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What you can do to doubt less and finally stop doubting

We are constantly doubting. Well, most people. It seems that we are unable to think without adding some doubt. We are able to think analytical and doubts that a future event might not work out as planned, is one of many possibilities. It is not only self-doubt, but doubt in anything which one expects about future events, and about any plans one has.

Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal
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What is and what means Doubting?

Doubting is being uncertain about future events. What if the desired outcome does not meet your expectations? You might say that doubting is being realistic. Scientists have already proven in experiments that expectations influence the outcome and so the reality. This means that doubts avoid a positive outcome.

They are limits and obstacles which you set yourself. You create with your thoughts and when you add doubts to a thought, you change the creation process. What if this does not work out? What if something happens? And this is what you get. Things don’t work out.

You can live without doubts. You can stop doubting!. Allow only one oudome of a future event in your thinking and this shall be exactly what you want.

Doubts are accompanied by fear of failure, worries, lack of self confidence and experiences of failures hold people back to even plan to accomplish a bigger goal.


When you have a goal, it does not make any sense to question a positive outcome. People, who do not have any doubt that a project will work out, succeed. But most people have an inner voice that says: What if this does “not” work out? Doubting is absolutely counterproductive.

Thoughts generate feelings. Those feelings are responsible for your vibration. And the vibration is responsible for what you perceive, which is the outcome. Doubts generate negative feelings and a decreasing frequency, which changes the perception in a negative way. You can only perceive what is in between the bandwidth of your frequency of vibration.

If you doubt a positive outcome, you do not feel so great about it, your vibration is low and the result is a failure. In other words: You expect a failure and this expectation influences the result.


What happens when you stop doubting?

You will achieve your goals with less effort, quicker, and with certainty.


What can you do to stop any doubts?

You can read in the bible that what you believe will happen. When you believe you can move mountains and when you do not doubt you can walk on water.


To add doubt to a thought is a habit. Change the habit of doubting, telling yourself that your project will become a success, that everything you plan and do will work out wonderfully. Change the programming of your subconscious mind in regard to doubt and infiltrate your subconscious mind with affirmations of belief, certainty and confidence.

Every thought generates an emotion. If you change your emotional patterns you change your life. Listening to the Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal will support you to improve and achieve your goals. With this subliminal you send positive and empowering affirmations to your subconscious mind bypassing your conscious mind. This changes the programming of your subconscious mind, which controls you. Would you listen consciously to the affirmations, your conscious mind would block the information, because your conscious mind is based on the old programming. When you are embedding informations regarding belief, certainty and confidence. you will slowly and continually change as desired and this change will be lasting.


The longer you listen to the Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal the deeper the new programming will be set.

The Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal sends affirmations directly to your subconscious mind and will change the focus and thought and emotional patterns will be overwritten with positive and empowering emotional patterns.

Combine a subliminal with conscious action. In the case of stopping doubt, be certain that what you plan and act upon will happen. During the weeks of listening to the Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal you will gradually change.


Follow this advice:

Buy and download the Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal. Unzip and save it on your desktop.

I recommend that you listen to the 10 mintue Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal twice daily or to the 30 minute once daily for 6 weeks or better longer. If you then listen to another subliminal with another topic, have the subliminal “Stop Doubt” play once a day in addition. Listen to the ”Stop Doubt” 3A Silent Subliminal until your thoughts are free of doubt and until you perceive positive changes in your life. Then listen to the Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal from time to time that the programming of the new information is deeply set into your subconscious mind.

Think that with every subliminal you are changing part of your subconscious mind, with which you have lived many years, and that it takes some time until the change of the programming is deep and stays without having a relapse.


This is what you get:

Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal
Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes and 10 minutes
You receive the subliminals in the form of MP3s.

Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal
3A Silent Subliminal $14.00 + VAT

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Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal Sample

Our silent subliminals are not inaudible. You hear a mumbling, because our subconscious mind hears through our ears and we believe that you can’t hear frequencies which are maybe heard by dogs but not by humans.

Reduce the volume untiil the mumbling is almost not heard and is not disturbing you.



In a 3A Subliminal are 3 audio recordings. One recording has simple affirmations in the form of “You are confident.” The second recording has the affirmations you can read below. The third recording is in the form of “You and I, we are confident.


Affirmations in the Stop Doubt 3A Silent Subliminal

You will not find the word doubt in the affirmations, because this is what you want to get rid of. You do not want to get doubt deeply set into your subconscious mind, but rather certainty, strong belief and confidence.


You are part of the oneness.
You are perfect the way you are.
You know that anything you want exists now.
Whatever you plan and act upon works out.
You are confident that anything in your life works out wonderfully.
You are in vibrational alignment with a strong belief in yourself.
Your emotional frequency of vibration is high and rises further and further.
You are certain that you are financially successful.
You are certain that you always make more than enough money and that you always have more than enough money.
There is abundance in all aspects of your life.
You trust in yourself and you trust that you live a great life.
Your belief that life is wonderful and joyous is strong.
You are very optimistic.
You always make the right choices and you are certain about positive results.
You radiate a strong self confidence.
You are confident and successful.
You succeed in all areas of your life with certainty.
You live a wonderful life in a wonderful world.
You are confident that you reach all your goals.
And you certainly reach all your goals.
Your strong belief makes anything you want and act upon possible.
You know with certainty that you perceive more and more positive changes in your life.
With the Stop Doubt Silent Subliminal you get a Pdf with all affirmations.
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The Stop Doubt Subliminal helps you stop doubting which will extremely improve your life