Special Knowedge and Development of Consciousness

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Find Special Knowedge and Develop Your Consciousness

We have to change our thinking about so many things. For example: How each of us is creating his/her reality. How each of us is developing his/her consciousness. How open minded we are and willing to understand special knowledge.


This starts with Understanding Reality

There is no objective reality. It only seems that things surrounding us are real. But are they? Each of us lives in his own reality. Fact is that anything is formable and pliable.

We each see things in a different way. If you have a discussion with someone and he has a different point of view, you are both right. You both are in a different reality, where things are different.


Special Knowledge, Developmment of Consciousness and Change of Thinking
Special Knowledge and Development of Consciousness


Special Knowledge

There are so many videos, audios and written text in which we are told special knowledge which has partly been kept from us. For too many people all this is unbelievable. I am suggesting that you open yourself up for knowledge that is not so easy to understand and to believe. Watch videos and read and think about it.

In an interview on Coast to Coast am was said: And would you read several newspapers daily and get informed by several medias, then you maybe know five percent of what is happening. That includes the true reasons for wars, what happens in space and if there is alien life..

If you watch videos of Michael Tellinger, you will learn that sound is creating, the importance of gold especially in South Africa, and ruins that have not been excavated and investigated. There are maybe Thousands of videos of people and alien entities, who make special knowledge accesible for us and try to open our minds.

There is Special Knowledge in All Areas

For example special knowledge in medicine. Our doctors are prescribing pills against symptoms, but there are better ways of healing.

We still drive cars with fossil fuel, even though Tesla drove an electric car about 100 years ago.

There is so much energy for free that we would not have to pay monthly for electricity.


Knowledge of the Elders and Knowledge that Had Been Found

The knowledge of the Elders around the globe has to be registered, recorded, archived and made accessible.

Many of the Indian tribes pass on their knowledge verbally. This knowledge has to be written down. It includes knowledge of medicine and about encounters with aliens. This knowledge is similar to the knowledge that is written in scriptures of Asian religious books.

We have to regret that the Christian priests have destroyed most of the knowledge of Indians in South America. What is stil existant, shall be made generally understood and available.

In Mustang, a former kingdom in the South of Tibet, old manuscripts have been found in many of the manmade caves of a steep rock. Some scientists are on the way to register, translate and archive the content of those old manuscripts. The knowledge of the manuscripts includes Buddhist knowledge and also knowledge that is much older than the Buddhist religion.

All around the world old knowledge is found below the surface and in caves written on stone, leather, paper and other material.

In the sea around the globe about ten thousand meters deep manmade stone structures have been and are found. It is assumed that the sea level rose about 12.500 years ago. It might have been the flood about which one can read in the Old Testament. About some stone structures some scientists assume that they are much older, probably several tens of thousands of years.


Knowledge that is Discovered by Today’s Scientists

The knowledge which today’s scientists discover is comprehensive.

It includes the knowledge about the elimination of gravity. A knowledge that has probably been applied for the construction of large structures made of stone.

Some structures made of stone that has been dated for a few thousands of years, may be much older. This means that our history books have to be rewritten.

Knowledge about free energy and zero-point energy has been kept away from us from the oil and the electricity industry. The use of this knowledge will drastically change the distribution of fortune and the power structures worldwide.


There is so Much About What We Do Not Know Anything

Looking for old Knowledge
Looking for old Knowledge


How much is there about what we don’t know enough or nothing at all? How many important artefacts and its knowledge have not yet been found or are hidden from us? How much of human history and the history of this world we don’t know anything about?

We have to look for hidden knowledge. We have to wake up and we have to change our thinking. We have to stop having a few people control us and our lives.


Each of us has to learn to Take Full Responsibility for him/herself

Most of us have to learn to control his/her life on his/her own. This includes taking responsibility for ourselves. Too many people are not prepared for that. During childhood it is the parents, who take responsibility for their children. The moment we have finished schooling, it is a company or organization and the state, to which we transfer the responsibility. Only a few are taking full responsibility for themselves. Did you ever think about that?

With taking fulll responsibility for yourself, I mean that you make your own money as an entrepreneur, that you have your own health insurance, and that you prepare yourself financially for your last years in which you might not earn enough money or non at all, except dividends, interest rates, and other passive income.

In some countries you are forced to have a health insurance no matter if you are employed or an entrepreneur. If you are employed, from your salary money for a pension fund is deducted and paid for you. One does not have to think about it. That will change and we all have to prepare ourselves for that change. For many of us, it will be a challenge.


We all Have to Understand That We Are Not Alone

we are not alone
we are not alone


It is logic that we are not alone in this universe. There are about 300 Billion stars and planets in our galaxy and there are at least 200 Billion galaxies in our universe. Our galaxy is a tiny one. And still many people say that they can’t believe that there are aliens.

I have heard an alien say, who speaks through a media, that there are about 400.000 different alien races in our universe. About half of them are said to be human like. One of those races are Greys. And there are more than Hundred different types of Greys.

But that is long not all. There are other dimensions or shall I call it different parallel universes where there are more aliens.
Watch some of the Coast to Coast Videos on YouTube


Developing our Consciousness

Most of aliens are telepathic. A few are kind of pure consciousness. They have no body anymore. They say that there are different dimensions of development. There are between 11 and 13 dimensions of development. We are in the third and forth dimension. A few of us are in the fifth. I believe that one way to develop our consciousness and get into a higher dimension is regular meditation.

Some of the aliens can travel through time and space, and also through other dimensions. This is called inter-dimensional. Some aliens are changing their frequency to travel. They do not need any propulsion system.

I try to understand what time is. There is no time, but parallel realities. Bits of moments. We jump from one to another every split of a second and get the impression of movement and of linear time.

Everything, which happens and every probability, exists. The propulsion system with which we travel from one split of a second to the next, is our thoughts and how we feel, which generates a certain frequency.


If We Are Changing Our Frequency We Can Make Changes in Our Lives

Change of Frequency is Change of Life
Change of Frequency is Change of Life


We all can change our lives in a way that we really enjoy it. We do not learn that at school. Ar school we learn to be employees who go to work every morning. We have to make money, whereby some of what we pay for is actually free. We kind of learn to become dummies.

Do not understand me wrong. I am happy that I went to school and to the university. Most of what I have learned is helpful. I am not at all against school and also not against all that we learn at school. But we should also learn to take responsibility, to control our lives, that we can make changes, and so much more.

What we learn at school has to be changed, so that we are prepared for the future.


We Are In A Time of Huge Changes

If you believe that there are aliens or not, some are among us and others have contact with us.

Look at the ever faster changes of new technologies. There are people who do not want and not use them, others who are afraid of them, again others who can’t afford to always have the newest thingy. Going with the new technology or not, makes already a difference.


I believe that in the future the differences will not be how much money you own, but the ability to deal with new technologies and, even more important, with your consciousness.

What do you think? Leave a comment.


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