Supercharge Your Energy and Keep Your Energy Level High

Everyone has a certain energy level, which can be determined genetically and is affected by physical and mental factors. Physical factors, which reduce the energy level, can be a disease or exhaustion. In both cases the energy level is recharged by a resting phase. There are many mental factors, which costs us energy.

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In order to recharge and maintain a high energy level, you should have positive thoughts, set goals, plan how to reach them and get active, reduce stress. A bit further down you can read about more tips for more energy.

Are you often tried and feel a lack of energy? You can do something to recharge your energy level. Listen to the More Energy 3A Sublliminal daily for at least 40 days and whenever you need a boost of energy.

From my early days on I had not as much energy as others. My parents and teachers noticed that. Some people meant that I radiate calmness and peacefulness and that would be so wonderful. When I left home and moved into my first apartment, I noticed that I could develop a lot of energy short-term. Again and again, I had to rest. I was not yet 40, when I began to rest after lunch. A professor of TCM (Classic Chinese Medicine) from the TCM-University in Peking examined me and said that I can’t store energy and that I had to constantly recharge my energy level. I was not yet 60 that my energy was almost gone. I took naps after lunch, I felt weak during the day, a little shopping was too much for me, and in the evening I was not able to do very much.

In order to have more energy throughout the day, I have tried the More Energy 3A Subliminal.


Tips for More Energy in Life

Enjoy work for more energy: Choose a profession that you enjoy. Do something which awakens your passion. If you get up in the morning and go to a work that you dislike, you will feel mentally tired but not physically. If you enjoy your work, you will constantly develop new energies.

Eating and drinking for more energy: Eating heavy and fatty foods and drinking sweet drinks makes you tired. Eating and drinking right energizes you. Drink a lot of pure water and eat right. Stop drinking sweet drinks and eating grain products such as bread, cookies, cakes, noodles, and pizza. These foods make you tired. Also stop eating industrially produced foods. Eat natural foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts, and eat a lot raw. With these foods your body will get what it needs and you will feel satiated at the right moment.

Nature for more energy: Spend some time each day in nature. You need fresh air and sunlight. If there is no wood near you, go to a park or to the beach. Run a round or go for a walk. Nature and sun give you energy.

Meeting with friends for more energy: Choose well with whom you are meeting. People, who often have a bad mood and are often negative, are draining your energy and making you feel miserable. Meet with positive thinking and successful people. Spending time with them will energize you.

Watching and listening for more energy: Also choose well, what you see and hear. Watching negative news regularly, will be putting you down and take your energy. Spend your time with something you enjoy. It will give you energy.

Resting and sleeping for more energy: Get enough sleep and fall asleep with thoughts of something you want and something which is beautiful.

Solution thinking for more energy: Get rid of problems. If you have problems, find ways to solve them. Plan how to solve them and get active. Even when it takes some time to really solve a problem, doing something about it will be energizing.

Delegate work for more energy: If you have too much work all day long, make a plan. Find possibilities to get help. For example: Give your laundry to a cleaner or have it done from a ironing lady. You find them with an ad. Instead of grocery shopping, have the foods delivered.

Leisure time better used for more energy: Do not watch TV too much. It makes you tired. Go out instead, meet with friends, have fun, or take a book and read. Whatever you do is active and being active is energizing.

Organize for more energy: Make a list of your goals and wishes. Plan to achieve your goals and get active. Having goals and plans is energizing.

Enjoy life more for more energy: Find time to enjoy life and do something which you enjoy.

With more energy you will achieve more in life. It is worth doing something to have more energy, to continuously recharge your energy level and to keep it high.


Follow this advice

Buy and download the More Energy 3A Subliminal Package. Unzip it the folder and save it on your desktop or in a cloud.

Listen to one of the Versions of the More Energy Subliminal twice a day for at least 6 weeks. The affirmations on all versions are the same. Sometimes you might enjoy listening to the music and at other times you will prefer to play a silent version.

With every Subliminal you are changing part of your subconscious mind, with which you have lived many years. It takes some time until the change of the programming is deep and stays without having a relapse.


This is what you get

3 Versions of the More Energy 3A Subliminal
+ 3A Subliminal with Music
+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible
Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes
You receive the Subliminals in the form of MP3s
A Pdf with all affirmations that are used in these Subliminals

Energy 3A Subliminal
More Energy 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax
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More Energy 3A Subliminal with Music Sample


More Energy Silent Subliminals

+ 3A Subliminal with Music
+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible

If you listen to the 3A Silent Subliminal you hear a mumbling. Reduce the volume until the mumbling is almost not heard and is not disturbing you.


Affirmations in More Energy Subliminals

You are directly connected with the energy source of the universe and you profit from its power.
Positive energy of the universe is continually charging your physical and mental energy level.
The energy of the universe is steadily revitalizing each and every cell of your body.
This energy giving light energy flows continuously in and through you.
With every breath you gain new energy.
You are filled with joy and positive thoughts, what makes you mentally strong and recharges you energetically.
You have a lot of endurance at work, at sports and in your free time.
To act on achieving your goals, you have more than enough energy.
Positive thoughts and thoughts directed to the accomplishment of your wishes and dreams increase and raise your physical and mental energy reserves.
Throughout the day you are full of energy.
You have very much physical and mental energy.
Your energy is continuously high.
With vigor and enthusiasm, you are going to work and
you can work for hours with full concentration.
You are very motivated in order to reach your goals quickly.
You easily get all of the tasks done that you have planned for the day.
You love your work. It is fulfilling you, what increases your efficiency and your productivity.
During any work your energy level stays constantly high.
You have more than enough energy to do everything what inspires you and what fills you with joy.
You have energy in abundance to take advantage of all possibilities which your life offers you.
You are and you are living your true and higher self.
This is why all is well and easy in your life.
Your frequency is in harmony with your dream life.
Your dreams are big and excite you.
Excitement holds your energy level high.
Thanks to your strong energy, you are successful and you fulfill yourself one wish after the other.
You think and you live in your dream and you are continually improving your lifestyle further.
You are strong and super energized.
You strive for more and you achieve all your goals.
Your energy level is constantly recharged and therefore permanently high.
You vitality is and stays high.
You are active, fit and you radiate joy.
You sleep deeply and well the whole night through and you thereby get a lot of energy for the day.
In the morning you wake up with plenty of physical and mental energy, which is steadily recharged and which holds your energy level high.
You are feeling fresh and full of energy throughout the day.
You are radiating fresh energy.
You eat nutrient rich foods, what charges your energy level further.
With meditation you gain additional mental energy.
Your capability, your productivity, and your commitment are and remain strong.
You have high energy reserves, what allows you to fully engage in achieving your goals and your dream life.

With the More Energy 3A Subliminal Package you get a Pdf with all affirmations.
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More Energy 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax

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