Subliminal Programming to Change as You Want

Subliminal programming is the most effective way to improve your life and attract what you want.

If you want to improve your life, be happier, lose doubts, make more money,, live in abundance, have a happy partnership and become more successful in general, it takes a lot of effort and then things will get only a little better. The reason is that the amount of money you earn monthly is a habit and at the same time a belief that you can’t make so much more money.. Even if you try hard to make more money, doubtful thoughts are in the way and prevent your wish to manifest it. Habits and beliefs are ingrained in the subconscious mind and part of its programming.

Beliefs were programmed from early childhood on and can only be changed by reprogramming them. Subliminals help you change your programming.

Whatever is repetitively done or experienced over a certain period of time becomes a belief and can only be changed by repetition. It is easier if it is accompanied by reprogramming of the belief in the subconscious mind. Beliefs were programmed from early childhood on and can only be changed by reprogramming them.

Choose Subliminals to change your programming

To reprogram the subconscious mind effectively the conscious mind has to be bypassed,, because it would block the messages that are sent to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is mostly based on the programming of the subconscious mind. If you try hard to make more money and you repeat affirmations, your conscious mind says: You can’t make more money, you are not wealthy. The affirmations in a subliminal are not heard consciously. They are heard by the subconscious mind. If you repeat listening to a subliminal daiy for several weeks, it will change your programming.

Always think that whatever you listen or watch, gets into your subconscious mind. If you watch news, which are usually negative, you get this negativity into your programming and into your life.

Focus your thoughts on what you want to attract into your life. To really improve your life, use subliminal recordings which are targeted on what you want to change or achieve. Subliminal programming is effective and life changing. If you try hard, but can’t create anything you desire, subliminal programming will help you to succeed.

If you want to attract a physical item into your life, you have to make space for it. This means that you have to get rid of the old item, which you want to replace.


Subliminal Programming is effective
Subliminal Programming is effective


Listen to Subliminal Recordings daily

Listen to a subliminal recording daily for several weeks. Only then the subliminal programming becomes effective.

Listen to a subliminal recording daily for several weeks. Only then the subliminal programming becomes effective and will change the programming of your subconscious mind. In subliminal recordings you can’t hear the affirmations, because the audio with the affirmations is mixed together with an audio with music. You will only hear the music.,

Subconscious programming bypasses the conscious thinking, which makes subliminal recordings so effective. If the subconscious mind is in line with what you want to attract, it will be the base of your conscious thinking. It will be easier to make the desired changes that you make conscously.  Listen to the same subliminal once or twice daily for at least 6 weeks.

Subliminal recordings, in short Subliminals, remove doubts, which stand in the way to attract what you want.. Subliminal messages listened to epetitively over a period of at least one month will replace negative thoughts and limiting beliefs with the believe to achieve and to get what you desire.

Attract abundance into your life

Attract success into your life

Get more self esteem, which is imperative to become successful

Choose one or more Subliminals and change what you want.


With the help of subliminals and its subliminal programming, you can turn your life around and attract into your life what you desire.

Subliminals are effective, but be patient. Think that you change a many year old part of the programming of your suboncsious mind.



Boost Your Manifestations with Subliminal Programming

Your mind is so precious. Treat it as something precious. Watch what you get in! Change, what you dislike such as limiting beliefs and bad habits. Know that how much money you make is a habit and a belief. If you live in abundance or not is a habit and a belief. Habits and beliefs are part of the programming of the subconscious mind.

Whatever you listen or watch, think that you get it into your mind and that you could attract it. Very probably it will block manifestations of the good and desired things. Don’t watch to much the news, which are usually negative. If you get negative news into your mind daily for a couple of weeks, you get quite a lot of negative stuff into your mind. It will get you think negative and manifest what you don’t want. Don’t watch movies with horror, murder or any other negativity. All that gets into your mind, might  create negative situations.

Whatever you think about repetitively, you draw into your reality. Take control of your mind and change your thoughts to attract into your life what you want. There are numerous thoughts, which go through your mind, without that you are aware of them. Some of them are repeatedly coming and control you and your life. But how to get and hold things in your mind, which you really want? Success in your professional and private life, business and private success, achieving your goals, all that you want to possess, a romance and more.

If you are trying hard, but you are not successful with what you manifest, listen to subliminals and let the subliminal programming work for you.

Also do this:

 Make space for the good you desire

 Have your frequency tuned in to what you want

 Change the programming of your subconscious mind

 Bypass your conscious thinking when reprogramming your subconscious mind


Conscious methods are not very effective, because your mind and your belief system, which are set in your subconscious mind, are in the way and blocking your efforts. It takes a lot of willpower and effort to get active against the subconscious programming. Using affirmations and putting feelings to it, setting goals and making wish lists and making a vision board are steps that are helpful, but don’t get you quick results.

The most sabotaging thoughts, which stand in the way of your manifestation efforts, are doubts. Will I ever make it? Will I be successful with my business? What if I will not achieve that goal? What if something unforeseen happens? Every doubt is stopping you to manifest what you want.

Choose Subliminals to change you and your life



How Can You Stop Doubts?

Subliminal messages boost your manifestation efforts with great effectiveness. They can remove doubts, which stand in the way to accomplish a specific goal. Subliminal messages replace negative thoughts and limiting beliefs with the believe to achieve and to manifest what you desire.

Get more information about how to Stop Doubts with Subliminal Programming.



Subliminal Programming to Achieve Your Goals

Stay Focused to Achieve Your Goals with the help of Subliminal Programming.

To reach any goal, you have to stay focused for longer periods of time. We all start a project or piece of work with enthusiasm. But when things don’t move on quick enough we lose interest, get bored and lose motivation. During this time many work on their goal less effectively, even though it is the stage when you actually should give in all your energy to succeed.

Lusten to the subliminal recording Motivation Subliminal. It will help you to stay motivated, do tasks, which you might give up or at least struggle to get done. Just think that if you stay on track, you can book another success on your account.

The more often you listen to this subliminal recording the more benefit you will get from it. The longer you listen to a subliminal recording and its messages regularly the messages will build inside your mind, meaning your subconscious mind, which controls you and your behaviour. If you just let it run each day for several weeks, the affirmations send to your subconscious mind will start to make changes to your thought patterns, ways of thinking, and belief systems.

All you have to do is to purchase, download and save the MP3s, then press play and let the subliminal messages enter your mind. They will help you to change. With the Improve Your Concentration 3A Subliminal you will concentrate for long periods of time. If you continue to listen to it you will be more  focused in general and results will last.



Subliminals with its Subliminal Programming Are Supporting You to Get What You Want

Sublininals are supporting you to change your life, limiting beliefs and bad habits and get what you want in life. Still you have to get active to achieve your goals, no matter if it is a littel or a big goal. Listening to subliminals regularly will make everything easier as the subliminal programming effect will bring your subconscious mind in line with you desires.

Listening to subliminals you will soon feel changes, but you have to listen to them at least once or twice a day for 4 to 6 weeks or longer so that the affirmations that are sent to your subconscious mind via subliminals are getting deeply embedded.



Subliminal Programming Changes Your Life

Subliminals with its subliminal programming effect will absolutely bring a change in your life. Though subliminals are only a support. They will not do for you what has to be done to achieve a certain goal.. If you want to achieve big goals, you should combine them with life coaching to learn more about your mind and how to become successful. Subliminals will change limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that are blocking you to get what you want in life. Life coaching will show you a new path, which will lead you to success.

To become successful and get what you want in life, you have first to determine where you are. Only you know where you are in life now, in what environment you live, what you are able to do with your talents and skills. The second step is to determin where you want to be. Then make a plan how to get from A to B.

Some people may be very far away from where they want to get, but they have the same chance to reach their goal as anyone else.

There are people saying that they don’t believe in subliminals and so they don’t use them. The life of these people does not change. They continue to live with their limiting beliefs and destructive habits and wonder, why they don’t make more money, even though they try hard. Why don’t they give it a try and have a subliminal audio recording run while they sit at their computer and work. It is not expansive, it doesn’t hurt and it makes everything you try to accomplish with your will much easier.

Choose Subliminals to change your and your life


Keep Control of What You Manifest with Subliminals

Some of my friends say that they want to keep control and wouldn’t try a subliminal recording. A subliminal is a recording in which you don’t hear the spoken affirmations. The affirmations are known as the list of affirmations come together with the download of the subliminal. So you very well keep control of what comes into your mind. If you watch TV, especially the news, you can’t control what is sent to your mind. Most of that is negative!. With a subliminal you have the choice and all affirmations are positive.

If you are one of those people who say that they want to keep control of themselves,  you are so very wrong. You are controlled by the programming of your subconscious mind, which has been programmed since birth by your parents, teachers, friends, the environment, the media and all what you have seen, heard and experienced.

There are people who say they want to stay in control, but can’t stop themselves eating, even though they want to lose weight. Others are sick, and they believe that they can’t control. They are freely willing to take chemicals, not exactly knowing what those chemicals do to their body and to their overall health. Still, they believe, they keep the control of their life. There are some who have bad habits and they say they just can’t get themselves change that habit. They say they want to keep control, which they DO NOT! They just wrongly believe so.

If you want to control yourself and your life and you see yourself do things which you actually don’t want to do, you can only help yourself with subliminals. As the affirmations of subliminals are not heard while you have them play, they bypass the conscious mind, which is filled with wrong programming. With subliminals you change part of the wrong programming. You were programmed by repetition and to change a programming you have to listen to subliminals repetitively. It is suggested to listen to a subliminal daily for at least six weeks that it becomes effective..In some cases you have to listen to the same subliminal again for a few weeks.



My Experience with Subliminals and Subliminal Programming

My experience with subliminals and its subliminal programming effecct is getting better week by week. The secret of subliminals is that you have to listen to them each day for several weeks.

When I began listening to Subliminals, I had no idea how and if they work. They did not. Idid not how they function and made the mistake which you should not make. I have listened to a subliminal from now and then. This was years ago.

When I began with my fist website, subliminals came back into my life. When it comes to life change, you can’t do it without subliminals.

When I write an article for my blog I first do some research. So I began to research subliminals. Thanks to the internet, there is more than enough information about it.

The mistake I made, when I used subliminals the first time in my life
+ You have to listen to a subliminal at least once EVERY DAY.
+ You have to listen to a subliminal at least 6 weeks every day.

My experience with subliminals, since I learned what to do to make them effective is really great.

Okay, so this is what I did, I listen to a subliminal each day for several weeks. I usually listen to 3 subliminals each day. After a few weeks I take other subliminals. Then I listen again to subliminal which I have already heard daily for a few weeks., I have made the experience that subliminal do function! And they are incredibly effective.

People who have listened to 3A Sublilminals have told me that they also have noticable results.



Why are Subliminals effective?

To change your life you have to change the programming of your subconscious mind, which is quite difficult when you try to do that only on the conscious level.

When you write down what you want to change or listen to a recording, which says what you want to change, your consciousness, which acts upon your programming, is a barrier. If you could go around that barrier and get the message straight into your subconscious mind, you could make incredible changes.

And this is done by a subliminal.

Why and how?

There are subliminals which are absolutely silent and some where you hear birds singing or the waves of an ocean. You don’t hear the spoken affirmations. I tried those. They have not brought any change. I have made the experience that you have to hear something as in 3A Silent Subliminals.

I love the subliminals with silent tracks. When I switch on my laptop, I open one of my subliminal mp3s and have it run, while I work. I am not disturbed by the subliminal as it is silent. I don’t lose any time!

I have several subliminals. You can listen to several subliminals, one after the other. You have to make sure that you listen to one once a day.

Don’t await a quick change. It takes weeks, until the programming of your subconscious mind regarding what the subliminal should change, is being overwritten by the affirmations of the subliminal.

You might notice a change quickly. Still continue listening to the subliminal daily for a few weeks. Sometimes nothing happens thought weeks if not longer. In this case, listen to the subliminal again daily for a few weeks. The change will happen.

Choose Subliminals to change you and your life.