Life As I Want In A New Country

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How I Designed My Life According To My Wishes And Desires



Why I Am Different, Think Differently, Live Differently

Beng different as others
being different as others


Right after we are born we are brainwashed. It is true that we have our habits, which start from early on. And only a few do make changes during their lives. Most people are sure that their way of life, which is actually imposed upon them, is the only true one. But this belongs to the category “habits” and a habit can be changed.

I was very lucky with my father. He stretched out and looked beyond the boundaries set by generations. And he could think. In particular, he could think big A rare gift. He has lived his life as he wanted. He was the boss. He had himself, his life, and that of his family under control and he took all responsibilities.

Until a few years ago I took everything very seriously. My father did not want me to study. He wanted me to enjoy my life. Yes, school and then work, but every day there had to be some fun. He never expected me to meet the expectations of the society. And so my life has developed differently from that of my friends, acquaintances and of most others.


I Went To Southern California Because Of The Weather

Weather Reason to move
The Weather a reason to move


I was engaged in international trade. This was interesting and I loved it. And then I could have been dead three times within a few days. I came to think. What do I have of all the money when I have no time to spend it and it can suddenly be over?

I quit my job, packed, and booked a flight to Los Angeles.

Throughout the year I have been swimming several times a day. The word “coat” can be forgotten in Southern California. Days with rain per year can be counted on one hand. And when it rains, then only a short time. I have not had an umbrella all these years in Southern California. There is nothing I have missed.

I was at least twice a year in Austria. That had to be. The jet lag was bad. How will it be when I get older? One day I decided to return to Europe. It was the right decision.


Why I Move Again

I lived in Vienna in an apartment in absolute greenery. There was bird singing and the city was a few minutes away. I had my circle of friends, my interests. Everything seemed to be good. And yet – I could live without winter. And I missed the swimming pool. A public pool could not make up for a pool in the own house.

I opened Google Maps and looked at the map of Europe. I looked at the temperatures during the year from some areas of Southern Europe and also the distances to my home town, which is in the South of Austria.

I have always liked Italy. The border is half an hour from my home town. In my early twenties, I was a lot at the Cote d’Azur. So I first looked at Genova and then Rome. The distance from the two cities to my hometown is about the same. To Genova you go through the North of Italy and pass Milano, where there is a lot of industry and transports. The route to Florence and Rome I remembered was curvy, but with little traffic.

I have researched a bit more, and on the same day I decided to move to Rome, in the South of Italy. Rome because I need a big city in my vicinity. I love shopping and going. I also love places with history. Rome, the eternal city, offers it all.

I’ve moved more than 10 times in my life. Sometimes there were dozens of cartons, some of them big as a wardrobe. Several times it was a 10-foot container and meanwhile I need a 20-foot container. This time I take little of my furniture. I gave most of it away, including the fridge and freezer, simply left the plants on the terrace, and five carloads went to the trash. There were several laptops, mattresses and blankets that were for guests. The container for clothes collection I have filled many times. The trash and paper containers of the house, which are emptied twice a week, I have filled for weeks. There were some moments when I said to myself: “Get away with it. There is no time for melancholy. I have to finish packing. ”

It was not the usual packing. It was the end of one part of my life.


Packing, Change Of Address And Then To The South

packing and moving boxes
Packing and 87nmoving moxes


You have to admit your true desires, and you have to take action. I have resigned myself to the circumstances in Vienna for quite a few years without being aware of it.

I had made a wish video, but had the impression that something is missing or something is wrong. Nevertheless I looked at my wish video almost daily. It was a sudden inspiration that it is Vienna that is not right. Vienna is a great city that offers everything you could expect from an international city. So I felt completely comfortable. Though Vienna is located in the east of Austria and is close to the border of Eastern Europe. I grew up close to the Italian border and I feel much closer to the Italian mentality and the Italian way of life than to Eastern Europe.

Another reason to leave Central Europe was the winters. I do not like winter, the cold and the snow. So it was necessary to find a place where it does not get too cold in the winter and where there is no snow.

Spain is too far away. I would have to take a flight to get home. I could have stayed in California. I wanted a place where I could get to my home town by car in a few hours. The reason is that I am often needed at home. France and Italy remained. I speak French and know the south of France. The only city where you can live the year round is Nice. The next big city is however far away. So the choice fell to Italy.


You Have To Find Out How You Really Want To Live

as you want to live
as you want to live


You will not be really happy and not feel completely well, when something in your life is not to your true desires.

When I had inserted photos of Rome in my wish video, I felt better. From that moment on I began to change in a beautiful way. And I knew that my decision was right.

You have to listen into yourself, ask yourself whether you feel comfortable the way things are in your life. Write down what you do not like. Then think about every single point. Ask yourself for each of them: How can I change that? And start as soon as possible to change your life until everything is right and until you can say, “Yes, that’s exactly how I want to live.”

The way you want to live today will change, maybe several times. It may be that you want to travel a lot for a few years or that you want to live in a different part of the world every few years. It may be that you feel very comfortable in your home town, but not in the apartment you currently live. You might want to change your style or lose weight or change your job.


My New Home

I have experienced a lot and have seen a lot in my more than sixty years. I want to move only one more time and therefore everything should be right. Important is the environment where I will live. So I went to the south of Rome, make first contacts and talk to real estate agents.

The south of Rome is really beautiful. It has lush landscapes. Rome is surrounded by several volcanoes that have not broken out for several thousand years. In the craters of the volcanoes are lakes. On the slopes there are pretty towns and villages with shops, cafés, pastry shops, chocolate stores, and restaurants, and on the country streets are supermarkets. I will not miss anything.


Italians Know How To Live, To Eat And To Celebrate

The lunch break usually starts at 1 pm and often lasts until 4 pm. Enough time to eat well and then rest. Italians are not going to dinner before 8 pm. Often the whole family meets in restaurants, consisting of 16 and more persons. Even a few months old babies are present. You can see long tables with friends. Sometimes you can see a couple alone. For smokers there are glazed anterooms.

Even at home a dinner is often festively prepared. There are several courses. Aperitif and nibbles, one to two appetizers, main course, dessert, coffee and digestif. To watch an Italian as he chooses small pastries in a Pasticceria is pretty.


I’m going to spend the winter in the South of Austria. In the spring I’ll go back to Rome and will stay.

So far I had a lot of work. It was, because I was full of anticipation about my new life. And anticipation is motivating. In one of my blog posts, I wrote: Set big goals because they motivate more. The bigger the goal, the more you are challenged and the more you grow.

Anyone can break their boundaries. Whoever does not try to do it remains in a miserable existence. Once you have crossed one border, you continue to grow and you’ll gain.


Look for your life goal. Make certain that it is big. Go for it and be certain that you will reach it.

How do you want to lie and have you made plans to reach your desired life?


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