Think Big to Achieve Big Goals and Get More in Life

Think and dream big and program yourself to dream and think big. The Think Big 3A Subliminal will support you to program yourself to think big and as a result achieve big goals and in general more in life.

Think Big 3A Subliminal
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If you think about what you want now and what you want in life, open yourself to all there is and all that is possible. Skip any kind of limitations. You can bend your reality. The reality will adjust to what you want in life. The only precondition that you have to fulfill is that you have to be convinced that you get what you want at the time you want it. This is the difficult part.

Many years back someone said to me that I have to dream big, that in dreams everything is possible and everything is free. You do not need any skills or special characteristics, because in a dream you are able to make everything work out. In your dream you can be a giant, a multi-millionaire or whatever you desire.

Well, I dreamed big for a while and in those days my PhD was the next step. I made it and then I somehow forgot about dreaming big. I thought about what I believed is possible. It did not come into my mind that thinking big could make an incredible difference in my life.
Our inner programming has a lot of wrong information that we constantly build obstacles on our way. If your thinking and your belief is strong enough, you can achieve and get anything you wish.

If I ask you, what kind of car would you like to own? What would you answer? Maybe: A limo with a chauffeur and a sports car, just for the fun of driving. What if you do some research and choose one or several great cars?

If you are asked where you want to live, what would be your answer? One answer could be: A mansion near one of the bigger towns and a summer resort on an island.


Try it on your own. Ask yourself questions. What do you want in life? Make a list of your wishes. Think about goals in your professional and your private life. Think big without any limitations!

It must not be a car, a yacht and a mansion you want. It could be that you want to collect money to help a certain group of people, or animals or the nature.

Think about how much you could change this world, if you think big. You could change your life, the life of all members of your family, of friiends and if you want, the life of all people in a town or country. If you are thinking big, the reality bends with your thinking and your beliefs.


Your thinking combined with your beliefs is immensely powerful

Use the Think Big 3A Sublimnal to change your inner programming regarding thinking big and believing in what you plan and what you want.


Follow this advice:

Buy and download the Think Big 3A Subliminal Package. Unzip it and save it on your desktop or in a cloud.

Listen to one of the versions of the Think Big Subliminal twice a day. The affirmations are the same on all tracks. Sometimes you might enjoy listening to the music and at other times you will prefer to play a silent version. While you play a silent version, you can additionally listen to music of your choice.

I recommend that you listen to the Think Big 3A Subliminal 6 weeks or until you feel and perceive positive changes.

With every Subliminal you are changing part of your inner programming, with which you have lived many years. It takes some time until the change of the new programming is deeply set.


This is what you get:

3 Versions of the Think Big Subliminal
+ 3A Subliminal with Music
+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible

Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes
You get the Subliminals in the form of mp3s
A Pdf with all affirmations that are used in the Think Big Subliminals

Think Big 3A Subliminal
Think big 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax
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Think Big 3A Subliminal with Music Sample


Think Big Silent Subliminals

+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible

If you listen to the 3A Silent subliminal you hear a mumbling. Reduce the volume untiil the mumbling is almost not heard.


About 3A Subliminals and Affirmations

In a 3A Subliminal are 3 audio recordings. One recording has simple affirmations in the form of “You are happy.” The second recording has easy affirmations which you can read below. The third recording is in the form of “You and I, we are happy.”

Of course the affirmations are in the You-form. When someone says to you or ro your subconscious mind: “I am happy!” or “I am thinking big.” this is great for that person. When one of your parents wanted you to come home,, they did not shout: I am now coming home! – They called you with the words: Come home! That is why the affirmations in 3A Subliminals are for exxample: “Be happy! Yes, you are happy. and Think big! Yes, you think big.


Affirmations in the Think Big Subliminals

Anything is possible.
Believe that anything is possible.
You can easily change your reality.
You can easily change your life.
You easily change your life as you want.
You easily get what you want.
And you easily achieve your goals.
You expect to get what you want.
And yes you get and you have what you want.
You think big.
And you believe that you get and have what you want.
And as you think big you achieve big goals and you get big things.
You perceive all opportunities and always choose what is best for you.
You always think big and you know that you achieve any goal easily and you get and have what you desire.
Your dreams become your reality.
You so quickly manifest all you want.
You are able to make everything you desire quickly possible.
The moment you are looking up, you see what you wished.
Your wish is your reality.
You help people in need with ease.
It is easy for you to think big and to believe that everything you desire is already part of your reality.
Thinking big is your nature.
You are in harmony with thinking big.
You are convinced that thinking big is easy and right.
You are very happy that you easily make any dream come true.
You make your dreams come true.
And you make dreams of others come true, because it makes you happy to help others.
You are happy and joyful.
Life is great and offers all you want.
You enjoy living in abundance in any way.
You are thinking big.
Your thoughts are your reality.
You succeed in what you think.
Your thoughts are your reality the very moment you think them. This is instant manifestation.
Yes, you are an instant manifestor.
You know that thinking big is right.

With the Think Big 3A Subliminal you get a PDF with all affirmations.
Agreement regarding purchase and use of Subliminals from this website: click here..


Dare to Think Big. Use the Think Big Subliminal to change your programming.

The more you await, the more you get.


Think Big 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax

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