Do Subliminals work?

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Do Subliminals work and what makes them effective?

Free will an illusion - Subconscious Mind is controler

Do Subliminals work and the Effectiveness of Subliminal Messages

You can read about the effectiveness of subliminal messages in recordings that they are absolutely effective and then you read that they are not. These are non-scientific opinions. They only allow a right or wrong point of view. But there is scientific proof that Subliminals work. They are effective.

More and more studies and experiments are made on the subject of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are stimuli for the conscious and the unconscious mind. You can be consciously and unconsciously aware of a stimulus or only unconsciously. Your subconscious mind is getting it all. Your conscious mind gets only a little part of what the unconscious perceives, absorbs and processes. While the conscious mind can only think seven thoughts at a time, the subconscious mind can do numerous tasks.

Subliminals can change your control center which is the subconscious mind.

The control center and what controls you and your perception is the subconscious mind, also called the unconscious or unconsciousness. Your consciousness, even though it is important to you, is minor. This article is about subliminal messages. Emotions, which means how you feel at the time of a thought process is important. The better and happier you feel, the higher your frequency of your vibration and this has a huge impact on how you perceive your surroundings. The programming of your subconscious mind has a lot to do with how you feel.


Conscious and Unconscious important for Subliminal Research

Before we get into the field of subliminal stimuli, we have to define what conscious and what unconscious is and let us look at some studies.

Thanks to today’s technology, which makes it possible to scan the brain and watch its activity while a person is part of an experiment, scientists gain more knowledge about the functioning of conscious and subconscious mind.

Scientists have found that the unconscious makes a decision seconds before the subject is aware of having made the decision. This means that not the conscious mind, but the unconscious makes decisions. You believe that you have made a decision is false. This brings us to the following statement:

Conscious thoughts play only a minor role in behavior, and free will is an illusion.

Conscious thoughts play only a minor role in behavior, and free will is an illusion.
And on the stuff writes in Out of sight, not out of mind:
Our unconscious is a lot smarter than we think.


The unconscious controls the consciousness

It is the unconscious which controls our consciousness. It is a false belief that you control yourself and your life. It is said that the unconscious mind is programmed. Part of this programming comes with birth. These are instincts, but not only. There is some knowledge, which seems to be in each of us, though it is not the same in each person. Another part of the programming is from parents, teachers, friends, the media, experiences and all you perceive.


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Do Subliminals work

The next question is:
Can we change the programming of our unconscious (subconscious mind)?
And if yes, how can we change it? We also have to ask: Can we be unconsciously influenced? What impact can subliminal messages have on our inner programming?

Subliminals that are heard daily for several weeks can change the structure of your brain.

British researchers have shown that messages (pictures and words) we are not aware of can leave a mark on the brain. ( – Subliminal advertising really does work claim scientists), which answers the question if we can be unconsciously influenced with Yes.

This finding of British researchers is frightening. The next statement gives us new hopes.

Researchers have demonstrated that you can motivate people with subliminal messaging, quickly flashing words onto a screen without their noticing. This is only successful, however, if the subliminal messages match a biological need and if the behavior is associated with a positive effect. ( – Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). But note that this does not say that we can’t be influenced against our will at all.


Can we perceive information even though we do not perceive them consciously?

A still unresolved issue within psychology concerns whether it is possible to perceive information even when we do not have the subjective experience of perceiving. This is the case when the specific stimulus content is shown too brief to allow recognition and subjects are unable to report seeing anything more than flickers of light. (Merikle and Joordens, 1997, in Making sense of subliminal perception, in advances in psychology research, by Simon Boag, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.)

Here the subject reports null awareness of the target stimulus, yet apparent sensitivity to the stimulus demonstrates that “stimulus information that is completely unavailable to consciousness is nevertheless perceived and capable of influencing higher-level decision processes”. (Merikle and Reingold, 1992, in Making sense of subliminal perception.) Effects are not found when the stimuli are easily recognized. (Silverman and Weinberger, 1995, Bornstein 1990).

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Subliminals information heard unconciously

They say:

The effect only occurs when the stimuli are presented under null awareness conditions. Which is the case in Subliminals.

This means that a message that has to been subliminally, but not consciously perceived, is processed by the subconscious and will influence a future decision process. Furthermore, this means that not your consciousness processes messages but your subconscious. When you think, it is your subconscious which lead you to this specific thought and it governs what you make with this thought. This means: It is the subconscious mind which decides what you think.

Can we be influenced by subliminal messages against our will?

Researchers have found that you will only be open for an advertisement of a certain drink, when you are thirsty. When you are thirsty, you will probably choose the drink about which you have seen or heard subliminal messages, and those messages have to have a positive effect on you. For example, a person holding a bottle of a drink is smiling and shows that he is happy.

When it is an advertisement for a soda about which you know that it is not very healthy and you are used to drink water when you are thirsty, the best advertisement can’t make you drink this soda. I will later explain that the best subliminal recording can’t make you change in a way you do not want to on your unconscious level.

This shows that subliminal messages can trigger only those actions that one plans to perform anyway. Or in other words: An action can only be triggered subliminally if the person has the specific intention to perform this specific action. Karremans (Johan Karremans PhD., University of Nijmegen, Netherlands) concluded that subliminal messages and subliminal advertising is effective, but only when it is relevant. This means that subliminal messages have an effect when they are goal-relevant.

Results of the newest research of Subliminal Manipulation

Subliminal stimuli refer to the data received below the threshold of conscious awareness, whereas subliminal influence refers to the process by which one’s cognitions and behaviors are intentionally manipulated through the use of subliminal stimuli.

Research provides evidence that subliminal perception can directly influence behavior and can influence feelings (Subliminal Stimuli, Perception, and Influence, Clay Warren, 2019 after having read hundreds of papers of controlled studies). Subliminal stimuli are not facing ego defense.

Research on subliminal stimuli, perception, and influence.

  1. Subliminal perception exists,
  2. subliminal stimuli can influence cognition,
  3. subliminal stimuli can influence behavior at least in some situations,
    Subliminal influence works best when it resonates with an individual consciously or subconsciously held predispositions.

Can subliminal messages improve our memory and our performance?

Chakalis E and Lowe G (Department of Psychology, University of Hull, UK. – ncbi.nlm.nih_gov/pubmed/1608733 – Positive effects of subliminal stimulation on memory) experimented with 60 students about recall of face-names and found that students who used subliminal auditory presentations of memory-improvement affirmations, which have been embedded in relaxing music, improved their performance on recall of names significantly in comparison to a group which had no sound, meaning they had no subliminal messages given, another which got supraliminal messages in relaxing music and a control group. I do not know the duration of this experiment and I would say that 60 subjects divided into four groups is not large enough for such an experiment. I am certain more experiments of this kind will be conducted in the near future and will give us more information.

In another experiment students, who had received subliminal messages, have performed better in their last exams of the year than the control subjects. The conclusion of the experiment was that subliminally stimulating students to feel better about themselves enabled them to learn more efficiently. Phil Merikle (University of Waterloo, Canada) says that subconscious learning may affect our conscious decisions, without our knowing it.

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Subliminals do work
Subliminals do work

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

If we approach it right, subliminal messages work, says Joel Weinberger, PhD. (Adelphi University, in, reviewed 2012 – Out of sight, not out of mind). He speaks of subliminal psychodynamic activation (PSA) and he says that it improves people’s moods.

Auditory subliminal messages where preference toward stimuli develops after repeated exposure. (in Making sense of subliminal perception by Simon Boag, in advances in psychology research).

I write several times on this website that it is absolutely necessary to listen to a subliminal recording daily for a certain period that the messages become effective. Just think what would happen when you are influenced by a one-time exposure of a subliminal message. You would constantly change your mind.


Subliminal Messages can affect our brains

The conclusion is that subliminal messages can in fact affect our brains. Moreover, these hidden messages activate the same brain areas as do overt messages of the same nature. Recent studies have supported the existence of at least some subliminal effects of subliminal recordings. ( – Subliminal messages can affect our brains, researchers find, 2005, Courtesy Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).
As already stated above that our unconscious is smart researcher report that people can subconsciously process the meaning of words which they have heard subconsciously.

The researchers found that briefly flashed messages of fear-related words tended to trigger activity in a brain region associated with fear. These findings indicate that the emotional meaning of words can be accessed subliminally, occurring in the same brain region as conscious processing, wrote the researchers, Lionel Naccache and colleagues, (Hôpital de la Salpêtrière, Paris).

“Our findings, along with a growing body of research in social cognition, suggest that there might be some truth to the suggestion that our motivational states are affected—and might even be caused—by pre-consciously perceived stimuli,” that is, those not quite strong enough to reach consciousness.

This is quite certainly the case. And isn’t it nice that not you consciously but your subconscious is doing the heavy-duty work of processing messages. It is on you to choose with what kind of messages your subconscious mind is fed.

Do Subliminals and Subliminal Messages Work And What Makes Them Effective?

Do Subliminals work and what can you achieve with them?

With Subliminals you send affirmations (= positive statements) to your subconscious mind bypassing your conscious mind as the affirmations are consciously not heard. They are not heard consciously, because the audio recording with the spoken affirmations is changed that the spoken words are barely heard.

The messages sent with Subliminals are building a new pattern in your mind, when you listen to them at least once a day for several weeks. It is essential to listen to a subliminal often and long enough, because the benefits you want to reach with a subliminal would otherwise not be lasting. A subliminal is not a quick fix. It gets effective with repetitions. The programming of your subconscious mind, which controls your life, was formed with repetitions through years. There is no other way as with constant repetitions to achieve a lasting change of your subconscious programming. This is done with the support of Subliminals.

When you listen to a subliminal you will be able to concentrate on reaching your goal, feel more focused and motivated and more energized. But this is not lasting if you would stop listening to a Subliminals too early. If you are listening for several weeks or months, you will experience a change of perception, because beliefs, thought and emotional patterns that are set deeply in your subconscious mind will have changed.

Choose Subliminals to change your programming

How to Use Subliminals To Make Them Effective?

The changes you achieve with Subliminals are gradual and continuous. You achieve best results, if you keep listening to them once or twice daily for several weeks or until you feel a noticeable change and then listen to them from time to time.

Change Your Control Center
Change Your Control Center

Subliminals are supporting you in what you intend to accomplish

If you have the TV running, doing something such as work in the household or play a game, the messages of advertisement coming from the TV are acting like subliminal messages. But these are messages that you do not want in your system. Watch yourself when you go shopping. When you see a certain product and you want to grab it, try to recall if it has TV ads. If you listen to a subliminal recording, you know the subliminal messages (= affirmations) and the results are wanted.

Listening to subliminal audio recordings will reprogram your subconscious mind regarding beliefs, thought and emotional patterns. Your thinking and your behavior will change.
yourself and your life profoundly.

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