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With Subliminals You Can Change Your Life with less effort

Change the Programming of your Subconscious Mind with the help of Subliminals. With Subliminals you can Change Yourself and Your Life.


The subconscious mind and its programming controls you, your thinking and your actions to 90 peercent. Quite a few of your daily actions are performed by your subconscious mind, which means that you are not conscious of it and not consciously controlling your actions. When you make a decision, 7 seconds earlier your subconscious mind has made the decision.

Your thinking, decisions, and actions are based on your programming from your childhood, your experiences and your routine.

Did you not plan to eat less today and work out for an hour? But then you couldn’t stop eating, because you are used to eat a certain quantity of food and you could not get yourself working out, because you are not used to work out daily.

Most of your daily routine is a repetition of the days before. And you do it over and over again. When you try to change something, you are going through a time of discomfort. When the discomfort is too big, you give up and you get back to your old routine. This routine is programmed in your subconscious mind.

Choose Subliminals to change your programming

Quicker Life Change with Subliminals

Would you live as you want, how would you feel?

Could you be and live as you really want and change over night as much as you have to to live your dream life? Close your eyes and imagine a day in the life of your dreams. What is different between your dream life and the way you live today? How do you feel today and how will you feel would you live your dream live?

I have asked you to think about how you feel, because this is what drives us. You feel good when your plans and actions are in line with the programming of your subconscious mind. And you feel great if your your programming is in harmony with what you really want.

The programming of your subconscious mind is in all cells and is also called cell information. The German translation for subconscious mind is “subconsciousness”. The word mind is not mentioned. It makes sense, because the mind we relate to thinking and all we do subconsciously is apart of our conscious thinking. Well, the conscious thinking is based on your programming.

The subconscious mind controls your conscious mind. It controls your thinking and emotional patterns. But you are not aware of it. Whenever you feel fear, get angry or feel joy, has to do with these thinking and emotional patterns which are programmed in your subconscious mind.

You are programmed by your parents, teachers, friends, religion, and the media. Think about what beliefs you have, which have been infiltrated into your subconsciousness by repetition through years. For example: Repeated advertisement is programming of the subconscious mind.

Choose Subliminals to change your programming

Subliminals program for success

Use this Principle to Your Advantage

You can use the same principle to your advantage. With subliminals you can change the programming of your subconscious mind, your thought patterns and emotional patterns, habits, and you can change yourself and your life as you wish.

Everything which happens automatically is programmed in your subconscious mind. For example: All which regulates your basic body functions, your emotional reactions in certain situations, which is your emotional patterns, your habits and much more. Some part of your programming is supporting and some part is limiting you. Fears, limiting beliefs, and emotional patterns are generating a low frequency of vibration. When your frequency is low, nothing works out and your life is appearing dark and is a mess.

There are people, who are successful with whatever they do and others work hard and stay poor. There are people for whom everything is easy. The explanation is, that these people don’t think that it could be difficult to achieve their goals. They are programmed to easily achieve their goals. And this is an important point. Think back what you did without thinking that it might be difficult and it worked out. Then think back when you had problems, because you believed that it is difficult.

People who are successful are programmed to achieve their goals.

Whatever you want to do or whatever has to be done to achieve a goal, start doing it with ease. Do not doubt that you can’t do it. Be certain that it will be a success. If you say that it is easy to say this, but not so easily done, then your subconsciousness is programmed to find everything difficult. If you change this programming and make yourself believe that a specific task or a specific behaviour is easy, it will be easy.

Decide to focus your thinking on succeeding in whatever you plan to do. You might not be so very successful at the beginning. But when you keep thinking that you will be successful with anything you do, you will become more and more successful. When you repeat the thought that you are a highly successful person, you will succeed more often, until you wake up one day and understand that you are highly successful.

Choose Subliminals to change your programming

change your thinking with subliminals

When you use a subliminal which strengthens your belief of success, you will achieve success quicker. A subliminal does not do the work for you, but it will supports you to succeed.

Your conscious mind acts upon the programming of your subconscious mind.

It is important for you to understand that your conscious mind acts upon your subconscious programming. When you are telling yourself to think or do something differently, your subconsciousness, which controls your thinking and your actions, keeps you thinking or doing things the way you are used to. And here is the reason why subliminals are so great.

You do not hear the affirmations of a subliminal consciously and so they can’t be blocked by the old programming, which control your consciousness. The affirmations are sent and heard by your subconscious mind and change the programming.

Too often your desires are not in harmony with your subconscious programming. Take advantage of subliminals, a method, which brings your desires in balance with your subconsciousness.

You have to get your conscious decires in harmony with your inner programming. Subliminals help you do that.

The subconsciousness only understands the present tense and it does not understand a negation. It is just and only in the now.

But it is not the words which the subconsciousness grasps. It understands the vibration of the meaning. It does not matter in what language you try to communicate with your subconsciousness. It is the frequency that is sent and the frequency is the result of how you feel.

Choose Subliminals to change your Programming

With Subliminals in Harmony with Your Desires

You can make your subconscious mind understand what you want sending images, which you visualize. Understanding will only happen, if the visualized image comes along with a feeling, which generates a certain frequency of vibration.

To change the subconscious programming repetitions are very important. How long it takes to change part of the programming depends on what it is and how strong and deep the old programming is. Sometimes the change of your subconscious mind can be done in 3 to 6 weeks, but sometimes it takes months, if not years. Your age plays a role in this.

Thoughts convert into Feelings

Control your thoughts and your feelings to change yourself and your life as you wish. Plan what you want to change and get active.

Bring your desires into harmony with your subconscious programming and you will come into the flow of doing what has to be done with joy and ease and as a result you will get what you want. Doing what has to be done will be effortlessly done and will work out as planned.

Between the desires and their fulfilment has to be the right emotions. This means that the way you feel is very important.

Change the programming of your subconscious mind with the help of subliminals.

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