Silent Subliminals Help You Change Your Programming

Silent Subliminals

Subliminals are audio recordings consisting of one audio with spoken affirmations and one which is the mask. The mask shall prevent that the affirmations are consciously heard and understood. They go directly to the subconscious mind to change the programming. The mask of a subliminal can be music. 3A Silent Subliminals have 3 recordings with affirmations and one is a bit changed and used as mask. They are not inaudible. You hear some mumbling.

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Listen to a Silent Subliminal once or twice a day for several weeks. The change will be quicker if you also visualize the desired effect

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Listen to a Subliminal once or twice daily for several weeks.

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With the 3A Subliminal Packages you get the Subliminal with Music and the Silent Subliminal Version

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