How to Become Seductive, Confident, and Attract Women

Get a powerful radiation of seductive attraction to attract women. This is a certain frequency of vibration. With this frequency that you radiate you will attract people you want to be with. You will know how to start the conversation. You will know what to say..

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You want to attract certain people, great friends and a very special lady. You should know what kind of personality your friends and what kind of personality this special lady should have. Take some time to think about it. Imagine a day with this woman. Get a picture in your mind how you are speaking with her and how she is looking at you. While you are visualizing you get yourself into a specific frequency, with which you will attract women. It is very helpful when you listen to the Be Seductive 3A Subliminal getting into this specific frequency. Imagining and visualizing how you enjoy your life with your friends and with this special lady, is powerful. If you want to meet more than one woman, imagine the great time with them. To get great results combine the sublliminal with visualization.

You are attractive intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your intelligence or your education does not at all play the major role in attracting women. And you must not be the good looking Adonis. It is your radiation, which does the trick. This radiation reaches out far. Your radiation will draw people to you which you want to be with.


If you are meeting a woman, you are attracted by her emotional frequency of vibration. You feel it. She can be sensitive, warm and kind or business oriented or cold and repulsive. She can talk a lot, be a good listener or be balanced in talking and listening. It is less about what she says which makes you be attracted to her. And this goes both ways. You can’t really tell why you feel good being with this person and why you have the wish to see her again. The same happens to this lady. It is not how a woman looks or her intelligence, but her radiation, which is the result of her emotional frequency of vibration. This frequency of vibration has to be in line with yours. At the other hand, she will feel attracted to you when you are in line with her frequency. This specific frequency has the power of seduction. Get into this frequency and you are naturally seductive.

Yes, there are women to whom the way you look is more important than anything else. These kind of women are not looking for love. In general, people who show their interest to beautiful people, quickly change their partner. You must not worry about those people. But let us be frank, there must be a minimum of what is said to be good looking. And then think that even very overweight and not so good looking people find a partner and are loved and appreciated.

Have a look at your clothes. Is it worn out and neglected? You will draw the attention of women to you, who also don’t care about neat clothes. What do you await from a partner? You have to get in line with what you await from others. Have a look at your wardrobe! Do you need some new clothes? Go and get some! It must not be expensive. Have a new hair cut. You will look and feel better. Being well groomed will raise your attractiveness.


You instinctively check, if the woman you just met has the same interests than you. Ask her questions. “What kind of music do you like? Are you doing any sports? Do you like travelling? With questions about her preferences you show your interest to her. You will hear in her answers and in her voice, if the interest is both ways. Often men speak about what they own. They speak about their car and their house. These kind of men are not looking for love, but for a woman, who will be one more belonging. Let the women you just met know that you respect her. You do this with question about her interests and her life.

It is not what you own that attracts a woman. Some men believe that when they drive a great car that they get this beautiful woman to be with them. Well. it is not you, but your car which then attracts this woman. You want to attract a very special lady. Do not try to impress with luxury!

If you want to attract your ideal partner, a woman who will be with you through thick and thin, attract and be attracted by your radiation. You will feel that she is on your wave length. If this is the case, you have met the right person. You will also see it in her eyes. You will not have to think about how to seduce this woman. Your seduction powers will be natually there. You will seduce her in a beautiful and charming way.


Ask yourself the following questions

1. What characteristics should this woman have? You want to share your life with her. So her characteristics are very important. And if you want to meet several women for the fun of it, then think about the characteristics of those women.

2 How will a day and a week together with the woman of your choice look? What will you do together? How will you feel spending time with this woman?
With these imaginations you will bring your frequency of vibration to the imagination of this kind of life. If you want you can learn creative visualization.

This special lady will feel the radiation of your vibrational frequency and this is how you will attract and seduce her.


You will be seductive if you are in this frequency of vibration. Become aware of your seductive and attractive radiation. You will spread it out far!

If you want to be happy with a special lady, you have to be happy before you meet her. It is your happiness which draws her toward you. You can’t meet someone, who has a lovely and happy radiation, if you have a low frequency. People, who are often in a bad mood or are nagging a lot, are left alone. Therefore, be happy and joyful, Happiness and joy will become part of your radiation. The higher your degree of happiness the better is your radiation, the higher your frequency of vibration and the higher your power of seduction.

It is a certain frequency which makes you be seductive and which attracts whatever you want in life. If you want to offer your future new partner a better life, it is your frequency that will attract what you want. Believe that you will have what it takes and be happy about it today. You have to feel as if all you want is already part of your reality. Your reality adjusts to how you feel. Feeling good and happy is paramount to live a better life.

After you have met this special lady and appreciated the first encounter, you will ask her for a date. During the first conversation you should find out what kind of food she likes, if you want to take her out for dinner. Or you know what kind of music she enjoys, if you want to take her to a bar with music. If she enjoys a walk in the city or in a park, ask her to meet you for a walk. Get one flower for the first date. Just one. And give it to her, when you meet her. Do not touch her yet. Just smile. Have a seductive smile.

It is so important what you think and what you imagine. Imagine and visualize yourself as you want to be and how you want to appear to others, especially to women. Imagine how you meet this special lady with whom you will be happy a life long. Imagine how confident and seductive you are and how good it feels. And imagine and really picture whatever you want in life.

Listen to the Be Seductive 3A Subliminal for Men once or twice a day for six weeks or longer. You will change your inner programming regarding your seductiveness, attractiveness, and confidence.


Follow this advice

Buy and download the Be Seductive 3A Subliminal Package for Men. Unzip it and save it on your desktop or in a cloud.

Listen to one of the versions of the Be Seductive Subliminal twice a day. The affirmations are the same on all tracks. Sometimes you might enjoy listening to the music and at other times you will prefer to play a silent version. While you play a silent version, you can additionally listen to music of your choice.

I recommend that you listen to the Be Seductive 3A Subliminal 6 weeks or longer and until you feel and perceive positive changes.

With every Subliminal you are changing part of your inner programming, with which you have lived many years. It takes some time until the change of the new programming is deeply set in your subconscious mind.


This is what you get

3 Versions of the Be Seductive Subliminal for Men
+ 3A Sublliminal with Music
+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible

Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes
You receive the Subliminals in the form of MP3s
A Pdf with all affirmations that are used in the Be Seductive Subliminals

Be Seductive 3A Subliminal for men
Be Seductive 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax
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Be Seductive 3A Subliminal for Men with Music


Be Seductive Silent Subliminals

+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible

If you listen to the 3A Silent Subliminal you hear a mumbling. Reduce the volume untiil the mumbling is almost not heard.


About 3A Subliminals and Affirmations

In a 3A Subliminal are 3 audio recordings. One recording has simple affirmations in the form of “You are happy.” The second recording has easy affirmations which you can read below. The third recording is in the form of “You and I, we are happy.”

Of course the affirmations are in the You-form. When someone says to you or ro your subconscious mind: “I am happy!” or “I am thinking big.” this is great for that person. When one of your parents wanted you to come home,, they did not shout: I am now coming home! – They called you with the words: Come home! That is why the affirmations in 3A Subliminals are for exxample: “Be happy! Yes, you are happy. and Think big! Yes, you think big.


Affirmations in the Be Seductive Subliminals for Men

Your seduction powers, sensitivity and charm are in balance.
You have a caring radiation and a sexiness about yourself which is attractive.
You are seductive. And you know how to seduce woman.
Yes, that is right, you are very seductive and your seductive powers are strong.
Your belief to be seductive is strong.
Your caring radiation is strong.
You are physically in great shape and you feel great.
You enjoy exercising daily.
And you dress well.
You are attractive and others find you attractive.
It is a good feeling to be attractive and that you are found attractive by others.
You are charming and you spread your charm far out together with your warm radiation.
You are attractive intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
You approach a woman of your liking with confidence.
It is easy for you to start a talk with a woman you would like to get in contact with.
You know what to say and you are liked and appreciated.
You are kind and compassionate which others feel.
You know well when to be serious and when to be humorous.
You know exactly what to say when you speak with a woman.
Your voice is very attractive to women.
You are smiling while you speak with a woman.
You attract women with your seduction skills.
You attract women in a natural way.
Yes, that’s right, women are drawn to you.
You are confident with women.
You attract and you seduce any women you want in a beautiful and charming way.
You make other people feel loved.
Women that are on your wave length are drawn to you.
You raise your skills and your powers of seduction continuously.
You are confident and assertive when you are in contact with other people.
Your confidence and your self belief become continuously stronger.
Yes, that’s right, you are very confident whenever you are in contact with others.
You are confident when you are in contact with women.
And you are confident when you talk to women.
You are confident when you meet a woman with whom you want to be with.
Women love your seductive smile.
When you enter a room, you radiate attractiveness that people turn toward you.
You have wonderful characteristics which women love and appreciate and other people too..
Oh yes, that’s right, you have wonderful characteristics which women love and appreciate and which makes you so attractive to them.
You are a wonderful person.

With the Be Seductive 3A Subliminal for Men you get a PDF with all affirmations.
Agreement regarding purchase and use of Subliminals from this website: click here.


Be Seductive 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax

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