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Live in Abundance and Perceive Abundance in all Areas of Your Live


Live in abundance in all areas of your life. Live in, joy, and happiness. Have anything your wish and let your reality adjust to your desires.

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There is all in abundance. All exists in abundance. You do not see what is not in between the bandwidth of your frequency of vibration. You have to get into a certain vibration to perceive what you want in life. You have to enjoy life. Have a look at rich peple. They love and enjoy their work.

Change your life in a way that you enjoy yourself all day long and day by day? You have been told that life is serious and difficult and this is part of your programming. You have to overwrite limiting beliefs with the belief that life is wonderful and joyful and that there is everything in abundance. Subliminals are very helpful to change your inner programming.


Open yourself for abundance. Await more from life, await more from you. The more you ask for, the more you get. And when you have a little more from everything you need and want, you can give a little from all to others. Giving brings joy. And the more joyful you are, the higher your frequency of vibration and the more you perceive of all there is.

Change your programming in regard of abundance with the help of the Live in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal.



Follow this advice:

Buy and download the Live in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal. Unzip it and save it on your desktop.
Listen to the 30 minute version of the subliminal once a day or to he 10 minute version twice a day. The affirmations are the same on all tracks.

I recommend that you listen to the Live in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal 6 weeks or longer and until you feel and perceive positive changes.

With every subliminal you are changing part of your inner programming, with which you have lived many years. It takes some time until the change of the new programming is deeply set.


This is what you get:

Life in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal
Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes and 10 minutes
The recordings are in the form of MP3s.

live in abundance 3a-silent subliminal
3A Silent Subliminal $ 14.00
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Live in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal Sample

Our Silent Subliminals are not inaudible, meaning that they are not so silent that you can’t hear anyhting. You hear a mumbling, because our subconscious mind hears through our ears and we believe that you can’t hear frequencies which are maybe heard by dogs but not by humans.

Reduce the volume untiil the mumbling is almost not heard and is not disturbing you.




About Subliminals and Affirmations

In a 3A Subliminal are 3 audio recordings. One recording has simple affirmations in the form of “You are happy.” The second recording has easy affirmations which you can read below. The third recording is in the form of “You and I, we are happy.”

Of course the affirmations are in the You-form. When someone says to you or ro your subconscious mind: “I am happy!” or “I am thinking big.” this is great for that person. When one of your parents wanted you to come home,, they did not shout: I am now coming home! – They called you with the words: Come home! That is why the affirmations in 3A Subliminals are for exxample: “Be happy! Yes, you are happy. and Think big! Yes, you think big.



Affirmations in the Live in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal


Feel abundance!
Think abundance!
Live in abundance!
Yes, you feel, think and live abundance.
Abundance is in all areas of your life.
Perceive all the abundance around you.
Everything is there, whenever you want it.
Enjoy the abundance.
Enjoy the abundance of nature, and all the abundance in your life.
Enjoy the abundance of joy, happiness, success and health.
Yes it is right, you have all in abundance.
Feel that everything is there and you recognize and perceive the abundance.
You are happy and you radiate happiness.
Happiness and joy lets you perceive abundance.
There is enough from everything you want.
You are liked and you have many friends.
You attract wealth.
Wealth and happiness flows through you and radiates from you.
You are energy and you are filled with energy. And money is a form of energy.
You attract money and other values.
You have more than enough money.
Your skills and your positive thinking enable you to earn and to have any amount of money.
You profession is your love and your passion.
You are passionate about your work.
You are successful in anything you pursue.
It is easy for you to reach your goals.
It is easy for you to earn a lot of money and you invest it well.
Your investments rise continuously.
You give and you take gladly and with joy.
You know that giving and taking has to be in balance.
You easily get what you want.
You easily fulfill all your wishes and you fulfill wishes of others.
You are abundance and abundance is part of you.
It is easy for you to divide abundance with others.
You are happy that you live in abundance.
And you enjoy abundance.
Do what you enjoy
Yes, you do what you enjoy.
With joy you reach all your goals easily and fast
With joy you perceive abundance in all areas of your life.
Wealth and abundance are part of you and surround you.
Your reality changes with your wishes.
You recognize all your possibilities and you use the best.
You have many very good ideas, which you realize with profit.
You love and respect yourself. You love your life and all people around you.
Be convinced that you live in abundance.
And you live in abundance.
Yes, that’s right, you live in abundance.
You think and you are positive and filled with joy.
Enjoy your life!
Enjoy your abundance!

With the Live in Abundance 3A Silent Subliminal you get a PDF with all affirmations.
Agreement regarding purchase and use of Subliminals from this website: click here


Live in Abundance and enjoy your life.