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What are Silent Subliminals – Definition


Silent subliminals are audio recordings with affirmations, which are hardly heard and not understood by the conscious mind, They are send directly to the subconscious mind, which changes the inner programming and therefore you and your life.

The reason that you should not understand the affirmations consciously is that the conscious mind acts upon the old programming. When you are poor and you hear the affirmation: “You earn a lot of money monthly”, your conscious mind will say: No way! When the same affirmation is repetitively send to the subconscious mind, your inner programming changes and you will start to think differently about earning money, you will start seeing more and more opportuniteis about how to earn more money, and you will get active. As a result you will begin to earn more and more money.


The subconscious mind needs repetitions.

Affirmations have to be send to the subconscious mind daily for weeks and months, until a part ot the inner programming is being changed. This is why you have to listen to a silent subliminal daily for weeks and months, until results will become noticable. Think that you have lived with the old programming, the old blocks, the old habits for years and it takes some time to change them.

The programming of your subconscious mind is responsible if you fail or if you are succesful. It is responsible for your behaviour, if you live in a little apartment or a large mansion,what you wear and how your life develops. It can help you get what you want or prevent it.


Whatever your goals are and whatever you want in life, can be changed with affirmations which are send directly to your subconscious mind. This changes your inner programming. The affirmations overwrite the false with positive beliefs, which can change your life profoundly. The easiest and also low cost method are subliminals. If a subliminal is silent or mixed with music, does not make any difference.


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Subliminals are a lot shorter as hypnosis recordings


Subliminals are shorter as hypnosis, because the first phase of a hypnosis recording, in which you are brought into a lower consciousness level, is not needed in a subliminal and you do not habe to lay down while you play a subliminal. This means that you do not have to take an hour off once daily for several weeks. A subliminal is 10 to 30 minutes long and while the subliminal plays, you can do more or less anything. You can have the subliminal play while you work online, read emails, write an article, do some work in the household. You can listen to a subliminal while you are on a bus or in the underground, while you wait for a doctors appointment. You could do sports, be running a round or workout with weights.. You can watch TV, a video online or listen to any kind of music. Well, do whatever you please. This means that you do not lose any time, if you wish to change your inner programming.



Every Word in an Affirmation of a Subliminal is Important


A lot of subliminals are offered online. Most of them are good, but some of them are not at all effective.

What are the differences of subliminals?
You find differences in affirmations and in effects in the audio recordings.

In some subliminals words in the affirmations are not wellenough chosen.
+ In an affirmation should not be a negation.
+ No negative words shall be used.
+ Only the present tense should be used.

Example: When you want to stop doubting, the word “doubt” should not be part of an affirmation. So the affirmation should not be: “I will not doubt anymore”, but rather “I am sure I am convinced. I absolutely believe.


In some affirmations you find the word “now”. This word is sensless, because the subconscious mind has no awareness of the space-time-continuum. It does not know ealier, now or later.

To use the word “tomorrow” is not good, because for the subconscious mind tomorrow will always be tomorrow. Same goes for weekdays. It is not good using: “I will”, because this refers to something in the future.

Preparing the affirmations for a subliminal takes time. It is thinking and choosing the right words and keeping it in the present tense.


In some subliminals the affirmations are in the I-form. “I am happy,” says a voice of a stranger to your subconcious mind. It tells your subconscious mind that someone is happy. This will not change anythin in your inner programming. In 3A Subliminals there are 3 tracks. Two are in the you-form. A voice says to your subconscious mind: “You are happy.” And in a third track a voice says: “You and I, we are happy!” You are told that you are happy. This will change your programming.


Some audios with affirmation are changed in a way that not even the subconscious mind can understand it. There are audios with affirmations which are played backward. “I enjoy my work” becomes “smoceb krow ym yojne I”. This does not make any sense, right?

It is true that the subconscious mind can perceive frequences which the human ear can’t hear. But at some audios the volume of the audio with the affirmations is put down so low that not even the subconscious mind can hear anything. I have tested a series of silent subliminals without any results, until I found out that the volume of the audio with the affirmations was too low. This is the reason that it is better, when you still hear some mumbling.


When you listen to a subliminal daily for weeks and months, something happens in your brain.

When you often deal with a certain subject dendrtes, which are responsible for the knowledge about this subject, become thicker, more branches and synapses to other dendrides are build. At the other hand, dendrides of subjects with which you do not deal with for some time decline.



Affirmations and why it is better to listen to a Subliminal

as speaking affirmations yourself.

Affirmations, also called suggestions, are short sentences of desired personal characteristics. These affirmations shall change part of the inner prgramming. When you often listen to a subliminal with specific affirmations, a certain behavior or a certain belief can be changed.

When you read or speak these affirmations, you will not achieve results. The consciousness acts upon the inner programming and with the excisting behavior and beliefs. With the help of a subliminal the conscious mind can’t hear the affirmations. They are send directly to the subconscious mind.

Example: When you are unhappy und you use the affirmation: “I am so happy”, your conscious mind will say: “No, you are not.” When you send the message that you are happy repetitively to the subconscious mind, without that the conscious mind hears it, you will change the inner programming. As soon as the inner programming about a certain belief has been changes, the conscious mind will act upon the new programming.

The change of the programming of the subconscious mind is a process. It starts slow and is getting stronger and stronger. Important is that you listen to a subliminal once or twice daily for at least 6 weeks or months. When the result is not strong enough, continue listening to the subliminal.

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