive if you are questioning something. You are then not in the frequency which creates what you want. If you are certain, things will work out. Believe in yourself snf in what you do!

I hope that I will get this job – versus – I will get this job.
It would be great would this project become a success. – versus – This project will be a great success.
I think this might become a wonderful day. – versus – This is a wonderful day.

I am saying it again: Watch your language.


What does it take that you improve your language?

Get the habit to speak great about yourself. Practice! Also practice to have a strong voice.
Talk about what you want with this absolute certainty that you are already on the way to create it.


You are important. Speak greatly with yourself!

You are the only person in your reality. So you are the most important one and the best too. It is not important for you if there might be someone who is better. That person is outside of your reality. You are the best and the most significant person there is. Become aware of that fact. Whatever you do is great. Be certain about that fact.



Watch your language, keep it positive, and speak often about what you want.



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